Early Risers

Today’s post comes from Bart, the bear that found a smart phone in the woods.

H’lo. Bart here.

Just took a look at the forecast and it’s sunshine and mild temperatures. Maybe in the ’50’s by the middle of next week! That sounds like a good enough reason to wake up now, rather than later. I mean, why lie around in your bed when the world is getting busy just outside your door?

I was hoping to get roused in February, but no such luck. I know there are some bears who won’t leave their dens until April, but I’m one who looks forward to the beginning of a new season. There’s so much to do, and being in a state of quiet repose for five months gets old. Yes, it sounds great in November, but in March I want to get all the trappings of hibernation behind me (out, fecal plug!) so I can start living!

And even though there are no wild berries yet, I’m a cheerful riser. One trick I learned – if you look at the ground underneath the deer stands first thing when you wake up – Doritos! All through the Fall those bored hunters sit there waiting for a shot, and the ones who snack out of foil bags create such a ruckus they never see a deer at all – therefore, they eat (and drop) even more chips!

If you can collect some before the thaw really hits, they’ve still got a little crunch! Ah, the simple pleasures …

Your pal,

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

67 thoughts on “Early Risers”

  1. Traditional bacon and eggs with toast. Only in MN it is pronounced with a silly long ‘O’ sound for added Swedishness. “Toooooaaaast” said low and soft by a Chicanon who some say looks more like Ghengis Khan than Pancho Villa. Back to breakfast. I leave the apartment before sunrise most days and am stuck to eating mostly cereal dut to time and noise in respect of my roommate. I would love to hibernate more if I had enough Salmon in the Fall and a nice quiet cave.

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  2. Monday through Friday, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, a slice of Danish pumpernickel with Esrom cheese, and a cup of French press coffee.

    On weekends we like to mix it up a little. We both love Huevos Rancheros, and the first fifteen years of our marriage, that’s what we made almost every single Sunday. Nowadays it’s a rare treat.

    In general, I prefer savory breakfasts, but occasionally I’ll make a batch of Danish pancakes (essentially crepes) when local fresh berries are in season. I love a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice with that.


  3. Breakfast is most often cereal (like Rico, it’s mostly about time in the morning). With more planning time, I’m a fan of greek yogurt with granola and perhaps a bit of fresh fruit – and maybe a muffin or other yummy carbohydrate laden treat. Mostly my favorite thing for breakfast is to go out for a late breakfast to someplace – bonus points for slightly off the beaten path offerings like baked oatmeal – a good cup of coffee and good conversation with my breakfast companions.

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    1. Anna, I bet you’d love the Pigs Eye Porridge at St. Paul’s Day By Day Cafe. It’s steel cut oats and wild rice, served with toasted hazelnuts, brown sugar and raisins. Yum.

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  4. I breakfast pretty light most mornings, with an English muffin, a couple of Halo oranges, and several cups of French-press coffee. Husband and son are heroic breakfast eaters. Husband eats most anything-olives with feta or other strong cheese, hummus, any leftovers we may have, grits with bacon, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, etc. Son makes the best poached eggs, and asked for and was given a waffle maker for his birthday this year.

    The cats get their canned food every morning. The dog and our oldest cat get their respective medications hidden in Liver pate (aka braunschweiger) as well.

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  5. Husband makes an incredible, meal-in-a-glass smoothy that I’ve probably described before. If not, then I usually make something eggy, my favorite being a quiche lorraine. Or if there’s leftover soup in the fridge, that is very satisfying in the morning. Pancakes on weekends sometimes…


  6. The dog is unhappy with me this morning for sitting at the computer instead of playing with her, so she has tried to breakfast on a pen and a tube of chapstick. She looks for objects like these when she wants my attention, and makes a point of chewing loudly on them right behind my computer chair. She will only drop them if I give her a dog treat. Hmm. I think I had better go and engage in a game of tug.


  7. I can’t recall every having eaten breakfast in my life. Even before my surgery five years ago, hunger never showed up until late afternoon.

