Strange Happenings

When she was a little girl of about 5, my best friend took piano lessons. Her father was the hired man who lived with his family in a small house on the farm yard next to the farm owner’s  house.  The owner’s house  was a very old, very large, well-appointed, two-story farm house with an enormous attic. It had been in the owner’s family for several generations.  My friend didn’t have a piano, but the elderly farm owner did, and he let my friend practice on his piano in his parlor.

My friend complained to the farm owners’ wife that she wished the old woman who came and listened to her practice would just go away, as she found her presence kind of upsetting. The owner’s wife asked my friend to describe the woman.  Friend did so, and after that, the owner’s wife came and sat in the parlor while Friend practiced, as the old woman my friend described had been dead for many years and was the owner’s grandmother. Friend had never seen a photo of the woman, and  everyone assumed she had seen her ghost. I am not making this up.

Strange things happen. What have you had trouble explaining?


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  1. Rise and Shine Ba Boos,

    Years ago a client brought in a packet of paper photos that she took in Lakewood Cemetary. She had decided to take up photography as a hobby. Peppered throughout the photos were blobs of light in different sizes and shapes,hovering above tombstones. It weirded her out and she found different places to take her photos.

    It weirded me out, too.

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        1. Wellstone and Humphrey were remarkably similar liberal “happy warriors.” Apart from sharing a final resting place, the only thing the three have in common is that each was uniquely himself.


  2. Love this!

    A couple of the theaters I’ve worked in have had ghosts. One place was torn down and we hoped Art, the ghost, would come with us but he doesn’t seem like he has.
    At the college I have Alan. He’s just mischievous. He steps in wet paint and leaves me leaves every now and then. I’ll be working on something inside with all the door closed. I turn around for something and when I turn back there will be an oak leaf laying there. It’s pretty cool. That’s happen 4 or 5 times.

    At home, our daughter says she sees angels. Michael especially. We’re sensitive to auras and spirits at our house.

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  3. Ghosts aren’t a big thing in my family. I can think of only one, and she visited only once. Characteristically, that visit was sweet and reassuring.

    The one “strange thing” in our family happened to my father during his odd tour of duty in the Philippines during WW2. I’ve mentioned this before. While hiking through a jungle with Filipino rangers, my father suddenly was overwhelmed by a sense of danger. He screamed and dove behind a rock. Just then, Japanese machine guns opened up although my father’s action had spoiled the ambush they planned. The firefight was short. When it was over, the captain of the rangers asked my father how he had known they were walking into an ambush. He lied, as he didn’t want to confess that he was tipped off by a recurring nightmare that had haunted him in his teen years.

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  4. I did work at a building on the Veterans Administration campus in Chillicothe, Ohio. The first day there the job superintendent informed me that it was haunted and to expect strange happenings. I thought he was just joking. Nope. Over the course of the week I worked there, my knife was moved from where I’d left it to another room, a dozen times. I’m just not that forgetful. Nor was someone else playing a practical joke as I was working alone. I never saw the knife move and no other tools were misplaced.

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    1. I like watching them fall from the trees when it’s breezy. They come down like a shimmering veil of gold and orange. And if the sun is shining through them —- well, I can’t explain how cool it looks.

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  5. I don’t remember anything like that happening to me or my family. The only incidence I recall was the steps in our old house where I grew up. Going from the main floor to the upstairs bedrooms was a steep flight of wooden stairs that creaked when you walked on them. My sisters and I swear that on occasion in the middle of the night, they would creak in succession but one one was there.

    Fun stories people — keep it up!

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  6. Another true story: My office suite mate was face timing with her brother and his partner when she asked who the woman was standing at the sink in the background. Her brother said there was no one by the sink. My friend described the woman, and her brother got very upset. She had described in detail the previous owner of the home, someone who had committed suicide on the property. My friend’s brother had seen a photo of the woman when they purchased the house.

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  7. Other than my theater ghosts, I’ve never had issues with other spirits. (Although I think my Guardian Angel has its hands full with me).
    One of my sisters and her daughter have both experienced some para-normal experiences.
    And my wife’s mother says *her* Dad predicted his death.

    We both think there’s too much out there to not believe.

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  8. OT – Just a reminder to anyone who may be interested, this guy – Richard Schindell – will be appearing at the Ginkgo Coffeehouse on Friday, Nov. 3rd.

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