Naughty Dog!

I have a naughty dog.

She’s 12+, moving slowly but three times this week I’ve come home to chaos. Three nights ago she had gotten into Nonny’s room and eaten the last two little bags of kitty treats that I had wrapped as gifts, as well as ripping open the wrapping on another gift.  One box with a Ukrainian egg was downstairs, but luckily not chewed or broken.

Two days ago she managed to get a hold of a bag of spiced almonds that I thought were pushed back far enough on the counter. Guess not. She ate the entire bag (about a cup of almonds).  I also found the box that had had rosettes in it on the floor, but YA says the box was empty when she left.  Tell that to the shredded tissue paper that was in the box!

Tonight Rhiannon had managed to get back into Nonny’s room… she pushed the gate down. There wasn’t anything to eat in there anymore but she did knock down the box with the remaining Ukrainian eggs.  Again no damage (luckily).  That box is now locked on the attic steps.

She can’t even blame it on YA’s dog, as Guinevere is always kenneled when we’re out of the house.   All the other dogs I’ve had over the years have become mellower over the years.  Guess Rhiannon is going against the grain!

Are you getting naughtier with age?

27 thoughts on “Naughty Dog!”

  1. I don’t know if I got a naughtier over the years but there are a lot of things that I just don’t worry about anymore. I don’t finish books if I’m not enjoying them. I hang up (semi politely) on telemarketers without giving them a chance to speak much. On the other hand there are things that I did when I was younger that I wouldn’t do now. If I’m at a store and the clerk gives me too much change, I always give the change back. Never would have done that when I was a kid. So I think maybe instead of naughtier it’s wiser?

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  2. Burst out laughing at the photo, VS. So glad she didn’t pulverize your Ukrainian eggs.

    I like to think I’ve gotten naughtier, or maybe the word is feistier. I expound more on an issue that offends me; I try to look people in the eye more when I have to tell them something they don’t want to hear. (Heck, I used to not TELL people anything they didn’t want to hear…) Will think more on this.

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  3. My father was a rascal all his life, in a fun sense, not in a hurtful way. He loved to feed animals under the table, so that they would adore him and follow him around. He loved teasing his friends. He loved playing with and pretending with, children.

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  4. This is why I like you people so much.
    Like Wessew said ” I just don’t have any need to hide naughtiness.”
    Or VS “things that I just don’t worry about anymore”.

    I’m finding its kind of a balance to do some of the things I used to without thinking and now I catch myself wondering if I should still do that. I know I don’t do quite as much stupid stuff…
    We visited a younger cousin who is doing a major remodeling of his house. Mostly by himself. And it will be really cool and he does good work and we kept saying ‘Good for you!’
    Twenty years ago I’d have done that too. Now, probably not. Maybe is it lazier. Or smarter. Curious.

    OT, I’m THRILLED to find Russ Ringsaks stories online again. It wasn’t easy, but I found them. (minus any pictures).

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  5. Is anything even considered naughty anymore? Maybe I’m just too unimaginative and/or lazy to think of anything that would be considered naughty. Perhaps I’ve just gotten really good at rationalizing everything that I do? Seriously, I can’t think of a damn thing.


    1. I promise you that if you break into Nonny’s room and eat all of the doggie and kitty treats that are wrapped up for other animals, I will say you are naughty.


      1. Lucky for you, vs, but I’m not into doggie and kitty treats so your treats are safe from me. 🙂 I do consider it a minor miracle that your Ukrainian eggs weren’t demolished, considering how fragile they are. How is that even possible?

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        1. You’ve no idea how much of a minor miracle it is that none of the eggs got demolished. Because many many years ago , I came home to the carnage of 24 Ukrainian eggs, eaten (and then thrown up) by my then Irish Setter, Katy Scarlet. I called the vet to make sure everything would be okay (after having counted to make sure she thrown up everything ..gross) and the vet said to give her mineral oil so that it wouldn’t hurt so much if anything came out the other end. I declined to give her the mineral oil because I wanted it to hurt coming out the other end! Of course nothing ever bothered the intestinal tract of Katy Scarlet.

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  6. Update on the Naughty Irish Setter (sounds like a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta). We blocked off the upstairs today but I still came home to all the potholders on the kitchen floor (I had washed them over the weekend and they were in a tidy pile on the counter). The cabinet under the sink was also open and the duster cloths were pulled out. And keep in mind, this happens between 3;30 when YA leaves and 5:30, when I get home. Naughty!

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  7. In the realm of human affairs, what is naughty in the modern world? It seems that for the most part, if it doesn’t actually violate the law, it’s more or less acceptable. The exception seems to be things that are bad for your health, but not illegal. Overeating and being a couch potato are the new “naughty”.

    In the animal world, naughty hasn’t changed. What was frowned upon fifty years ago is still frowned upon.

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    1. Yes, for example, take swearing (I suppose “swearing” is an antiquated concept nowadays). When I was very young, I never heard the f-word spoken by anybody. It was rather shocking to hear someone say Damn. When I was a young adult, I heard the f-word more often, but it was still pretty rare. And I don’t know if I *ever* read it in print. NOW? When do I NOT hear it? All the time (to make my point, I should say “all the f****** time). And I read it all the time. Some people seem incapable of writing or speaking one paragraph without using it a dozen times or so (or several times in one sentence). It used to be a Very Naughty Word. Now it’s just another word.

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