    Switching topics, my son’s cash cow business took a huge hit this winter: ice dam removal. Never one to be defeated, even by Mother Nature, he sent a caravan of 12 rigs and two dozen men to Boston where the ice dams were prolific. The only problem was navigating the rigs through seven feet of snow.

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    1. Heard a story about MN folks heading east to help with ice dams and such (and that the East coast folks were very happy to see MN sourced help).


    2. i sold out of roof rakes to the east coast this last month.
      i was at a google + ,marketing meeting where they were talking about ice cam removal being one of the more costly pay per hit label you can purchase. i thought that eas oddd but your son knows it all too well. i wonder if you can explain how you ar the ice dam guy to call when it says you are from minnesota hanging out in boston.
      does he tell his customes saly in a nylon is all it takes? ill bet not


  8. Good morning. Toast with peanut butter and jelly, coffee, banana or another fresh fruit, and, maybe, yogurt or some cold cereal. This is what I eat most of the time. A treat for breakfast is home made scones or oatmeal pancakes. On special occasions I have home made coffee cake.

    Some of the other common breakfast items such as eggs prepared various ways and hot cereal are added in once in a while. I also like fried potatoes which I eat as a special treat. I avoid bacon and sausage because I think they are unhealthy due to their high fat content.


      1. There is chocolate flavored Malt-o-Meal. Add a spoonful of hot cocoa mix to really make it chocolately…not that I’d know from experience or anything. At least, um, not this morning.

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  9. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but bacon really calls to me. Trader Joe’s has a nitrate-free bacon that I buy sometimes. I don’t think there’s anything really wrong with fat in the diet, in moderation. Fats got a bad reputation during a time when we were being given lots of trans fats and meats cured with nitrates.

    When I go out for breakfast, bacon/eggs/pancake combo. At home, there’s no real typical breakfast – could be oatmeal with blueberries or peanut butter or chopped pecans, cinnamon toast with peanut butter, English muffin with jam, rice cooked in milk with cinnamon, grapefruit, banana, Malt-o-Meal, corn flakes, Grape Nuts, blueberry muffin, peanut better and honey sandwich, fried eggs and potatoes, French toast, waffles. Almost anything can be breakfast, but I usually don’t eat spicy foods in the morning.

    I set up the coffeemaker the night before, so it’s hot and ready to go when I get up in the morning. I have coffee for an hour or two before I feel hungry for breakfast.


      1. Poor husband flew out of Baltimore this morning. He had to get up at 4:30am Eastern time to get to his flight, He doesn’t get into our town until 4:00pm this afternoon. I think he will be pretty tired, dealing with Eastern Time, Mountain time, and the time change


  10. When our family was still together, the traditional Christmas breakfast was a good coffee, a large omelet (eggs with ham, onions, mushrooms, and green pepper) served with toasted English muffins and mimosas (orange juice combined with champagne).

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  11. Workdays, I have a pretty reliable rotation: Tuesday and Friday – a smoothie with banana, milk, ground flax, ice and protein powder (Show Me the Whey from the co-op), Wednesday: scrambled eggs w/ salsa and toast, Thursday: oatmeal (from rolled oats or steel-cut) with almonds and dried cranberries. Saturday, Sunday and Monday are not locked in and there’s a bit of anxiety with not knowing what to have. Sundays that the choir sings, I often don’t allow enough time to prepare so I might have a protein bar.
    I go out about once a month with my Breakfast Grlz. Day by Day is one of our favorites (especially during patio weather). The Pig’s Eye Porridge mentioned by PJ is very appealing but my compatriots wouldn’t go for it (we share everything). It sounds a lot like the Mahnomen porridge at Hells Kitchen (delicious but ALMOST too rich for me).

    I really like all kinds of breakfast food.
    wessew’s mention of Cocoa Krispies takes me back to the beloved sweetened cereals of my youth (and the unsweetened dry cereals, too). I found that having dry cereal in the house led to too much snacking so I had to ban them.

