March of Two Moons

Today’s post is by Linda.

There are two full moons on the March calendar this year – the 1st and the 31st are our two lunar displays.  A full moon is March is thought to encourage worms to begin to move around underground, so it’s knows as the Worm Moon.

Here’s a musical suggestion for making the most of the moonlight.


What do you do when the moon is full?

30 thoughts on “March of Two Moons”

  1. Last night the full moon was beautiful, but I could see some icy haze around it that means snow is coming. I like it when the moon is so bright it casts shadows.

    A grad school colleague did a study that did not support the notion that mental illnesss peaked during the full moon. He found that admissions to ER’s were no higher during full moons than in other moon phases .

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  2. 7-14 inches of snow are predicted here Sunday and Monday. I think it is good I decided to not travel to Brookings this weekend. Oh, to be retired and not have time constraints!


      1. I only get annual leave and sick leave. I think they would figure out if i traveled and used sick leave. In any event, it is ok, and I will enjoy using my annual leave once the little one arrives.

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        1. reminds me of one of my favorite jokes
          The construction worker who opens his lunch every day and says peanut butter sandwiches I hate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch I just hate them

          finally one day one of his coworkers says why don’t you tell your wife to stop packing new peanut butter sandwiches

          to this the construction worker Reply’s leave my wife out of this I packed my own lunch

          I don’t think my computer has much to do with I don’t think my computer has much to do with it…

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  3. I remember getting comments that all the left-handed people come out during full moon
    this was back in the day when people would write checks at the cash register at grocery stores and things like that

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    We saw the stunning moon rise over the mountains last night as we came home. I just sighed and watched it rise.

    My Grandpa, a skilled farmer, used to believe that there were things to plant during the full moon (although I cannot remember his details) and my mother did not teach me that part of gardening. Maybe the internet can tell me….


  5. Alas, I haven’t seen the moon since moving from Oregon. I had a great view of it from my Happy Valley apartment. My Michigan apartment looks at a bit of the northeast sky. If a moon shows up in the northeastern sky it is time to get on your knees and pray for forgiveness, for the world as we know it is ending.

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  6. Morning all! My bedroom is on the south side of the house with windows along the entire south wall. So when there is a full moon I see it all night long as it shines brightly through my windows. And I feel as if my dreams during full moon nights are longer and more complicated with more moving pieces. I haven’t really ever kept track. No scientific evidence, so this is just my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  7. I’ve never done this, but it sounds like fun. From “The Owl and the Pussycat” by Edward Lear.

    And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand.
    They danced by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon,
    They danced by the light of the moon.

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  8. No moon tonight. We are expecting freezing drizzle tonight, maybe tomorrow as well, and the potential for lots of snow on Sunday.


  9. I always like to drive across the Wabasha Street bridge when the moon is full. It looks lovely from there, unobstructed by trees or buildings as it hangs over the river. Last night the sky was clear, and that gives you a good look, but I also like a full moon when there are clouds moving across it from time to time. You can watch it play hide and seek.

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  10. Woulda had things to say. Was enthralled by moon in junior high. A great event in my life was to see the other side of the moon.


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