Winter Wontons

Like half of southwestern Minneapolis, on the day before the big storm two weeks ago, I stopped by the store to “pick up a few things”. Just two weeks before that I had come across our wonton presses in the back of a drawer, so when I saw the wonton wrappers in the produce section I quickly put them in the basket.

When YA was younger, we used to make wontons more often, but these days our meal schedules don’t cross much and things like wontons have fallen off our schedule. But when YA came home and saw the wrappers, she was excited to make them.  On Saturday her work was cancelled and she immediately decided we should do the wontons right then.

She made the filling, filled the wontons and then I did the frying. It was snowing like crazy outside and it was a great hour of cooking with YA.  They were yummy and didn’t last too long.

Here’s our recipe for Vegetarian Fried Wontons

1 bunch of green onions, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1 package of vegetarian crumbles (we use Morningstar)
2 Tbsp. tamari
1 package wonton wrappers (we use the round ones)
Vegetable oil (for frying)


  • Saute green onions and garlic in olive oil
  • Add crumbles and mix thoroughly
  • Add just enough tamari to moisten the mixture
  • Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wontons; moisten edge of wonton w/ water
  • Squeeze wonton closed in wonton press (or close wonton and crimp edges w/ a fork
  • Fry three or four at a time in hot oil; drain on paper towels (if you prefer, you can boil)
  • Enjoy! 

What’s a good “last storm of winter” comfort food for you?

29 thoughts on “Winter Wontons”

  1. Not comfort food, exactly but a “banish winter” treat. The small grocery near our house got in a batch of seedless watermelons. You would expect, at this time of year, that they wouldn’t be very good and picking a good watermelon is always a little chancy, but the store had also cut some up and was selling watermelon slices wrapped and in a tray and the slices looked good. I took a chance on one. The watermelon was heavy for its size and when I went to cut it, just beginning the cut caused the melon to split in half with a loud crack. It was perfectly ripe and juicy and a bit of summer after a delinquent spring.

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  2. The only occasions when my mom had time to make waffles was on snow days. We called them blizzard waffles, and they were always delicious. She had to beat the egg whites into a meringue, as I recall. I think I still have the recipe somwhere.

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    1. waffles are a regular occurance at my house. my daughters do them in the waffle iron and add chocolate chips.
      seasame street used to say thank goodness for the w
      without the w a waffle would be just awful

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  3. Those look great, VS – I wonder if I should get one of those…

    On one of the snow days I had just bought some asparagus (spring was apparently happening SOMEwhere), and I decided to try a new recipe for an Asparagus Tart – needed to use half a package of puff pastry I had in the freezer. Turned out OK, but not quite as pretty as the picture.

    Another thing I would do are my boston brown bread (baked in 1# coffee cans), And there’s an onion shortcake recipe that I haven’t made for years – thick crust in a spring form pan, lots of onions, eggs, and cream…

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  4. start with onions and cup of canola oil
    carmelize and throw in seasoning
    cumin chilie powder paprika along its some chipotle dust and a fistful of mushrooms

    once that gets condensed down about 1/2 way through add a couple of potatoes decide if a meat or beans goes in
    maybe some brown rice
    i’ve beef cooking brown rice it’s usual45 minutes but adding a little extra water and throwing in a 30% adder of quinoa with 25 minutes to go
    maybe a tomato base to do a chili or just leave it onions beans and potato’s

    i had an interesting accident sunday on the bar b que. i had the onions cooking in a pan and threw a couple veggie burgers in from the freezer to thaw. i figured i’d thaw them throw on the grill
    when i went to grab them they had turned into a puddle and flavored the onions wonderfully

    grilling is a thing of beauty and i’m ready

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  5. Once we had a very early fall snowstorm that left us without power. Husband got tbe charcoal grill going and cooked everything, including oatmeal. It was a little smokey, but it was hot and pretty tasty.

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  6. i do grill in the winter but i aim to measter it this year
    peppers mushrooms onions potatoes tomatoes on the grill with pineapple apple garlic and tofu tested til i get it right. barbque sauces in my variations list, sauces and marinades will abound
    try marinating fake chicken to see if it can be made tasty. i find most veggie meat very boring but ther is a new guy in town called the herbevious butcher who makes it tasty but charges 40/50 dollars per pound. i will try to figure it out. smoked soystuff will be interesting.

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  7. wontons with cream cheese is a favorite with a deep fat fryer to throw them in as they get made. dipped in orange sauce.
    getting hungry.
    i do the square ones and pinch the thing into a thing that looks like a hersheys kiss

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  8. smokers are the hot thing right now with the cost being around 100 bucks. it is a slow cooking way of doing things and i am a fan of smoked cheese, tofu veggies so i will be doing it on the grill. if i was a meat eater i would be doing ribs and roasts and briskets a lot. i have a son thats a chicken fiend and i expect him to get going on the grill big time. the big ceramic grills are out this year at the right price ( 300 or so) and that is the best way to grill.

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        1. it is a philosophy i am aware of and trying to work on for my meat eating people
          if you sear the meat at high heat to beign and then turn it down to 225 or so the seared skin make the moisture stay in and lets the meat cook in its own juices at the slow long like ribs. start at 400 for 15 minutes then down to 225.
          i want to get a smoker box


  9. SOUP! Nothing better than a pot of soup simmering away on the stove. A chunky, yellow split pea soup, flavored with a good ham bone, is divine. Or how about a beef, beet and cabbage borscht with lots of garlic and an extravagant dollop of sour cream for a finishing flourish? Or maybe a late season snow storm would be the occasion to indulge in a French onion soup. Caramelizing a lot of onions takes time. But you just can’t go wrong with soup.

    But spring is here, finally, and I’ve changed into my Mephisto sandals for the season. We inaugurated the grill season on Monday evening, and tonight we’re grilling Juicy Lucies. On the side a tomato and avocado salad with a jalapeño, cilantro cream dressing. Fresh, quick , easy, and oh so tasty. I love spring!

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  10. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Ditto to PJ’s soup, but we like different types. My faves:

    Italian wedding soup
    Chicken (or ham) wild rice and mushroom
    Beef and barley
    Chicken and dumplings
    (I like Lou’s ham and bean, as well, but my stomach does not agree)
    Green chile (which I love but I do not make it myself).

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  11. I found a fun recipe today for hot crash pesto potatoes. You boil some baby potatoes, smash them, layer on some pesto, roast them for a little bit, put on a little cheese, roast for little bit more until the cheese is melted. Sounds amazing, I may have to try that this weekend


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