the circle

today’s post comes from tim

the colors i get in the walks around the neighborhood have been wonderful. i think it was bir who wished me new smells this spring when i was new to the house and all the surroundings. the walks with the dogs and the wife have been good. the circle of life is out there for all to see. i used to marvel at martha stewart and the calendar she was ruled by with seeds started. swapping sweaters and short boxes doing her christmas list of details and yet when you walk around outdoors the obvious that there is a cyclical nature that i have been standing in the midst of without acknowledging it.

we are starting birthday season at my house with the november birthday followed by a 2 december, 2 januarys , 3 februarys,  3 march than a break until june for the 2 at either end of the kid rollodex,

the dark afternoons and mornings make the hottub sessions a special deal.i enjoyed it so much last year i am reminded of the circle now that 7 pm or 6 am is dark. i need to put speakers out there but then again maybe not.

the paths around my neighborhood are incredible. there are trails in all directions and the dogs are different whichever we go. it is fn to see the response from them and from me.  the leaves came and went as did the flowers the critters the seasons the berries  the seasonal ronds will be something to look forward to.

im waiting for the costco christmas trees to show up. i need to grab one quick. they dont last long.


whats a reocurring event you look forward to

23 thoughts on “the circle”

  1. The Twilight Zone Marathon on SyFy which airs New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Among the last episodes shown is Living Doll which stars Telly Salavas as a cruel step-father who battles a doll with a will of it’s own. My kids will call and say, “My name is Talking Tina and you better be good to me.”

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    Well, I anticipate the blog posts, for one (BTW, this one appeared in the wrong place on the page–nearly missed it). It is so nice to be back on the trail, to anticipate someone’s thoughts of the day, as well as my own response.

    We return to AZ for 2 months soon, causing me to actually anticipate the three day drive out there. Given the nature of that drive, which we did twice last year, I can’t quite understand my own anticipation. The drive through Colorado is breathtaking, as are parts of the journey through New Mexico and Arizona. We stop in Iowa to have lunch with my Memory Care-bound mother, then proceed to Central Nebraska to stay at a dog-friendly LaQuinta. That part of the trip is, well, dull. Some parts of New Mexico and Arizona are just squalid. It’s kind of like anticipating a root canal or colonoscopy.

    It must be operant conditioning. I am willing to tolerate the misery for the mountains of Colorado and the thought of hanging out with the AZ kids and grandchildren.

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  3. The time of Advent through St. Knuts Day would be the ‘reoccurring’ with traditions I hold dear and have abided wherever we have lived.
    I’ve always loved each season as it arrived…however during this time the traditions which began at childhood still remain with slight variation. Advent wreath and calendar…the haunting melody ‘O come O come Emmanuel’, .aromas of Christmas cookies & rye bread baking. St. Lucia day which my siblings and I would awaken my folks…and later in young married years my husband and I did the same…out of orneriness VERY early in the morn. My sister and I would call each other. Always living in different time zones it was a challenge to see who either stayed up the latest to awaken the other or who awaken the earliest to do same…but as families grew and we aged that stopped.
    The tree never came in until Christmas Eve…for us youngsters to decorate. Swedish music played all day and my Grandma would tap-waltz as she cooked. I never could wait that long so St. Lucia day was the beginning of Christmas decorating in our home. My daughter has moved it up to Thanksgiving weekend. Christmas dinner was by candlelight dressed in Sunday best with the typical Scandanavian feast of white. I changed that a bit…we have ham instead of lutfisk. It is my responsibility to make the Swedish rye bread and meatballs wherever we are celebrating. All the decorations would stay up through to St. Knuts day when out the tree went…taken to the location of the ritual burning of our little town’s trees. I put lights on trees outside…back home…never brought one indoors but rather fresh trimmings in vases and for the Advent wreath.
    It will be very different this year. We are in Tucson for six months. I didn’t bring any traditional ‘decorations’…no Jul straw goats, no Tumton, no Natavity, no candles/candleabras, no window stars…no Swedish CDs.
    A highlight will be my brother and sister-in-law’s move here by the first of December when she will be taking on the leadership of a Lutheran church. He will retire and no doubt teach adult classes…teaching being his love…and or doing pulpit supply. So we will celebrate Christmas with them. Neither of us will have the decorations as they won’t be permently moved and unpacked. But the season will be here in our hearts none the less. And I will make rye bread and meatballs.

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  4. The first weekend in December is the holiday bazaar at Landmark Center, and the soup tasting on Grand Avenue. The holiday season is ushered in for me by these events. Often the weather is a bit cold
    and windy, but you get a hot coffee somewhere and it is what it is.

    In December I make jam from the raspberries in the freezer. My mother’s birthday is in December, and I get a wreath and put it up at the cemetery. Put candy in the advent calendar.

    There is the holiday auditorium show at the former Dayton’s store in downtown Minneapolis. Has that been discontinued yet? I suppose they’ll kill off that tradition soon, if they haven’t already.

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    1. First leaves.
      Sandy and I have medical appointments at the same time today in two different places. The I chauffer her for the afternoon.


  5. sorty all
    i didnt see this yesterday

    im not sure any replys needed rrdponses but i wondeeed about linds comment about landmark and wessew about twilight zone (burgess merideth time episode is my favorite)
    i dont know whsts going on with my end
    on to crystal bays bff


  6. When one of my wife’s best friends and his snide husband go to Florida for the winter (this Friday) except tonight we go out for dinner with them. I will have be serves crow and humble pie several times for free.

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      1. i thought about your wifes gay couple friends and thought nothing more avout it. the world has come a long way in my lifetime. when i was a kid a friend and his snide husband would have been an obvious missed pronoun , today … no


    1. oh thats a riot. i hadnt read them, the only one i read when i picked it as the header on this calendar was “paint barbed wire” and i missed the obvious tongue in cheek checklist


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