Spin Williams Redux – The Paradox of Time

The recent discovery of gravitational waves and the relentless approach of Leap Day next Monday give me the distinct feeling that the fabric of space-time that surrounds me is now shredded and rippling in the breeze. Is today really today or is it this same day in 2012?  Because that’s when Spin Williams, Trail Baboon’s marketing wiz and resident genius at The Meeting That Never Ends first offered this mind-bending post:

I love Leap Day because it breaks the mold and gives us a peek at the future!

And the future I see is one where we are freed from the tyranny of the calendar! At The Meeting That Never Ends, we’re recommending that our clients invest heavily in anything that tracks, catalogs and manipulates time.

The next big growth area is not energy or financial services or Greek yogurt. It’s Time! Giving people control over their time is what freedom is all about! And we believe the world is moving inexorably towards a future where time is totally de-regulated and completely governed by the market!

For example, back in the day you had to be present in front of your TV set to catch a particular program at a specific time. If you didn’t obey the clock, you were out of luck. Today, it doesn’t matter when you want to watch – your favorite televised experience waits for you and provides itself at the touch of a button whenever you are ready!

I believe someday it will be the same with our calendar. No more February, March, April proceeding in their uninspired sequence of orderly days, one after another. That tired old system is entirely predictable and far too constraining.

The calendar of the future will be self designed and totally changeable. Everyone will still get 365 and 1/4 days each year, and in that year there will be 52 Mondays, 52 Tuesdays, etc. But if you want to live all your Mondays in a row and get them out of the way, that’s up to you! If you want to sell all your Fridays to a rich person in exchange for a large amount of cash and an equal number of their Wednesdays, you can do that! Conversely, if you want to burn through all your 104 Saturdays and Sundays starting on April 4th and finishing on July 6th, be my guest!

If you do this, of course you will suffer terrible consequences, but self-inflicted misery is also the hallmark of freedom!

Bottom line – people are hungry for liberty and time is the last great dictator – a heartless oppressor who is destined to fall. Mark my words – this will happen! The smart investor stays ahead of mega-trends, so place your bets and get ready for the Temporal Spring!

It sounds farfetched but I recall when Spin told me punctuation was unfairly rationed and a free American should get to have as many exclamation points as he wants. That came true for him, through sheer force of will!!!!! Could he be right about the rest of it?

What is time?

44 thoughts on “Spin Williams Redux – The Paradox of Time”

  1. I will borrow from Shakespeare…because any hour before 7am is too early for me to think clearly about anything, most especially time. Also, I spent most of Tuesday convinced it was Wednesday and Wednesday thinking it was Thursday, yesterday went along quite like a Friday so imagine my surprise this morning when I had to be up early to get Daughter to an extra jazz band rehearsal (maybe Spin is on to something). Oh…right. Shakespeare:

    To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
    To the last syllable of recorded time;
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death.

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    1. I do happen to own it…our bookclub read it (so) many year’s (as time goes) ago. Quote I just lifted: “Suppose time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly.”


  2. I keep telling myself that I can manage the way I spend my time. That is what I tell myself when I keep running out of time to get things done. I doubt that Spin’s suggestion that in the future there will be a way to liberate ourselves from the restrictions of time is true. It would be great if he is right. Then I could stop worrying about when I will ever be able to find time to do the things I want to do. Well, I think what I should really do is become a better manager of my time if can find time to do that.


  3. Time was created to confuse us. Just when we start to get a bead on the matter and energy thing, someone coins the phrase “space-time continuum”, and we start trying to imagine things our little brains are not equipped for.

    OT: Off to Winona this morning for 3 days, sketchy computer contact there. Will hopefully submit a blog post upon return. Have a nice time, baboons.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Uffda. One of the few blogs I have had “time” to participate in. And my only answer is I Don’t Know. I just don’t have any.


  5. Spin Williams probably strikes most of you as silly, but I was raised on the Pogo comic strip, a world in which characters were forever rearranging concepts of time. One of my favorite characters, the turtle known as Churchy LaFemme, was hysterically superstitious. He dreaded Friday the Thirteenth, especially when it would fall on a Wednesday.

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  6. I don’t wear watches; tight things irritate me. It is amazing how many places, except coffee houses, and devices tell us the time.


      1. I wore a watch for most of my adult life. As Child was growing up, I bought her a couple of watches over the years, but was flummoxed because she never wore them. Then I realized that with her constant attention to her phone (like most of her generation), she can always see the time there. And then I started to think about all the places that tell me the time. Phone, pc at work, clock on stove, on microphone, alarm, in the car, on the wall outside my cube. So I quit wearing a watch. I almost never miss it!

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  7. I, too, used to wear a watch. One of the impacts of my kind of arthritis is that your wrists swell so much that a watch becomes uncomfortable. Like others here, I find I don’t miss watches now. Most often I can spot a clock if I need to orient myself to time.

    Some businesses don’t want you to know the time. I’ve been told casinos never have visible clocks because they don’t want people to worry about time while spending money.


  8. I do not own a watch. I don’t keep a clock in my office as i don’t want demented people to cheat when i ask them what time it is during evaluations.


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