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    1. That is too funny. That dog looks just like my dog. i think it is a very well mannered Airedale. My dog is the Welsh Terrier, a smaller version. My dog would have tried to eat the goat for breakfast

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      1. True Welshie lovers like myself would probably say the Airedale is a larger version of the Welsh Terrier, which is a far more ancient breed than the larger dog from northern England. My vet assistant best friend calls them Airheads, from her experience with them in the Vet’s office.


  12. Most days: banana or orange and boiled egg, but not before eleven, so it is about half my lunch.
    2-3 times a year: Hardees Cinnamon and raisin biscuits
    3-4 times a year: I make cottage fries, bacon, friend eggs with cheese, and some sort of dark toast, like pumpernickel.


  13. Breakfast at Hells Kitchen is the best, all the options. But seldom get there anymore, and never in the morning. I liked the old restaurant better.


    1. the old restaurant was a different owner i believe. i saw the owner on the news the other day and it was a woman. the original owner at the old location was a guy who had cheffed at a bunch of wonderful spots and decided to do a breakfast and lunch joint and close it up with no dinner available so he could have a life.
      it appears it is easier to sell it and have a life than to try to avoid serving dinner. they do a good evening business these days i understand


  14. OT, but a topic dear to the heart for many of you: due to the lack of interesting television programming, for which we pay lots of money, Sandy and I are going to start watching Downtown Abbey, beginning with the first episode. It is available on Amazon Prime, which we have. Rather I should say I am going to play it for her but I will also be attendance, reluctantly.


  15. HI there–

    Friday night is ‘pizza night’ at our house, Amelia gets her gluten free pizza and Kelly and I get a large pizza and eat part of it. Then I cut the remainder into smaller pieces and have a few for breakfast the rest of the week.
    If I do it right it lasts until the next Friday.
    Unless, as MIG says, our son is home, then there are no leftovers.
    I also have my travel mug of hot tea and that with the pizza gets me through the week day mornings.
    Weekends I usually have cereal – corn chex – and enjoy a leisurely breakfast reading the papers.
    Now, I thought this was a good deal. And then I was in for an annual medical check up and the doc asked about breakfast and I told her my story and later, in the notes, it said “Patient has cold pizza for breakfast every day”.
    Ooh. That looks bad in cold hard print like that.
    I haven’t changed my ways– I just need to clarify it with the doc better next time.
    They are small pieces. Everything in moderation after all.

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    1. A lot of things look worse once they are written down by a doc…”patient is overweight…” Um, yup. But now it looks like a medical crisis and not a statement of fact. Yay.

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  16. I think it just needs to be called something other than pizza. You could call it Flammkuchen and describe it as a breakfast flatbread with cheese and tomato. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium, which is important for bone health, and tomatoes are very high in lycopene.

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  17. als breakfast serves a breakfast witheggs, asperagus and hollandaise sauce to die for.my favorite. i love beans and rice and cheese but usually thow and egg in a skillet cheese it and nuke a veggie sausage on a muffin if im having breakfast
    snday is my day of glory. i start potatos and onions at 630 or 7 and figure out some sort of cheese egg thing. im trying to steer my diet gluten free but my family is pissed so i have to make family meals go both ways. now the veggie gluten free doesnt stand a chance of passing the mustard so i have the luxuary of fixing muine for me and i make the family their version of breakfast which has lots less tweaking i do for my own. today my potatos were toast from being put out in the garage to make room in the reorganized pantry and the recent sub zero extended spell froze and ruined them. replaced with sweet potatos onions tabasco brown sugar olive oil. and tea ( i smile every time i add my tea with recipes after pj asking a couple years ago why i do that the answer is i just do) i let it saute in the skillet for 1/ an hour then add salt and throw it in the oven for an hour. it was delisious.
    i should run out of potatoes more often. sweet potatoes and onions is a nice replacement.
    i cant do pancakes or oatmeal i feel like i have a brick that sits there and screws up my morning instead of nourishing me.

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