Mission Baboon – Accomplished!

Time to celebrate.

We’ve officially made it over a year on our own and now we’ve covered the cost of the Trail for the next year.  261 posts.  We average 1,085 comments a month with an all-time total of 131,623 comments.  Every week we average between 850 and 1,000 views and a whopping 806,982 total views over the years with 6,276 followers.  Our most active time of day is 9 a.m.  I think the baboons are thriving!

We’re celebrating. What would you like to see at the party?

39 thoughts on “Mission Baboon – Accomplished!”

  1. Some of you might recall I had a little going away party shortly before leaving Minnesota. Dale was a surprise guest. He sure surprised me, for I didn’t recognize him when we met. In my defense, every photo I’ve seen of him featured that expanse of smooth, hairless skin. And in my home, he was wearing a hat. So if we were to have another party, I’d be delighted to meet him again. Maybe we could all get together for a singalong version of Waltzing With Bears!

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons!

    So are we REALLY having a party?

    I propose Baboon Tiaras and the Golden Banana Award for Renee and Sherilee who are making this work somehow. You two deserve so much credit and honor for this.

    A Baboon Salute to both of you.

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    1. When my liberal friends talk about replacing DT, I have to remind them of who is lined up to replace him. Pence believes almost all the stuff DT believes, only he is more organized and competent. Who wants that?

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      1. Steve, I’ve had this same conversation with several people. And let’s say that Pence went down with 45, look who’s coming up after them!

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  3. Hey, it was a joke. Let’s stay in the party mood.
    Trump, Pence, Ryan piñatas with sour candy inside.
    Must have lime . . Cottage cheese surprise. What is it?

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  4. Great photo, VS. I want to add my thanks for the heroic work by Renee and Sherrilee.

    At the party I think we should have music – largely from Keepers CDs, I imagine; be sure to have something funky for Joanne. Maybe a haiku contest, or some kind of parody contest… A list of books read by Twin Cities baboons for Blevins Book Club – heck we should invite Old Blevins (is that song on some Keepers CD?).

    We should also invite Bud Buck, Spin Williams, Bubby Spamden, was is Wally from Sherpa?… Oh, why can’t I think of more of them?

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  5. VS I love the header photo! One party I am not attending is the baby shower this weekend. I could get to Brookings just fine on Friday, but the weather for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday looks awful. It is a empty and barren drive on I-29 to Fargo and then from Fargo west on I-94. Son and dil are understanding about it. They don’t want me in tbe ditch.

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      1. Travelling in the upper Midwest in February and March is such a crap shoot. I would rather spend time there after the little one arrives in late April.

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  6. I just got Linda’s permission to re-post this – it may have been in response to Dale’s asking for parodies some distant past year… to the tune of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses (think Ethel Merman):

    They’re online! On the Trail!
    They’re the ones who keep blogging with Dale!
    Just baboons, having fun
    Honey every babooner composes….

    Rise and Shine! Hear that call!
    And a gracious good morning to all!
    There’s a post every day
    Honey every babooner composes…

    There’s no tiring
    Of the cleaver exchange.
    Joy-inspiring goat pictures you’ll be admiring…

    It’s misspelled! lower case!
    The discussion’s all over the place!
    Snorting beer, snorting tea
    Blevins’ rear you may see
    They’re trashing Michele Bachmann through and throoooough…
    Honey every babooner composes for me and for yoooooooooou.

    If you’re reading
    Blevins’ book club is great.
    What you’re needing might be a good potluck feeding…

    Rise and Shine! Hear that call!
    And a gracious good morning to all!
    Repartee with panache
    Clear the way, Ogden Nash.
    They’re posting YouTube videos for yoooooooou…
    Renee, Jacque and Anna and Beth-Ann and sherrilee…
    PJ and Krista and Barbara in Robbinsdale…
    Steve and tim, Donna and Ben and madislandgirl…
    Crow Girl and Edith and Joanne and Jim and Clyde…
    TGITH and Aaron and Blackhoof Barb…
    Holly and Linda and thyrkas and cynthia…
    Every babooner composes for me and for yoooooooooou!

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  7. VS, I just realized that I totally forgot to bring my donation for the cost of the blog to book club. I think I remembered it for the originally scheduled week, but when it was postponed for two weeks, I forgot. It sounds like the cost was covered without my contribution so I would like to thank all those who contributed so even slackers like me can continue to enjoy the blog.


      1. Considering that at least six baboons don’t live close enough to attend regular book club meetings, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Did Renee and Sherrilee end up paying, I wonder? I think the intent was for them to get a pass for all the work that they do. Thanks, Sherrilee and Renee for keeping us afloat.


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