Begging for S’More

I started becoming a vegetarian when I was four. My Aunt Effie served lamb for Easter and when I discovered what was on the plate I promptly threw up.  At the age of five I had to be taken out of a seafood restaurant when I realized the lobsters in the tank at the entrance were becoming the meals at the tables around us.  When I was six I found out that venison was Bambi.  And so it continued.

I gave up the very last bit of meat left in my diet (ground beef) when I was 16. Even after all these years there still a few things I miss.  Tuna salad on a tomato on a hot summer day, sizzling bacon on a cold winter morning.

And marshmallows. No yams with marshmallows at Thanksgiving.  No Rocky Road ice cream.  No s’mores. That’s the one that really hurts. In the past few years there have been a couple of companies that have tried vegetarian marshmallows but they weren’t very good to start with and not good at all for s’mores: too small, too sticky, too melty. Over the years I’ve even tried s’mores with marshmallow cream.  If you think regular s’mores are messy, marshmallow cream is messier.

So when I saw the Trader Joe’s has come out with vegetarian marshmallows I was skeptical. But I figured if they were terrible it was only a couple of bucks. Over the weekend, Young Adult and I made a little fire in our pit and gave them a try.  Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be great.  Not quite as soft as your basic Stay Puff, but great for s’mores.  They stayed on the skewer until they were done and tasted just fine.  They did go pretty fast from light brown to bubbly but that might have had something to do with the impatience of the s’more makers.  Guess I’ll have to try marshmallows on yams next!

What have you given up that you miss?

28 thoughts on “Begging for S’More”

  1. I think the TJ’s marshmallows are also made without corn syrup as well if that’s important to you, as it is to my daughter.
    Your prompt question is a two-parter. There are things I have given up or mostly eschew, but none of them I really miss.
    I don’t drink soda. I haven’t chewed a piece of gum in decades. I seldom eat chips– a bag of chips left over from entertaining goes stale and uneaten in our house. There are few pastries that appeal to me– most are too sweet. And I could go without regret for the rest of my life without a s’more.

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  2. potato chips and alcohol,
    i found a direct connection to the improvement on the overall big picture of life as soon as they were removed but there are longing moments when a pile of chips goes by. there are substitutes for some things in life but potato chips can not be easily replaced.
    sweet potato chips, rice crackers, corn chips, nope.i end up with a celery and humans or a bowl of popcorn
    wine beers and bloody mary’s are all a nice way to accent a moment in time but it’s also a way to give up the moment to the buzz that accompanies

    the other thing i miss that i have given up is my youth. fond memories of 20’s, 30’s,40’s and 50’s resonate . younger legs and a stronger back have given way to wisdom and excuses but what youth has left behind is some of my favorite stuff.

    i will try the marsh mellows from trader joe’s but those gluten free graham crackers leave a bit to be desired

    oh yeah and pizza , and cheese…

    it’s an amazing difference in how i feel with the gluten free dairy free diet vs the good tasting easy to plug in a quick snack of pizza or a sandwich

    oh yeah and how about the 60’s. i do miss the 60’s. i should never have given them up but then again maybe that’s a good thing too… i seem to remember nor remembering on more than one occasion..

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  3. Like Bill, I could go the rest of my life without a s’more and be fine. Husband has just about given up beer due to gout, which is hard for a guy from Wisconsin. He has to be careful with asparagus, beans, and shellfish as well.

    I keep trying to give up anxiety, but I’m not too successful. I am also trying to give up being negatvely judgemental of others. It is a bad habit that kills the soul.

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  4. Nothing I have given up. My body has dropped a few things from my options. Peanut butter I miss. I think I could be called allergic to it now, judging by my last slight bit of of it. Biking I miss.


  5. My Lunds store on Highland Park, the Cafesjian Carousel, the Ordway, Minnehaha Falls park, the Conservatory, Summit Avenue, Crosby Farm, the State Fair, West Seventh, my pink bungalow, Caravan Serai, the State Capitol, Lake Como (and the park in general), Mac-Groveland in general, the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market, Mississippi River Boulevard/Shephard Road, St. Paul City Hall, W A Frost (and Cathedral Hill in general). Science Museum, Mickey’s Diner, Fitzgerald Theater.

    That’s a very short list of the places in Saint Paul I miss most.

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  6. Oh, well I forgot that I have given up the Twin Cities, and there are a lot of people, places, and events that I miss. If I start, we’ll be here for a while – at least some of them I can visit occasionally.


  7. Do not miss alcohol but di every now and then miss taste of good rich dark beer. Lots of foods I wish I were missing because I have given them up. Problem is, I have not given them up.

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    1. That’s terrible. Isn’t there some sort of shared custody arrangement that could be implemented? It’s hard on the dog, too, I’m sure.


  8. Hello all. Due to issues way outside my control (think airline issues), Marshmallows will run tomorrow as well.


  9. Hello all. Due to issues way outside my control (think airline issues), Marshmallows will run tomorrow as well.


  10. I’ve never really seriously tried to give up anything. If I did, I’m sure I would miss it. If you don’t miss it, it doesn’t really count, does it?

    Someone suggested the term “veggie positive” as a way of talking about eating that is focused on vegetables, but doesn’t exclude meat altogether. I thought it was a useful term, because it’s difficult to put that philosophy into words in a succinct way. But somebody trademarked the words, so now we must come up with something else.

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        1. I’ve found that whenever I give up something, usually at the behest of someone else, I resent it, and it doesn’t last long.

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