31 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Off”

  1. Well – I guess I’m not raking leaves this morning. Guess if we’re going to have snow on the ground, I’d better bring down my winter clothes!.

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  2. We are dusting and cleaning, as well as doing the final garden cleanup of cutting down peonies, day lilies, and other perennial foliage. I will also make a big batch of broth out of turkey wings and beef shanks. I also intend to submit a couple of blog posts as VS has been working way too hard.

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  3. On this cool and overcast late fall afternoon I am enjoying coffee and public radio. It is easy–too easy, I think–to forget that this is Veterans’ Day. Through a combination of luck and choice, I never served my country in the military, I have no experience of war.

    Because our country has involved itself recently in wars where we had no legitimate interest, it is easy to overlook the fact young men and women have also served in wars that were worth fighting. The sweet life I lead has been bought, to some extent, with the blood and effort of soldiers in earlier wars.

    I am convinced that more than half of the wars the US has fought in were unnecessary and/or morally indefensible. Even so, I have benefited a great deal from the sacrifices of soldiers who fought and died in earlier wars. It seems appropriate to be grateful for that.

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    1. Excellent way to look at it Steve. I also like to remind myself regularly that whether or not I agree with the purpose of a war, it’s certainly not the fault of the young men and women who are fighting said war.


  4. My neighbors’ house across the street is unoccupied and up for sale at the moment. They have some cannas in the yard that are sporting dead foliage. I’m thinking I may go over there and dig the bulbs out, or at least remove some foliage. I rescued their geraniums and spider plants before it froze.

    Anyone want some canna bulbs?

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    1. Wish I could say that I would actually do something with canna bulbs this late in the season. But I know myself well enough to know that yard work is pretty much done for me now that we’ve got more snow on the ground.


      1. Canna bulbs (actually rhizomes) need to be wintered indoors in our growing zone, vs, so if you have a space for them in your basement, go for it.


  5. Oh, nothing fun here. Clean bathrooms. Laundry. Deal with the stack of papers in my inbox. Help my friend today with her table at a holiday boutique – not normally my thing, but she’s got my cards on her table, so I thought I would give her a hand.

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  6. I’ve organized a meeting (5 of us) at the apartment of our friend W, about the rest of the process for completing the sale of his house (on which an offer was made the second day it was on the market). And we will do some more clearing out at said house.

    Then I plan to come home and hole up for the rest of the day, turn on my fake fireplace, and watch the wintry weather outside while reading and doing a Sudoku or two.


  7. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, errands, etc, like any other weekend when I work full-time and don’t do any of these things during the week. But I have some interesting stuff for next week.

    I will be in training Monday through Thursday to prepare for taking the Series 7 General Securities license exam. It’s in Bloomington, so I’m staying in a hotel close to the class. Unfortunately, I have to pay for hotel because the Series 7 isn’t necessary for my job, but my employer has paid for the training and all the books and study materials. It’s really hard and learning the ins and outs of the financial industry is interesting but also makes me mad. The amount of greed and fear driving the stock market and other financial indexes is disturbing to me. But it is what it is.

    I’m just looking forward to learning new stuff and being in a hotel for a few days.

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  8. Cleaning, puttering, not putting the plastic on the back porch windows that needs to go up because (oh the irony) it’s too cold. May have to skip out early from work a day this week when it’s warmer to get the plastic up…this afternoon I do have an excuse to sit for an hour and read as Miss S has circus class and I have no errands that need to be run near the class. I just got a (signed!) copy of Al Franken’s “Giant of the Senate” book, so may bring that along for today’s enforced hour of reading.

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  9. Moving mom from the hospital to a Comfort Care Suite/hospice in her assisted living facility. With all her equipment, there is not enough room for all her stuff – deciding what to keep, what to toss, what to donate, and where to store some furniture. Thank goodness both my sisters and all 4 of my nieces/nephew are here to help.


    1. Good luck, K-two. As Anna said, this is a tough move even in the best of circumstances. Breathe, be gentle with yourself and each other.


  10. Spent most of yesterday at the egg table. I can’t understand why I find this so satisfying. Today some cleaning and my other book club comes over at lunch time. And then I’m guessing I’ll be back to the table!!

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      1. Ukrainian egg ornaments. I make them every fall for the holidays. 36 on the list this year which means I’ll probably make 40 in case I break any


        1. I’m intrigued, vs. I think of those Ukrainian eggs as an Easter tradition. How did you come to make them for Christmas? Or are you making them for Easter, and just starting early?


        2. I took a class on how to make Ukrainian eggs quite a long time ago after I first moved to the Twin Cities. At that point I had a book from one of the women who started the Ukrainian gift shop in Saint Anthony where there is quite a Ukrainian community and in that book there were ornaments made out of Ukrainian eggs. So the very first Ukrainian egg I made on my own later that year was actually an ornament. I’ve been making them ever since.


        3. So do you make them with “seasonal” motifs or do you stick with the more traditional patterns? I’d love to see some photos of them.


        4. The holiday ornaments are seasonal. I actually do a theme every year that ties the egg and the cards and the gifts together. The eggs that I do for myself I just do more traditional designs.

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  11. Hi–

    Yesterday I helped a friend clean out her Moms apartment at the Senior Living center as her Mom has moved into a nursing home. I’ve helped move this lady several times but I suspect this will be the last. Not much left to move as the amount gets less and less each time. And now she’s down to a single room.

    Did some work outside yesterday. Today the girls will watch the Vikings and I’ll work on my English paper. The final project of class is a research paper and my paper is on Whispering. I’m hoping that in discussion of vocal cords I can somehow work in Tuvan Throat singing!

    In regard to yesterday’s post on Verbing, this showed up on my FB page:
    “First they came for the verbs, and I said nothing because verbing weirds language. Then they arrival for the nouns, and I speech nothing because I no verbs.”

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  12. Sundays are often my busiest day of the week. UU service (today our “band” played); meeting this afternoon followed by visiting Mom, choir practice this evening. Would like to try to “clear my desk” in between.


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