200 down

Today’s post comes from tim


Its been 6 months and hard to believe

The things that come out every day

The embarrassing premises incredible ugliness

Simply wrong things in every way


The sidemen and toadies the yes men galore

Looking over their shoulders for cues

The lies have become so much a part of the image

Were numb to the garbage he spews


I long for the elegant words to describe

The world in a nutshell we had

Instead of the tweets the trash talk and threats

And the pointing the finger from a man who’s gone mad


We stand at the crossraods, the result of the times

Where corruption and lies lead the way

The integrity of a whole nation is less

In a most unamerican way


I think this has taught us a lesson for sure

But the damage that’s done is far reaching

The whole ugly American persona weve witnessed

Is fantastic for how not to teaching


Impeach or hang in there its hard to decide

I can’t wish that Mike Pence were boss

The whole ugly mess is a travesty royal

What adverbs mean feeling the loss


The whole human race should go down on one knee

and vow to never allow it again.

There isn’t a question of if we will heal

But im not sure I can wait until when.


6 months puts us 200 days down the road

Another 1000 left before the election

I saw that they’re bashing bernies wife in their prep

Just in case he becomes our selection


Please lets all work together we are getting nothing done

Implore the majority brats

Didn’t they note nothing done in the 8 years preceding

When their directive was precisely that


Back in the day we’d compromise down a path

And the chips would be allowed to fall

You didn’t get what you wanted but you got what was fair

And America won overall


It will make us much better in the long run I hope

My mantra keeps telling myself

Lets hope this experiment dies a quick death

And the results go back on the shelf


It seems highly unlikely that these guys will ever

Be considered our superiors again

Their world’s made of toadies and yes men galore

But do you really want to go out and vote for them?


Do you like Al Franken as President?




14 thoughts on “200 down”

  1. I heard Al on the Commonwealth Club recently. If you didn’t hear it, it’s probably archived somewhere. Very funny. He’s also scheduled to be on Stephen Colbert tomorrow.

    I’d vote for him for president in a heartbeat. Amy K. too.

    Last weekend one of the public TV shows featured a brief clip of Bohemian Rhapsody in a story about Anthony Scarramucchi. (“Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the fandango?”) Keeps running through my head as I hear he’s out. He lasted 10 days in the job as communications director. The Wikipedia entry on the fandango has this to say:
    “As a result of the extravagant features of the dance, the word fandango is used as a synonym for ‘a quarrel,’ ‘a big fuss,’ or ‘a brilliant exploit.'”

    I’m not sure about the brilliant exploit part, Big fuss and quarrel, yeah.

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  2. He sure looks better than the current potus to me. I like how he works to get things done and tries to work “across the aisle” with his republican colleagues, which would be a big plus for a president.

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  3. Franken is a short, Jewish satirist from a state with no great political clout. You think he might become President? Ha! That’s about as likely as a skinny black guy with big ears and Muslim name becoming President. Never could happen! 🙂

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    1. I agree. He’s a good senator, but I’m not sure he has a great chance at being the next potus. I think if the dems want to get more control over congress and the presidential office, they need some fresh new voices that can speak to a wide range of people, perhaps someone that is young and relatively unknown at this point. I’ve been following Joe Kennedy III on facebook and like what I see of him, but if I were him (young with a wife and young children plus he’s a Kennedy – being the grandson of Bobby Kennedy and great nephew of JFK), I would not be exactly eager to become a candidate for president.

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  4. I have now “liked” almost every comment here. I don’t know how he would be as president, but as Wes mentioned, I really like what he does as a senator. I hope, like ljb, that there will be someone we haven’t yet thought of.

    Nice writing, tim…


  5. I think Al would be fantastic as President. The Repunklicans would try to have a field day with his background as a comedian (“He’s turning the Presidency into a joke!”) but I’d vote for him in a heartbeat!


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