Bigfoot, Anyone?

Header photo: Statue of Bigfoot at tourist attraction near Silver Lake WA, CC by 3.0 via Wikipedia

Today’s post comes from Jim Tjepkema

Remer Minnesota has declared that it is the true home of Bigfoot and recently held a Bigfoot festival.  They claim that entire families of Bigfoot were seen in the area in the early days of the town.  It is thought that those families moved away when loggers thinned the woodlands out.  There is a blurry picture taken in 2009, and widely published, that claims to indicate Bigfoot is still found at least occasionally near Remer.

I doubt that anyone has seen a Bigfoot.  The blurry picture could be a fake.  Also, people who claim to have seen Bigfoot may have been mistaken or not truthful.  Where is the proof, expectable to scientists, that Bigfoot exists?   Is there anyone who can verify those stories that families of Bigfoot were seen near Remer many years ago?

On the other hand, is there any way of proving that Bigfoot doesn’t exist?

As an agricultural worker I heard of a number of practices and treatments that were recommended to farmers which were not supported by valid scientific research.   There were unsupported claims that farmers would be free of pest and disease problems if they used certain fertilizer programs.  In addition, a variety of untested cures were offered to solve existing problems.

Usually I was unable to get the farmers who were using untested practices and products to return to ones that were supported by proper testing.   The people who recommended those unproven practices and products had gained the trust of the farmers involved and they would hardly ever listen to me.   Anyway, how can you prove that something doesn’t work?   Practices that seem to run completely counter to those that are well established might be found to have value if the right kind of testing is used.

So, how do we know that Bigfoot doesn’t exist if that is true?  Maybe Bigfoot is very good at hiding making it extremely hard to get good evidence of their existence.   Is there a group of large creatures secretly living among us?  Given the state of the world today Bigfoot might have decided it is not wise to come out of hiding.

Have you seen Bigfoot?  


69 thoughts on “Bigfoot, Anyone?”

  1. No Bigfoot….rumors of the Park Lake monster here…accused of taking younget’s clothing & miscellaneous items from the docks and beaches… over the years. Husband reinforces the existence with numerous stories. I’ve yet to witness anything…’tho I am sure we have numerous tomtes living amongst us.

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    1. Yes, although that one with the golden mane is not a typical Bigfoot who knows enough to hide in the woods. He is a crazed version that isn’t content to stay in his hiding place place and likes to be on display.

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  2. One doesn’t have to see Bigfoot to believe in him. One doesn’t need any empirical evidence at all. The idea of Bigfoot can be preposterous, irrational, infantile, and still you can believe. That’s what faith is for.

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  3. It’s a lot easier for me to maybe believe there’s a Bigfoot out on the Siberian plains (would be a Yeti there?). And I do know people who have seen fairies: my m-I-l when she was a child, and an adult friend has “seen” what she called a Deva. In the same way that I think it’s possible there are other beings in the universe besides us, I think it’s entirely possible there are other intelligent beings we don’t see here on earth. But I haven’t yet seen any.


  4. OT: Went to Eliza Kilkyson concert at MSU-M last night. Got there early so saw everyone come in. About 240 in attendance; about 80 people of our ilk, all over 50, most over 60; about 160 college students (They could get in for $5; some I think were getting a course credit for being there). Saw one mother in her 30’s with a ten-year-old girl. I do not think there was anyone else there between 30 and 50, maybe between 25 and 55. I can imagine lots of reasons for the missing middle. Superb concert. Her guitar player I think was doing some vamping with her and did some wonderful riffs. Students in attendance were a very good audience. Her new CD looks excellent.
    Okay, everyone, as you were.

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  5. THE Bigfoot movie has been confessed to as fake by the fakers. THE Nessie photo has been confessed to as a fake by the faker. Both remain in the cannon of proof.

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  6. In a Gary Larson cartoon, Bigfoot and Elvis pose arm-in-arm for a photo, but the camera’s battery is dead. When I was four I saw an angel, but nobody believed me. On the whole, the experience was frustrating. I think now if I ever saw Bigfoot he’d be slinging around a Frisbee with DB Cooper. And I’d just walk on by, pretending it never happened.

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  7. This is too funny. The Golden Maned Manhattan Big Foot’s children are unable to to vote for Dad in the primary because they failed to register as republicans.

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  8. Not sure I even believe in Bigfoot.

    And as it does not seem possible I will get beyond the Metro for the forseeable, I doubt I will see him.

