A Man With Bandwidth

Today’s post comes from tim

The blog community is an interesting phenomenon isn’t it. Wes showed up what?….. 6… 9 months ago or has it been a year…. Hes part of the flow now. Ljb popped in what 5 year ago and stuck… we all kinda came here and just started throwing it out there. Now Dale throws a redeaux out when the lull is too long and we muddle through without dales daily writing record stretching out the consecutive daily post record he established.

It is fitting that we slid into it without too much trouble. We havnt really found a strong following. Those people who post their names on the likes list… i dont get it. Are they lurkers? Do they just throw it out to x number of blogsites to build a following on theirs? Nothing wrong with that. I have other blogs i would like to get involved in. on being comes to mind… but what the heck. I barely have time to stick my head in here as often as id like to.

Bandwidth is the new term in my vocabulary these days

You only have so much bandwidth then you are all done.The term refers to the number of things you can put on a bandwidth before it gets full. Only so many telephone numbers can be pt out there then the airwaves are full. Airplanes have to have a bandwidth different from radio stations so they dont run into or over the taxi drivers, cell phone, radio station broadcast wise….In life and in blog land there are only so many hours in the day. To choose to do something is to choose not to do everything else at that moment.  The trail Baboon is a nice place to hang out but…. other stuff comes along doesnt it?

I am buried right now with new adventures and need to keep my nose to the grindstone. I love being able to stop in and visit the trail on my way to and from my day. Morning is best for me but i am apt to book my mornings up more often these days than in the past and so i find time when and if i can. Night after everyone is done is fun. To read over everyones take on the topic of the day and decide it there is two cent with throwing in is a question that comes up on occasion these days.


When life seems too full

And the 4 corners pull

And the schedule you have is too much

Just do what our dale does

It works out so well cuz

The trail has that hunker down touch

The vibe is low key

That appeals to me

I dont need bloggers who want to fight

Bir and vs

Clyde pj linda and yes

Renee jim ,ljb theyre alright

The trail feels like home

When the sing songy poem

Is the thing that you need it will be there

Or political discussion

you tube complete with percussion

And the voices of lots of gray hair

Yes here on the trail

Thanks to our alpha dale

Weve grown close as carrots and peas

Oregon to dakota

I dont care one eyota

baboons  can make home where they please

Chris chose owatonna

Me i dont wantta

And wes lives in the other direction

Clyde ben and soon jacque

Stick their heads in by cracky

from distance to share their reflection

But the blog is home base

A most comfortable place

Where loomis and billy reside

We all get together

In all types of weather

As a group we do food baked and fried

At book club or theater

Rock bend well see ya there

Weve become quitie a troop of baboons  

From the late morning show

We have all come to know

Each other through food words and tunes

So heres to the blog

Mans best friend is his dog

But the blog keeps your thought trains a flowing

Heres to my mates on the trail

Sharing lifes holy grail

Finding friends and a group thats worth knowing

If you were going to start a meetup group what theme would you build your group around?

55 thoughts on “A Man With Bandwidth”

  1. “What music are you listening to tonight?”
    I’m commuting to Cincinnati from Columbus for a project. It’s an hour and a half drive in the morning and two hours back at night so I get to listen to NPR and WOBO. I also throw in stuff from my extensive CD collection. Last night I was listening to Tom Jones’ greatest hits. Singing along to ‘It’s Not Unusual’ is a given under this circumstance. I stopped at my favorite pub for a beer and someone had cued up nearly an hour of Metallica on the jukebox. I enjoy that group’s music in small doses and I wasn’t going to stay that long in any case, so I did something I normally don’t do and used my jukebox app to prioritize ‘It’s Not Unusual’. The bar went nuts with a sing along. I was pleased to accept the plaudits of my fellow patrons and the beer they bought me.

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    1. its a new world. i know nothing of the jukebox app and the prioritization to change the playlist while out on the pub crawl. st pattys is that day for that. have a green one for me

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      1. I use Touchtunes. You pay online and use your own playlists. No more standing at the machine trying to find your preferred songs. My playlists can be found on their website under wessew.


  2. Food. I’ve been a Minnesota Church Basement Lady since I was a child toting the coffee pitcher around for refills (discovered early on that you can’t be doing the socially wrong thing if you walk about with more coffee-although my current urban church tends to forego coffee at night or brew only decaf. I’ll never get used to that).

    9×13 pans and cookbooks, I have ’em.

    Great to see a lot of Baboons and have wonderful pies at Pi Day, thanks, Sherillee!

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  3. Morning all! I know I’ve probably said that several years back if you had said I would have whole new group of friends (at my age!) that I met online, I would have fallen down laughing.

    So far all my “meet-up” groups have been centered around reading, neighborhood and music. I think if I started a new meet-up, I would want it to be for something new to me. Maybe a group of crafters!

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    1. start a ukrainian egg meetup where you design and plan and layout your plan for the summer months maybe do a faberge egg as the summer wears on. ill bet the other things you would all be into would take care of any dead time. good idea

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  4. Starting another meet up group implies that I have time for another meet up group…however, if I had that theoretical time for this theoretical group, right now my inclination would be to start a group where we would all get an hour to just sit. Or nap. And not be beholden to driving someone somewhere or fixing something or volunteering my time for a worthy cause or…just time to sit. Read if you want. Do some needlework if that’s your bag. Meditate. Write. It’s your hour to sit and be.

