The Mall

We have a variety of shops: cheese, socks, pie, underwear, candy, Cracker jacks, Three Musketeers, peanuts, toast, jam, fish balls, ice cream, chocolate, books, Gold mine stock, swamp real estate, Brooklyn Bridge, air, pet rocks, nails and screws.

What should we name our little mall? Should we open on holidays?

46 thoughts on “The Mall”

    1. From your store? That misty, hard to define business venture that sells….what does it sell? I forget. Intangibles. That’s it.


  1. I always liked the idea of a restaurant called The Dangerous Cafe. Grand pianos and anvils hanging from the ceiling. What else would it feature?


  2. Related, from my daughter re her churches: “Facebook just notified me that 5 visitors have suggested that our parish page is out of date. So Facebook suggested that we change our type of business to “Religious Organization/Burger Restaurant.”

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