Cyber Irony

I think we’ve pretty much determined that most of us aren’t big shoppers, so I’m assuming that if we didn’t give Black Friday much due then we would have the same attitude about Cyber Monday. At least there were fewer commercials.

Imagine my surprise to come home from work on Cyber Monday to find my mailbox FILLED with glossy catalogs. Every couple of years I fill out the No Junk Mail registry but clearly this is a task that needs doing a little more often.  Of all these catalogs, I have only purchased from two of them and one of those was over two years ago.  I haven’t even HEARD of a couple of these companies.  It was particularly disturbing to get TWO catalogs from one company on the same day.

The irony of getting a box full of catalogs on the day we should all be shopping online isn’t lost on me and it’s a little frightening to think of all these catalogs filling up our landfills at this time of year.

The chances that I might glance through some of these before they hit the recycling? Maybe 50%.  Chances that I will order anything because I got these catalogs?  Zero.

What irony is striking you this week?

21 thoughts on “Cyber Irony”

    1. Yes at my house they going to the recycling. But I was thinking about all of the households across America where people just toss them into the trash and don’t worry about recycling.


  1. Yup, I just got a bunch of catalogs over the past week as well — many of which I don’t ever purchase from. However, I do highly recommend and love the Coldwater Creek catalog I see in your picture!

    Awful irony — I work for a financial company, but my personal finances are abysmal.


    1. I like looking at the Coldwater Creek catalog as well. I’ve never bought anything, although I like to envision a future where I can afford to buy something from them.


  2. I’m not getting the emails of the blogs any more. I get the notifications of the ‘likes’, but not the actual blog.
    I’ve just clicked the box below again so we’ll see what happens in the morning.


  3. i find it ironic that my brain can’t do poet stuff but
    my good fat old brainacle
    is feeling ironicle
    it’s possibly trainable
    but i’ve lost my monocle

    i’m feeling poetical
    i’m wearing my haticle
    it’s all theoretical
    but very emphatical

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