Behind the Curtain

today’s post comes to us from our tim

we begin month 3 of trail baboon part 2. he has been mia altogether now for most of the past year or two but he is the invisable man for 60 days running. are you out there dale??? send me a sign….or an entry…

then you to vs and renee, to jaque to volunteer to make it happen as a perpetual motion machine. the tragedy of the end of the late great morning show was buffered by the trial balloon and we were able suck it up and be thenakful that we had a remnant of the morning show with dale as the man behind the curtain then the essence or our mpr world got shut down and the closing of the dale connelly as an omnipitant leader. i told dale he didnt need to be an enigma and he said something to the effect of “theres nothing wrong with being an ieigma”

i love dale, i love the trail, i love the history and i love the fact that we made it… we transitioned to the next level.

my dad moved to leach lake and spent the first year looking for his coffee group. the good old gang who laughs at your jokes and cries at you pain and understand the difference. the trail is actually the closest group of friewnds i can imagine.

my first wife talked to her mom on the phone every day for 20 minutes and im sure she had a tough time when her mom died because of the gigantic hole it left, my current wife talked to her grandma every sunday and when her grandma started losing it and had to move from the farm to town and then to the nursing home it was a smoother transition to prepare for the inevitable end.

dale and his guest blog weeks — remember how important it was that we never miss a day? 5+ years and never a missed day. how did he do it? and timely and so creative. the jusice that required must have been an interesting premise to life for all that time

now steve writes one, clyde, vs, renee, jaque, bir, all of us.

thanks for the new start and rebirth of the original joy of the morning show the trial baloon and the trail baboon

other than the rebirth of the trial, what new start in your life has been the best?

32 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain”

  1. Morning all. A big relief for me was getting on a plane to go to China to pick up my treasure. Leaping into adoption as a single parent was wild and scary and marvelous.

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  2. Parenthood is sort of the “gimme” – but probably the one that comes second was realizing at midnight, a month before I was to move to scenic Normal, Illinois, that I did not want to get an MFA in scenic design. I did not want to live in a double-wide trailer with about enough money to pay rent and survive on peanut butter – theater had been my dream, but I didn’t want that dream bad enough to grind through 3 years of that. It was pretty startling to make that realization – that MFA was what I had been working towards for years. MFA then off to galavant around the country in search of tenure. Shook me to my core when I realized that I still sort of wanted that, but looking at the arduous uphill battle to get the degree and then be an itinerant worker for possibly years and years…well, I didn’t want that dream badly enough. So I paused and reset. Had I not made that reset, I would not have found Husband and not had Darling Daughter – I might have made another family, but not this one. There are days I’m still not sure what my new dream is. I’m okay with that.

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  3. Rise and ReBoot Baboons!

    I love new starts, having experienced a few over the years. Divorce, remarriage, geographic moves, etc. The favorite at this moment: probably starting the practice–something I never thought I would do. Then I did it, learned a lot, and now it is over after 13 years. What a whirlwind.

    That restart made me think of myself in ways I never had–unmined abilities lurking under the surface then emerged and I did it. Entrepreneur. Supervisor. Money manager. Program developer. Who knew.

    Parenthood is a gimme that prepared me for all the rest of it though.

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        1. That’s been my experience, too, Jacque. For the longest time you wait for the other shoe to drop, and when after a sufficient amount of time it hasn’t, you breathe a sigh of relief.

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  4. Number One: parenthood.
    Number Two: I’d rather not discuss.
    Number Three: the move to Oregon.

    By the way, Baboons are big readers, and I have some books to sell. I’ve got two on the birds of Oregon. Good pictures. And I’m willing sell my big book about Oregon history. Put that by your toilet and you’d have plenty of reading for years. If anybody has a good book on shipspotting in the Great Lakes, I’d consider a trade.

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  5. Thanks, tim. Once I figured out how to insert photos into the header and text (with the help of an excellent power point provided by vs) it has been fun to schedule the posts.

    We have had a wonderful new start with the arrival of our kitten last August. She is a source of constant delight.

    Husband’s retirement was a great finish, but he isn’t sure his three new jobs (private practice, Indian reservation work, and behavioral consultation for developmentally disabled preschoolers) are great new beginnings or sources of exhaustion.

    Daughter is finding it hard to believe that in 10 days she becomes a resident of Tacoma. She finished her last class and her internship at a pediatric psychiatric hospital last Friday and graduates next Sunday. I think she is more alarmed than excited.

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  6. Buying my house was probably the biggest upheaval. I took on a lot of home improvement projects and yard work that I had no experience with. It is nice to come home to your own place, and on balance it was a good choice.

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  7. I’ve had numerous ‘new starts’….however I think the upcoming one is going to be the best despite the sadness of leaving my Kaffe Fika group.

    Our cabin home will be on the market in a week or two. Then it is time to wait for the right buyer to appear.

    Meanwhile we trek to Kansas for #2 granddaughter’s HS graduation, her softball team in State compition and my 50yr. HS reunion in “Little Sweden USA”=Lindsborg.

    The most excitement and best new start will begin when we are able to move …and find our new home in Tucson…..whenever that happens.

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      1. Fika is meeting up and chatting….Kaffe Fika….having a coffee get together. My Swedish grandmother had “Coffee Parties”…Kaffe Fika is probably a “now” term with essentially the same meaning.

        It’s an important time out with friends or family….over coffee and food.

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  8. I will never forget the exhilarating feeling I had driving over the George Washington Bridge out of New York City in October of 1976. My VW van was packed to the gills with everything I owned in the world. The sun was coming up, and I sang “Goodbye New York” as I crossed the bridge. I had three cats – one around my shoulders, one under my feet, the third hiding somewhere in the way back. I was leaving a place where I had submerged my self for two years to try being married to the wrong person, and I was FREE.

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  9. Retirement was a new start for me. After a lifetime of living up to other people’s expectations, I relished the idea that I was finally free to do as I please. A lot of my retired friends have felt compelled to commit to doing volunteer work, and I applaud them for it. I have done lots of volunteer work over the years, and I felt perfectly comfortable stepping aside from that too. Reading, cooking, spending time with friends, writing letters, reading some more, walking the dog, and thinking are all in a day’s work for me, and no, I’m not bored, and no, I don’t feel guilty that I’m not out there in the midst of the fray for some cause. Been there, done that, I’m retired!

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  10. I am hoping for a new start this afternoon as I WILL find my car/house/office keys when I go home for lunch. I have been crabby all morning since I have no keys and husband had to give me a ride to work.

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      1. Cynthia, glad to hear a peep out of you. This is great song, and the KIng’s Singers are the best. Is it snowing up by you?


  11. Just happened to look up from my book and looked out the window: It’s snowing to beat the band! Huge white snowflakes descending in wild profusion. Happy Mayday everyone.

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    1. It was quite pretty to see the snow clinging to branches, althouh it didn’t last. I think it was likely the last snow of May. We are turning the corner.


  12. AS BIR comments….the day my ex walked out. Though I didn’t think so at the time, it turned out to be a bright new day and the start of a better me and a better life. It was as if a darkness had rolled away and I became lighter inside and out.

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