29 thoughts on “Eeek!”

    1. As a kid I was fearless. I climbed tall trees and calmly entered the scariest rides on the Midway. Then one day it all flipped and I began to hyperventilate when up really high ladders, and by “really high” I mean four or five feet above the ground.

      Some baboons might remember my squatty little bungalow. It’s eastern roof was so low it almost touched the earth. I once acted impulsively, climbing up the roof to change the direction of our TV antenna. By the time I got to the antenna I was in full panic. I embraced my chimney like the Jaws of Life and could not let go. My erstwife had to call our neighbor to the east. Donn came up on the roof to talk me down like a fireman rescuing a cat that goes up a tree and can’t come down.

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  1. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    You mean like the fear of heights in which I am afraid to look down because I might fall and I feel nauseated with a stab of anxiety in my stomach. I don’t have that fear. My friend told me about that one.

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  2. When we were in Europe, I discovered that I have irrational fears about missing train connections. I just couldn’t get it through my head that there is always another train and that missing our train wouldn’t be a disaster.

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  3. Most of my fears are irrational. Nope, I take that back; I have some legitimate ones too.

    Parking; I try to get to concerts or events with a large crowd early because I’m always concerned about parking. No idea where that comes from; I can’t recall ever getting to an event and having to go home because there was no parking, but there ya go.

    Spiders. Rational or not, I don’t like spiders. I don’t react quite so extremely to them as I used too, but I still don’t like them.

    Lately, driving over long, tall bridges makes me nervous. I’m not afraid of heights, but that railing on the side of the bridge doesn’t look nearly tall enough to stop me if there’s an accident or something. This one is really bothering me as it seems to be recent and getting worse rather than better. There’s a bridge down in Charleston SC that we drove multiple times last summer and each time I had to take a breath and remind myself it would be OK.

    Our dog Humphrey; great dog, but he won’t go downstairs at our house. Never has. He goes upstairs to the main living area (and back down the steps) but, he won’t go down the basement steps.
    Maybe there’s a mouse down there. If there is, don’t tell my wife!

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  4. Many years fearing calling strangers and/or businesses on the telephone, then a job that made me make such phone calls (and receive them), then retirement and reluctance returns.

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  5. The night before I started school (two years ago), I stayed awake most of the night with fears that I would flunk out, that my photographic work would be so bad that the teacher and all the other students would jeer, that no other students would talk to me…

    I still have an irrational fear of studio lights. I didn’t work with them much and not being very mechanically inclined,made it hard to figure out how to set them up. Meanwhile the other students were whipping everything together in 5 minutes while I was still staring at the contents of the kit wondering what to do with it all and the clock was ticking (we signed up for 2 hours at a time). BUT I am tackling this fear now, one light at a time. Bill has kindly loaned me a softbox light for me to play with, so I will start out with that.

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  6. Up until about a year ago I had only a vague fear (don’t know that I’d call irrational considering the amount of distracted drivers out there) of driving on the freeways. Then a driver in big SUV decided to merge into my lane aiming at the exact spot I was already occupying, and where a semi was preventing any attempt on my part to avoid being hit by her. I was lucky, only very minor damage to my car, and no one was hurt physically, but I dread driving on the freeway, and I don’t do it during rush hour. Just had to turn down a friend who requested a ride from the airport during rush hour. She’ll have to take a cab or find another, braver friend, I’m not going to do it.

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    1. I can’t blame you for that fear, PJ. If I thought about it too much, I probably would never drive anywhere. In my neighborhood, you don’t have to drive the freeway to encounter distracted or incompetent drivers.

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  7. There are many ways to deal with irrational fears. A few weeks ago I was afraid my son-in-law’s job would not work out, leaving three adults and a kid living in a new place without any of them being employed. Well, that fear has been taken care of. He lost the job, so we no longer have to worry about that!


  8. It’s not an irrational fear, more like a loss of confidence, but I find as I get older that I am less bold about taking on home improvement projects, especially those I haven’t done before. When I was younger, there wasn’t much I wouldn’t tackle. I completely rebuilt a kitchen, added bathrooms in a couple of houses, built a deck and gazebo, did all my plumbing and electrical work. But I’ve stalled out on a couple of projects in more recent years.

    I’m not sure exactly what happened and when. There wasn’t any traumatic failure to trigger it, just a diminishing of fearlessness.

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