42 thoughts on “Sniff, Sniff”

  1. et
    it’s a wonderful life
    many many movies

    i remember the line tat goes something like

    an irishman goes screaming into battle but sheds a tear in the back of the movie theater

    it rings true

    did you see princess bride on the big screen last week or whenever it was on

    i was tempted

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    1. I wish I had seen it on the big screen again. When “Princess Bride” first came out I saw it three nights running with three different people because I loved it so much – one of the few times where I love the movie more than the book. But this week I just happened upon it on TV about an hour after having read in the news that it was the 30th anniversary of the movie coming out – so a nice coincidence.


      1. About two days ago I typed an exceptionally long post. When I clicked “post comment” WP sniffily replied “You cannot publish that post.” I was outraged. For an hour I kept trying, then I figured a way to copy the post in another app. I gave WP two hours to sober up and then tried again to post it. No problems. I’m not sure WP is any more sane or predictable than Trump, and that’s the worst thing I can think to say of anyone or any thing.

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    1. I like “Ordinary People” as well but I don’t think it’s ever made me tear up. I do remember reading once that everyone was surprised that Mary Tyler Moore had been picked for that role but that Robert Redford had seen her either sitting on the beach or walking along the beach and somehow knew that she had the strength to play this character. I hope that’s true cuz it’s a great story.

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    1. I’ve seen “Whale Rider” but not “Japanese story”. The Hennepin County Library doesn’t have it but I’ve requested on MNlink .. we’ll see if that works.


  2. I think the movie that’s actually made me cry the hardest was “The Way We Were” with Barbra Streisand. It struck something in me at the time (high school) and I probably cried for 3 hours. I don’t even remember!beer why, but that reaction has kept me from ever watching it again.


        1. And this goes for books as well. I just finished re-reading “The Grey King” by Susan Cooper as part of my Newbery winners list and several days later I’m still bugged by the fact that the dog got shot and killed.


  3. The Reivers with Steve McQueen and Will Geer…the amazingly filmed horse race narrated with William Faulkner’s words by Meredith Burgess. My all time favorite movie.


  4. Lots of movies choke me up. “It’s a Wonderful Life” of course. One that’s near and dear to this ex-band director’s heart is “Mr. Holland’s Opus.” The ending, when all his former students come back and perform in a surprise concert (even though the quality of the music is WAY too perfect for a bunch of former students! **details, details***)

    The ending of “Saving Private Ryan” left me a blubbering mess. I was grateful my wife didn’t come to the theater with me. I couldn’t compose myself until the last of the credits had rolled. Whew!

    Chris in Owatonna

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    1. Oh yes.. definitely “Wonderful Life” when Harry says “to my big brother George, the richest man in town”. Gets me a little verkle!pt just typing the quote!!

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  5. I’m a big movie cryer, but I have to say when they sing the Marseilles in Casablanca, it gets me every single time.

    I cannot watch the end of the 4th Harry Potter movie, when Cedric Diggory’s dad realizes his son, his pride and joy, has been killed. I do not know who that actor is, but he absolutely nailed that moment and I cannot watch it.

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  6. When “Marley and Me” came out several years ago now, YA nd I went to see it as our holiday movie. Of course at the end when the dog is dying and everybody in the theater was crying.
    A woman behind us was sobbing so hard she was taking big gasping gulps. YA told me afterwards that she was afraid the woman was going to go into convulsions right there in the theatre.

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  7. Bridget Jones’ Diary – when Mark says to Bridget, “I like you very much. Just as you are.”

    Notting Hill. Don’t remember the exact moment, but yup, I’ve cried for that one, too.

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  8. I tear up at a lot of movies, but if it feels like I’m being manipulated into tears, I don’t really remember it very well. I remember the movies that devastate me. Sophie’s Choice was a painful movie.

    I haven’t seen Dunkirk yet. I know that Paul Gallico’s book The Snow Goose makes me cry every time I read it. It centers on the events at Dunkirk. The movie would probably have the same effect.


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