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    1. I think this is an excellent idea and one that could really work, virtually.

      You tell all and sundry you have a regular meeting with the group. You schedule it for whenever suits you, other members do same.

      This is a very demanding group and you really can only miss meetings for actual, real emergencies (I forgot I need my green socks for tomorrow, not an actual meeting-missing type emergency).

      Sometimes you can attend the meeting on-line, with your laptop and the door closed (you absolutely must not be interrupted during this time). It is nobody’s business if you are in there with the lights off and nice music playing, you are IN A MEETING!!!

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    2. A just sit group sounds good to me, Anna. Although I think it is good to be a very active person, I find that many people are too overloaded with activities and really do need to slow down a little. In fact, I’ve notice that some people are in such a big hurry that they will run over you or push you out of their way if you don’t let them have their way.


    3. start the group and schedupe it for real and spend your time at your location so ther eis no driving and organizing to get an hour off. report in and make the x on your calendar a real deal. ill join that meet up

      call it “me time”

      years ago i had a mentor tell me to put x’s on my calendar for me . when someone has an item for you to fit into your schedule your time is already plugged in. if you wait for open time you are toast. this may not be the right time for me to x time out for myself then again maybe its the perfect time for it.

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    1. there are no gardening meetups right now. i am surprised. i think a meeting at a coffee shop to discuss planting ideas and seed savers would be a hit. maybe meet at minnehaha falls area on a saturday mornign with coffee and sweet rolls. ill come


  5. There probably isn’t a single word or quality to define a group I’d like to join. But if I’m allowed three words I can get it pretty right. “Intelligent” would be first. (Life is too short to waste time with dull folks.) “Compassionate” would be another. (This is the filter that excludes haters, braggarts, narcissists and such.) Finally, I want to hang out with people who are “original” (we might argue that every human being is unique, but too many people still end up being boring and predictable).

    Intelligent, compassionate and original. Show me someone who is intelligent, compassionate and original and I want to pull up a chair and share things with that person. That’s why the right way to start a morning is to share things with the gang at Trail Baboon.

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    1. go to meet up and start the group. call it intelligent compassionate and original meetup or coffee get together or whatever and see who shows up. it is surprising who shows up sometimes. be careful what you ask for. someones idea of intelligent and original may not be exactly what you had in md and if you have to ask if im compassionate me and donald trump both are. actually based on your request i think donald would suggest his picture be used to act as a banner. trump.. intellengent compassionate and original. steve is the head campaign organizer


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      1. he really does think he is mr wonderful. it is enough to make you barf. what a wonderful wake up call. i always wondered if the if the working class gop people knew what they were signing up for….. they did. now where do the 1% turn.


  6. I’ve thought about trying to get together a walking group, especially now that the weather is turning nice. I go out for walks by myself, but if you are meeting up with someone to go for a walk, it makes you put it on the calendar, and you’re likely to go more often. But I don’t really want to go to a destination to walk, just walk around my neighborhood.

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    1. I would love a walking croup, too, if I could still walk. Women make better walking groups it seems to me, by casual observation. Am I wrong about that? Mys sister has a single faithful walking companion. They do not miss many morning walks. I often met 3-6 women walking the local trails. Every so often I would meet two men. I had a hiking group, but that word hiking is wrong. The Gooseberry Park Naturalist, a biology teacher and I would hike North Shore park trails, parks, the Superior trail. We stopped to look at birds, trees, etc. It was a delight.

      I had trouble biking with others with others because of pace. I had a hard time pedaling outside my comfortable pace. Occasionally I would be with one or two very dedicated bikers, who I knew I was slowing down. Sometimes I was with casual hikers who slowed me down. Not sure how that works with walking. Women walking in groups seem to share a pace comfortably. Most were picking them up and putting them down.


  7. A walking group of me and one other person sounds nice to me, too. Sometimes it’s just nice to do normal things with a congenial companion.

    If I was going to organize a meetup group, it would be a group of people who feel too old to have very young twins living with them (this is said in the middle of my third day in a row of being the babysitter).

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  8. I was once in a carving group, which was ruined by that most destructive of social entities, the male ego.
    I would have liked to be in an art group.
    I need to be in a group of care-givers who cannot be in caring groups because their carees would be offended to think the care-givers are care-givers.
    My son has found a good photo club operating out of Balboa Park. He now lives three blocks from the park. People exhibit and get feedback, which he says is very supportive. Glad he has that. He is in a ISO programmer group which meets in person. He is in a few online programmer groups, as are all programmers.
    I was in an early morning Bible group of intelligent, caring people who range across several topics as part of the discussion of the texts for the next Sunday. It is more a discussion of current social issues and moral issues. Made up of the sorts of people Steve described above.
    I guess in the end I would want a weekly coffee group of both men and women of Steve’s description to discuss a topic, sort of this group in person.