    Quite the wildlife by that quirky bit of Snelling off W 7th though, which is keeping me sane (ish).

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  9. I have a friend that was doing an outreach class for Underwater World. They got very, very lost on some outer-state, country road in the middle of a blinding rainstorm. He said that he and his co-worker saw some huge, hulking creature with an upright ape-like gait cross the road in front of them. They turned around and drove off as fast as they could.

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  10. Well, I have never seen Bigfoot, but I once saw something in the woods that when I told someone about it, I wasn’t believed. I saw an absolutely huge Pileated Woodpecker. Two or three feet tall. When I told a friend about it, she laughed her head off and told me that it wasn’t really that big. So I know what it’s like to not be believed when I report what I saw with my own eyes.


    1. I know that, Steve. This one was much bigger than that. That’s why I got so excited and told my friend. Which I won’t do again.


  11. Pileated woodpeckers are fun to see no matter what size.

    I see the turkey vultures are back. And the kill-deer. And the red winged blackbirds…
    Waiting on barn swallows yet. And lilacs. (I hope the lilacs buds haven’t all frozen off… they’ve been out far too long…)

    Coming home the other night, something ran across the road just out of headlight range so it was just a huge rushing shadow.
    Turned out to be my dog, But in the dark, in the shadows, he looked twice as big.

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  12. I was trying to write a couple blogs. Sandy has a surgery coming up. Loads of overload on my time and emotional energy. Sorry, not up to it.


    1. I’ve got “We have really expensive shoes for you” feet – short but wide. I usually just buy shoes that are too long to avoid paying the price for wide shoes.


  13. I’ve been mostly lucky. I have average-sized feet with a really high instep (so pull-on boots are out of the question) but my arch is very strong and I can pretty much do anything to these feet. I go barefoot a lot in the warmer weather and you’ve all seen the zori/flip flop collection. I wear those everyday in the summer!

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  14. When I was a little kid my parents often told me, “You have feet like gun boats.” That wasn’t very informative because I had never seen a gun boat. But I figured that when I finally saw one I’d know what it was because it would look my feet.

    It turns out what they meant was that my feet were (and are) about as wide as they are long. And now my various medical issues have made them wider.

    I just sent Dale a possible guest blog.

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  15. I have average feet. They’re flat and they’re mishappen and broken, but they’re average size for a man my size…

    I joke that I inherited my dad’s lousy feet. Except he had bunions… I’ve missed the bunions.

    After I hurt my leg when I was a kid, that affected my right foot and ankle. So now I wear a brace on that foot. So I went up a couple sizes to make a show fit on that foot, and if I leave the original insoles and add my custom insole on my left foot, then that shoe fits OK too. My doc says someday I will need to get that ankle fused.

    My biggest regret is I cant’ wear cowboy boots anymore. I appreciated the ‘strut’ they give you when walking in cowboy boots.
    Maybe some day I can get the custom ones with the zipper up the side or something…

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    1. Be glad you missed the bunions, Ben, they hurt.

      I have small feet for a person my size. Unfortunately, I have a bunion on my right foot. Wearing shoes is painful, one reason why I wear sandals as much as possible. Husband has promised me that if I die before he does, he’ll have me buried in my sandals. I told him I appreciate that. Can’t imagine lying in a coffin wearing shoes that hurt my bunion. But maybe by then that’ll be the least of my worries.

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  16. i was at loch ness 30 years ago and found the museum and the story to be quite delightful.
    its a pretty part of the world and a beautiful lake very similar to all the other beautiful lochs in the area but the story makes the memory of that one last and the others have faded.
    today when we walk or drive or use the bathroom there is a device or a radio or a magazine or book to occupy our minds and our imagination. i think 100 years ago when you went for a walk in the woods or along the shore, the opportunity to imagine and embellish was almost mandatory.

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  17. Mine are pretty regular too, but now foot issues have caused them to change shape, so now they have to be wider. I remember my sister had to have shoes “built up” as a toddler, something about weak ankles (which she called “wink” ankles.) And they got bigger with my pregnancy, which I thought was very unfair, but it makes sense if you think about it – they needed to support more, just didn’t realize it was a temporary condition.


  18. I have an odd-shaped foot, but not that rare. It has a name, I do not remember. Many people with FM have it: very high arch, very wide a the arch, narrow at the back. No real issue about it for me so far. Just have to buy shoes over my length to fit the width at front. Then sloppy at the back. Can only wear tie shoes. Any slip-on shoe cuts off circulation.

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