Music to Bake By

Photo Credit:  Very Vanilla Baking Book by Sarah Kieffer

I’m a cookbook reader. When I see a cookbook (usually online) that looks interesting, I ask for it from the library and can spend a lazy Saturday afternoon or an evening flipping through the pages, reading through the ingredients, looking at all the photos.  Every now and then I see a recipe that I want, then I mark it with a post-it note and make a copy.  And rarely I will decide that I really need to have this cookbook in my collection.  (This is a hard decision, because my current cookbook shelves are full, so if a new cookbook comes into the house, an old cookbook has to go!)

Yesterday I picked up Vanilla Bean Baking Book by Sarah Kieffer.  Some very nice looking recipes and I did have a couple of post-it notes, but wasn’t really thinking this was something I needed to purchase… until I got to the back of the book. There, on page 323 was “Music to Bake to”.  She even had two columns, one for Morning Tunes and one for Night Grooves.  A lot of jazz as well as some Joni Mitchell and Peggy Lee.  Even some Over the Rhine!

Here’s one of her morning tunes – a wonderful song, although I would probably never have come up with it on my own for baking background music!

Now I’m re-thinking whether I need to get myself a copy of this cookbook.

Any cooking tunes of your own?



41 thoughts on “Music to Bake By”

  1. Rise and Hum along Baboons,

    I used to enjoy cooking to the radio program, The Splendid Table, on Saturday afternoons at 2pm. It seemed like the perfect combo. If I cook to music, I have a playlist on my iPod and iTunes called Jacque’s Faves. It features heavy doses of Eva Cassidy, Willie Nelson, Cantus, the TV show Nashville songs, and both Johnny and Roseanne Cash, as well as many others.

    It gets the job done.

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  2. I always have music playing no matter what I’m doing.
    But especially when baking the Amish Friendship bread; headphones (if not home alone), something to drink. (Might be pop, might be a glass of Baileys) and then I’m set.
    I don’t have specific music… Jazz is good. As is Big Band.
    Thanks for the story VS!

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  3. The Haunted House by Gene Simmons.
    A breakfast cooking song.
    “He drank the hot coffee right from the spout
    He are the raw meat right from my hand.
    He drank the hot grease from the fryin’pan.”

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  4. Depends on the day! Could be Carmina Burana, could be old Cat Stevens album (well, a tape), as we’re working on Peace Train in choir for this Sunday… And I seem to play Chris Smithers’ 100 Dollar Valentine CD fairy often, and my collection of Pentangle. Enya is good, Neville Brothers. CDs on the top that haven’t gotten refiled are Willie & Lobo, Jai Uttal, Joni Mitchell…

    I have the news on a lot when I cook, a habit I would like to break. This may help me focus in that direction – thanks, VS.

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  5. Thanks, vs, for the Ella video. How can you not LOVE her?

    Hands down my favorite “do work” soundtrack is the entire Graceland album. Here’s a fun video featuring You Can Call Me Al:


  6. I didn’t have a chance to reply yesterday, but let me just say how much I embrace the “button pushers”. I’ve gotten far in this life by ‘Keep pushing buttons until something works’ philosophy.
    The trick is not to hit “permanently Delete” or something that effect.

    OT: Straw and poo update.
    It does not appear I’ll be up there this weekend as my truck isn’t done yet.
    I’ll get back to people individually by email but will plan on next weekend.

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  7. I guess I don’t really listen to music while I’m cooking or baking. It takes a lot of focus for me because I don’t really enjoy it and find it vaguely stressful, so having music on distracts me. Generally, I just listen to whatever is on MPR Classical music.

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  8. i love pandora
    it is an ever increasing list of stuff i enjoy
    then you hit shuffle and it takes you off to favorites and introduces new artists not in your list that the pandora analytics team feel fit your taste and they are often right
    then you hit like and they are in your list

    i have about 10 channels with lyle lovett on one end eva cassidy bob dylan and mel torme in the middle and yo yo ma and pink martini on the other end
    james taylor blossom dearie ella miles and on and on

    but in honor of our fearless leader i have to remember the one and only

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  9. Not much for cooking in morning. I always listen to classical MPR during breakfast, but I only eat cold cereal, or oatmeal, or the occasional bacon-and-eggs thing.

    Dinner, however, is different. Then give me uptempo, jazzy, singalong sort of stuff that can ease the tedium of chopping and slicing and mincing and measuring and stirring, and . . . .

    Chris in O-town

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      1. Thank you so much. I was worried last night that I wouldn’t make it to Brookings since I was in ER with an intractable nose bleed. They ended up cauterizing a leaky vein, and that did the trick. What a nuisance!


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