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    1. i dont know if meetup.com has a mankato deal. check it out. if you set up the group and ask for 1 a week to be a part of it it is paid for. i think its $9 a year or something like that.


      1. All clear. Sometimes she goes into a deep sleep and I can barely wake her; then we go to the ER. sometimes she goes into a deep sleep and then wakes up fine, which she just did after a four hour nap. Lupus does make a person tired.


  9. Three or four years ago, I had an original idea: start a book club for therapists with a purpose of reading our favorites first, then the many books we’d bought that we never got around to reading. Therapists usually feel obligated to buy books about the latest treatment, then often leave them on the shelf for a later day.

    Initially, there was a lot of enthusiasm for this novel idea and at least 15 therapists signed onto the phone list. Coordinating dates was the first difficulty. Since I’m so skittish about driving at night (actually any time of day if it’s a new destination), they would could here.

    The first meeting was to get acquainted, share a little history, and decide how to decide which book to begin with. To accomplish this, everyone wrote down their favorites on index cards. We then compared them, and if two or three were the same, that’d be the one for discussion the next month.

    The first meeting, there were 10 women and 1 man, all with interesting stories. The one man was a really bossy Australian who clearly believed that he knew everything there was to know about the mental health field.

    To help people relax, I offered a glass of wine. John asked for two more. We chose a book about male depression. The second meeting, only 7 showed up. John brought a very big bottle of wine to share. As the discussion ensued, he vociferously tore apart the book, saying that he hated it and that it had no relevance to him. I made the mistake of pointing out how angry he seemed. This made him really defensive.

    The third meeting only had 5 people in it, including of course John with his jug of wine. For another handful of times, it was the same 5 therapists. Eventually, one or another couldn’t make it, so there’d be only 4 of us, most of whom bored me to death. I suggested that we should wait until all 5 of us could make one date.

    It was looking like this wasn’t such a hot idea after all, so I emailed everyone to bring it to a close “Until or unless more people show an interest”. I still think it was a great idea, but it was eventually relegated to my long list of disappointments. I know several women who’ve been in the same book club for 10-20 years, but they’re closed to new members. Darn it anyway!

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      1. Minneapolis Institute of Arts also has a “book club”. One book a month, every Thursday night (and Tuesday morning) there is a guided tour around the museum to look at art inspired by the book. Lot of fun.

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  10. My mother belonged to a “Sewing Club” that met monthly in the member’s homes. It was an occasion for women to get together and mend and darn things, eat swell desserts, and talk. The members included one of my aunts, a couple of town ladies, and several farm wives. They stopped meeting when most of them couldn’t drive anymore. A few of the members are still alive, in their 90’s. I remember sitting with them when I was a child and the meeting was at our house, fascinated by their conversation (and the desserts).

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    1. coffee and desert with a theme seems to be the deal here. maybe rotating themes is the option.
      discuss butterflies in july and owls in the winter, sewing if you care books or coloring books for adults or western memorobilia.

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    2. My mom (and grandmothers I think) were part of the Ringe Mothers and Daughters Club. ‘Ringe’ is the name of the tiny little town on the north edge of the neighborhood. It still shows up on maps even though there’s just two buildings left there.
      All the neighborhood women were part of Mothers and Daughters Club.
      Not too many members left anymore. My mom is the last of that generation. One of the neighborhood daughters still arranges a ‘get-together’ for her and the random daughters. The husbands have been included for the last 20 years but they’re down to a few sons too now. (And still a generation up from me.)

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  11. Love the bandwidth concept, and yes, there is a finite amount of space there!

    Several of mine have been mentioned, like walking group doing some photography, giving each other tips? Or a sewing/mending club, with wine and cheese instead of coffee and sweets. And maybe a group of people who want to:
    – re-learn French
    – re-learn guitar
    – sing madrigals or Gregorian chant
    – dance to really funky music
    – learn how to make good gluten free bread
    Still thinking…

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  12. I’d probably start a meet up group called “Golfaholics Anonymous.” Unfortunately, after about 20 minutes of discussing our addiction, we’d all decide to go out and play a quick nine before dark. ;-(

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. a golf enthusiasts group would be great. plan an outing a month and set up a deal where you can rotate 4 somes to get some new spice. 2 big outings and next summers trip to ireland to play links courses.
      do you still have that little figure 8 in your backswing?


    2. 9 before dark
      maybe we could look into the old fundraiser where you play unlimited golf on the longest day of the year and have people sponsor you for a dollar a hole knowing that you are going to get in 100 holes or so between 5 am and 930 pm . you get to carry a red flag on your cart and play through everyone all day long. it was a wonderful tradition. get 30 or 40 courses involved and go play your favorite 5 twice each

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  13. the great thing about meetup.com as a praticipant is that none of the organazation stuff is involved. its like the book club at the library and if you like the book and the people and have time and you feel like it you go. you dont have to get stressed out about the details. that lady who wants to organize everything will do it.


  14. … groups for:
    – back yard bird watching (I saw the pileated woodpecker again today)
    – regional day trips to fun places
    – ethnic cooking together – share tips & new dishes
    – pet sitting trades, i.e. when you travel
    – group of baboons to come up with new blog topics/questions

    Fun day, tim


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