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Today we had summer fun at work.  Out on the big patio, all the tools and t-shirts were ready for tie dying so we just wrapped up our shirts and squirted away.  And I got a temporary tattoo (logo for our summer program).  None of this has anything to do with my actual job, but it was fun and made the day go by a little faster.

What activity makes your work go faster?


20 thoughts on “Work & Fun”

  1. Certain aspects of the work I do can be tedious. It’s putzy. If I am working on a writing project, I need quiet, with as little distraction as possible, but when I am drawing or designing I find I can ameliorate the boredom and make the time pass more smoothly if I have something mildly engaging to listen to. Most podcasts I favor are too interesting and pull me from my work.
    In that circumstance, I have found that old radio detective shows from the ’40s are just the thing. They have a story line, but it’s usually pretty transparent and a cast of characters who are consistent and not complex. And you learn some interesting things:
    – A man six feet tall and weighing 160 pounds is described as “heavy set”.
    – Cab fare downtown costs 75 cents.
    – Beer is a nickel.
    – Capital punishmant is easily and quickly dispensed for a variety of offenses.
    – You don’t hear organ music used as a dramatic device much anymore.

    I’ve tried other types of old radio shows—comedy shows, story shows, westerns— but they’re either too distracting or (to me) insufficiently engaging.

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    1. i had an office assistant leave to join the peace corp years ago and i tried a replacement who failed miserably and then tried plugging in my then significant other. i listen to music in the background and it calms and relaxes me, she said it distracts her and she turns on mpr news or wcco talk radio, i cant listen to that and have my brain work. i get caught up in the storuy . give me pandora radio everytime. i am constantly amazed at how much i like my musical taste with pandora

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      1. I tried pandora for a while and i was amazed at how often their assumption of “since i like A, i must therefore like B” was wrong.


    2. I love catching author errors–mistakes on a character’s age, a location problem, a historical backdrop that is wrong, wrong, wrong. I cannot do it at work, though.

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  2. my son worked at sherrilees work spot for a year and absolutely loved it. the employee engagement was a very valuable thing. he was on a step counting team, enjoyed the casual dress summer policy and the cool friday stuff they added to the mix.
    i find the accompaniment varies with the task,. i had to shoot photographs of sport coats last weekend and the inclusion of amazon firestick with (suits) was wonderful. there are 5 or 6 seasons to watch and i am into season 2 3/4 of the way through. i love the show but binge watching is not often an opportunity i can afford so it was a treat.. i always know if i want words or music and i am not sure i want one vs the other at different times. i just do
    things dont go faster , just smoother and more pleasant. im not in a hurry just appreciate improving the quality of the moment

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  3. i am sad i miss so many posts these days. mornings are playing catch and evenings are admitting i didnt get it done. i am smiling at how well the group has looked after itself in its rebirth. thanks to everyone for the continued involvement.
    its a nice gathering isnt it.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    My work is entertaining most of the time. Checking in on the blog sometimes will speed things along, although sometimes there is not time. I have to get a new chair–my back is now hurting and I need something different. The ache is keeping me alert, though.


  5. TV.

    When babysitting two very active 3-year-olds who both talk nonstop and have a propensity for destruction, a little judicious use of PBS Kids can help the morning or afternoon seem a little less long. This was especially true when I babysat 3 (partial) days a week.

    OT PSA: Those 3-year-old twins will be turning 4 in less than 2 weeks.

    In my current project, I pretty much need silence, although there are times when a little music helps. But it has to be music that allows me to sort of ignore it. The best album I’ve found for that is Archie Fisher’s A Silent Song. I think I should make a playlist named “Music for When I Need to Focus and Think.”

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  6. Variety keeps my work day clipping along. I have a nice mix of therapy, testing, and consultation. Daughter and I agree that slow work days make us tired and sleepy, wbile busy days are invigorating.


  7. When I’m at the flower shop, I like to raid the “dead flower” shelf and make up a little vase of whatever is headed for the compost heap. The flowers are generally still in pretty good shape, but are past their freshness date, having only a day or two until they start drooping. I especially like finding hydrangeas, since they’re large and take space. Gerber daisies are fun, too, and I love carnations and daisy mums.

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