24 thoughts on “movie guy”

    1. I like Phryne Fischer too, all three seasons are on streaming Netflix now. I’m going to miss them after I’ve seen the final four that I have left.

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    2. I went in to T.B. from two different devices and also hit the two different posts.

      BTW, my first reply was intended to go with your second entry that mentioned Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries.

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  1. I love Fiddler On the Roof. It’s visually and musically beautiful. I am usually not one to watch movies over and over, but there is something about Fiddler that always draws me in.

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  2. West Side Story, hands down the best musical movie ever! (Geez, Tim, I sometimes wonder if we weren’t separated at birth! Strange how much we have in common.) I agree one of the best movies too, but Casablanca is my number one overall. The cool thing about Casablanca is that is a quasi-musical because the music is such an integral part of the story without being overtly featured. The classic “sing-off” between the Germans and French can still bring tears to my eyes after dozens of watchings.

    Funniest movie of all time and one of my top 5 favorites is “Young Frankenstein.” I’d love to attend a midnight screening of that a la “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Imagine 250 costumed movie buffs shouting “He… vas …. my…. BOYFRIENDT!” in unison. Or singing, “Ohhhhh, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you-u-u-u-u-u!”

    Chris in Owatonna


  3. the end of turner classic moives moth of oscars is coming up and they did it in alphabetical order this year so young frankenstein is on tonight. i was going to ask my wife if she wanted to go to the movie theater tonight but with woman of the year at 7 and young frankenstein at 9 we will be staying home

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    1. yes yes yes

      there are a few movies that suck me in so totally that at the end i am reminded that i was transported and forgot i was in the mpovies. cabaret is one that made me laugh out loud at the end when i realized how far i had been absorbed. there are only a handful this is one

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  4. The Reivers…based on a William Faulkner coming of age story with a funny, silly Steve McQueen (I think it was his last or one of his last films)…and the best horse race I’ve ever seen in a movie. Over and over and over…oh, and The Dead based on the James Joyce short story. John Huston’s last film. Beautiful and touching. But, as BiR says, also Charade and A Thousand Clowns. Hard to whittle down the list.


    1. who said you have to. i can go on and on.
      maltese falcon, harvey, the wizard of oz, philedelp[hia story, philedelphia, forsest gump, big, bus stop, going my way, quiet man, mr smith goes to washington roman holiday, you cant take it with you, funny girl the misfits, harokld and maude midnight cowboy, the graduate, et, stalag 17, pat and mike, born yesterday, when harry met sally, the great escape, grapes of wrath, white christmas, lawrence of araibia, ….. i cant whittle it down,

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        1. the odd couple, sgt york, blazing saddles seven year itch,brigadoon,
          my faiur lady, wolfman, the farmers daughter, mr chips (both verrsions) my favorite year, annie hall, 2001, wuthering heights, princess bride, tyhe unsinkable molly browen, sound of music, stasr wars, asmerican in paris, time after time, it happened oner night, thr natural, kellys heros, wild bunch, on thevwaterfront,
          treasure of the sietria madre, frankernstein, the birds
          the musuc man, the sting ,silverado, somebody up yhere likes me, sohies choice, its a wonderful life, catf on a hot tin roof, the big valley, how the west was won, coaslk miners daughter, tender mercies summer of 42, kid creole, the man who shot liberty vallance, destry rides agasin , the severn samari, flower drum song
          yhe trtouble with harry, irma la douce, the apartment , the 12 chairs

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