71 thoughts on “Library Haiku”

      1. Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks paying the high prices for movies snacks is outrageous. Wasband used to defend the industry, saying that if theatres don’t charge that much, they can’t make enough to pay for the high prices of showing the movies. I’ve always said I don’t need to buy into that insanity.


        1. ive seen holiday gas stations with movie snack sections with m&ms boxes of jr mints dots and chocolate covered raisins at the bargain price of 1.29 instead of movie theater 4.49

          my mom brings werthers butterscotch for my
          my favorite


      1. i have read it
        it may have been blevins

        i thought i stole it from my kids
        my sister the book aunt gave it to them
        but both things may be true


  1. This is Lucy from a couple months ago, remember me?
    (No, that was not supposed to be a haiku because it has slipped my mind on how to write one.)

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  2. Husband feels better.
    All he needed was a nap.
    Hauls boxes of books.

    I have cleaning fit.
    Rearrange the furniture.
    Husband helps me out.

    CDs all mixed up.
    Husband alphabetizes.
    Easier to find.

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    1. Upon reflection, if I had thought a little more before posting, I would have said:

      The cloudy sky blazed
      For ten glorious minutes
      Today at sunset.

      There is no “edit” button on WordPress, alas.

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