End of Sumner

Today’s post comes from Barbra in Robinsdail

It IS a tad lait for these fotos of the State Phair, but I have these grate Phair Fotos sent to me by Linda, Verily Sherrilee, Anna, and madislandgirl, plus one or too of my ohm.

I was of coarse going to sand them immediately to Dale with a guessed post, but got sidetrack tapped. Sumner’s almost gown and winter’s cumin on, witch just doesn’t seem write as the grrass is still grreen.

What part of Summer do you miss the most, now that it’s gone? What do you look forward to about Fall and Winter?  (See if you can insert a few “typos” into your reply.)

81 thoughts on “End of Sumner”

  1. Moar color in leefs. Love moar color in leefs. It makes up for less color in the flours. Then ice rinks take the place of floating swimming pole. I will miss sitting on the front stoop reading and watching the whirled go by, so will content myself with reading by the fyre soon.

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  2. Rose and Shone Babbons!

    I was waiting for these BiR. Thanks for collecting them. And the typos make for a challenge. However, my autocorrect keeps removing some of them–my computer is getting too smart. I did not make it to the Phair this year so it is wonderful to get my dose of farmin’ and animals in pictures. And it is easier on my pheet.

    Of course the colors of autumn are irresistible. I love to get to the Arboretum for a big dose of color in early October. Last year we took our son and dil out there, when they were here for Lou’s father’s funeral. They live in Phoenix. The colors almost knocked them silly–although they were both raised in the Midwest, they have spent many autumns in the dessert and they had forgotten what that looks like.

    The first snow is a miracle, too.

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  3. This is really frustrating–Autocorrect won’t let my spelling along. i love vikkins games. Its not abuot the gam, tho. I turn on the fireplace, work the son day xword and take a nap while the gam is on with the suond off.

    Werks fur moi


  4. It’s a creative group when we already have two different versions of flours/flawers.

    OT: As VS mentioned yesterday, next BBC mtg. is now skedjooled for October 18 hear in Robinsdail. Books are Amy Tan’s 100 Secret Senses, and Judy Blume’s Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. (This info is now avaleable at top of this paige under “Blevins’ Book Club”)

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  5. What I miss most abut sumner:

    * #1 – dotter #3. shee left fur college last week. Seattle is a long ways aweigh and 3 munths seams verry fur in the future.

    * the food – raspberries, black currents, tomahtos that taste lik tomahtoes, fresh erbs that grow in me yard, vegtables from thee farmer’s market…

    * the heat and humidity – HAHA – totally Kidding!!!

    * the Kat curling up on me bed with me on a espeshly hot n muggee nite (agen, totly kidding – a pleashur in winter is tortur in sumner)

    * being abel to run out the garbej, compost, ect to their bins withoute puting on enuf layers to go on a expotition to the north pole

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  6. Summer is followed by fall. Fall brings me fall flair up. Fall flair is pain and misery. Thanks for post Barabara and all who contributed. Fair is a no go for us.


  7. For those of you who have smart phones, it also auto corrects but is often wrong. There’s a function called “Siri” that answers any question with a voice response. Last week, I divorced her because she kept calling me “Grace”. I responded; “I’m NOT Grace. My name’s Nancy”, to which she said, “I’m sorry, Grace, I don’t understand your question” I got really mad at her and shouted, “You’re pissing me off now!”. She came back with, “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day”. GPS can anger me as well, especially when a detour occurs.

    Although I divorced her, I did marry her male voice counterpart. Mysteriously, he called me Nancy.

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  8. Greetings! Thanks, Sherrillee — that’s a great bit from Star Trek. I love fall leaves changing color, cool days and nights, not sweating all the time, etc. Sorry, but I just can’t do typos. It’s too hard to read some of these posts — it’s just painful to me.

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    1. WEll, that response is just too easy to read.

      If tim gets on later, I suppose his replies will be perfection capitalized and punctuated, just for the novelty of it.


  9. Hay–

    Eye luv phall. Luv the harvest, luv the completion of the cycle of a cropp year.
    Eye will mis the pleasure of a summer rayne and nowing I don’t have two go shovel it.
    Eye doo enjoy the quiet of A winter night and the softness of a gentle snowfall. And every now and then, blowing snow, when conditions are just right, (no wind, sunny day, snow the right constansistency) and it makes this beautiful ‘envelope’ of snow fluttering down. It’s only happen a couple time. Not even once / winter. More like 1ce / 5 years.
    Course it’s hard to find those moral mushrooms in the winter.

    The warmth of a barn on a winter night is hard to beat. All those cows… still miss that. (Let me clear. JUST that… I don’t want all the crap that comes with it… I just want to sit in a barn full of cows on a winter night.)

    It is hard to type badly…

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  10. i miss summer with hawainn shirts and birkys. long days and looking for shade. my family is home and the dogs love to be out. 5 am wake up feels like it ought to be that way.
    fall is wonderful crisp long sleeve weather with a jacket and a hat a norm i love. sox not so much. days shortening makes goldfing after work les and less attractive. heading up north friday. clyde any good spots to camp near baptisim or gooseberry or anywhere for tht matter. i di have a minnesota sticker but enjoy distance form others. outdoor firepits and cozy evenings with a family member or two around the table. baseballl football basketball all overlap for a short while and i enjoy that but am glad its not a 365 deal.
    thanks barbra and trail folk. fun xersize

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    1. have you tried a Superior National Forest Campground? I believe they tend to be more primitive than state parks, and less crowded. Might not be in your preferred spot. Google it.


  11. OT:” just finished McCullough’s “Wright Brothers.” He meets his goal of convincing you that the two were true geniuses. Knew what they were doing, math prodigies, brilliant observers. But I am intrigued by what he left our of his story, such as their childhood. They do not seem fully realized as people, very complex people.


    1. I generally like McCullough, but you bring up a good point; he often skimps on early life of his subjects, unless there’s a really good point to be made from a particular incident! (Sorry everybody, I guess I’m done having to purposely misspell. It was actually hard!)


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