24 thoughts on “Thinking Poetically”

  1. i came gown with the crud for my daughters family weekend
    on the way over my nose began dripping like a leaky kitchen faucet
    saturday i recognized the foot on my chest syndrome that sounds my get to the medicine cabinet alarm
    we went to whole foods and i got my meds
    sunday on the way home i did the dead guy in the back seat imitation i am so good at on the rare occasion i get sick
    in my bed healing up i am doing a sweat ball imitation my comgortor weighs and extra 12 pounds in the morning
    sleep is a distant friend awaiting a return when the turbulent storm has passed
    meanwhile a shell of a human being has fingers that tap tap tap at this miniature keyboard like a wren pecking at crumbs on the sidewalk
    ahh life is one big minestrone filled with peas and tomatoes corn and potatoes you get to add spice and ingredients as you go
    sometimes of your choosing sometimes as a reaction to the gods of destiny
    curse you zuess make me whole again

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    1. The peppers aren’t that hot, they just look like hanging bats. They seemed to have all set at the top of the plant, so I had to stake up the plants so they wouldn’t tip over.


    1. mine harassed me saying mee me as i curled tighter into my protectionist realm of semi neuroned tossing like a collander of wilted spinach
      i see you’re moving me me me earlier eould say
      hemingway at debbie’s feet bonnie at my side bala on the floor jumping up at the invitation to join the protoplasm in blob on the king size rest spot only job lurch back down upon first impulse of a twitch by another member of the menagerie
      when i wake after8 hours of tossing and emitting bad kharma juice i realize ballpeen hammers had been in bed beating on me silently while i wasn’t looking
      curse you zuess
      then i go to pick up my friend wiley
      whitley was a big time technical engineer with detroit devised and gm until his accident
      he is ok but different
      forgets what he was starting his sentence about who was the person in his vivid recollection
      brain trauma
      my balloeens wil be done soon
      wiley will be happy but lees than whole from this day forward
      i can’t bitch
      i really cant


        1. no and i don’t have a new spell checker either

          i feel so punk i’m not proof reading at all

          in order of their appearance

          ernie (me me)
          bonnie (alias bonnie)

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  2. Stems like dead weeds
    Grasses snarled in the fences like wicked fingers clawing for life
    Onions grasping for life like someone grasping for life
    and i rip them out anyway like someone who wants an onion

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