Don’t Cry Over Spilt…..

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The news out of Poland last week included an item about a tanker truck that crashed and dumped its contents all over the highway. Its contents?  Liquid chocolate.

Luckily it happened pretty early in the morning and no one was injured in the accident. But that wasn’t really the end of the story.  The fire brigade sent to clean it up needed to bring in hot water because the chocolate was solidifying too fast to be able to scrap it up easily.  And then the story went viral, hitting so many news feeds that people began to think it was a hoax.  It’s even listed (and verified) on

What unusual thing have you spilled?

38 thoughts on “Don’t Cry Over Spilt…..”

  1. When I worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit, a person was admitted after having a psychotic break while trapping. The nurses were going through the person’s things when they dropped and spilled on the floor a container of some sort of animal musk used in the trapping process. It smelled awful and it took weeks before the odor went away.

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  2. Rise and Spill the Beans Baboons,

    Uff da. The beans. I spill the beans. My whole life I say the things obvious to me, only to discover that my truth is something that threatens or angers others.

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    1. Over the weekend I also spilled piles of potting soil while making my pots and baskets. But, Ben, I safely arrived home without spilling chicken poo. It is now installed on the raspberries. Lou spread it and then it rained. What timing!

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  3. If something can be spilled, I have probably spilled it at some point, nothing unusual about that. I did see the news report about the chocolate spill in Poland. What a mess.

    The most unusual thing I’ve seen “spilled” was the result of an overturned flatbed truck. It had been carrying a large load of crushed cars stacked on top of each other. The truck had – somehow – tipped over on the steep hill sloping from John Ireland Blvd. down toward what was then the Civic Center in St. Paul. I didn’t actually see it happen, but I arrived shortly after it did. I’m guessing that the load had shifted as the driver had made the sharp turn from John Ireland Blvd.. It looked like one heck of an accident although no other cars appeared to have been involved. Somewhere between twenty and thirty crushed cars scattered all over the road make for a memorable sight. I think about it every time I drive by that spot, and I still bemoan the fact that I didn’t have a camera handy.

    You are no longer allowed to make a right hand turn onto that street. Whether or not that freak accident had anything to do with that change I can’t say, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

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    1. With these hands, yeah, me, too.
      Once dropped about one third of a gallon of paint on the floor, but it was the prime coat for finished Sheetrock. So it fell on the rough flooring. Whew. On that one.

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        1. Personally, I spill something almost every day, no special memory…or, does releasing a body pillow of feathers in the dryer count…(and ultimately everywhere in the basement)?


  4. I am back to motorcycle riding and here is nothing I hate more than spilling my bike
    Years ago(5) I went up to Steve’s cabin and met up with he Jacque linda and Krista if I remember right… we were all going to meet at the cabin and go over to the chit aqua and see he show. I was running late and had to do 5 or 6 hours on the bike on roads under construction. I got there late and went straight to the show and when I went to park the bike it spilled in the parking lot.
    It’s a big enough that I can’t lift the damn thing when it’s on it’s side. I had to run to the bar nearby and explain to someone hat my bike was on its side and I needed some help picking it up.
    Got it done but made me glad it was only my bike on its side not. My kid under a truck or something horrible

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  5. Let’s hope no animals came to lick up the chocolate! That could have been fatal.

    I once dropped a large glass pitcher full of a 1/2 gallon of lemonade onto the kitchen floor. It spread all over, even under the fridge and stove. What a sticky mess!This was in southern Indiana, where you could find insects of all sorts in the house. Since cockroaches love stuff like that, I scrambled to clean every sweet drop. We were in an apartment at the time, and it had been a considerable period since anyone had cleaned under and behind the stove and fridge. You can imagine how disgusting that cleanup was.


    1. It doesn’t seem to take long for under the stove or fridge to become disgusting. 🙂
      Neither of us will claim to be the best housekeepers in the world, but, yeah, every time we move either of those appliances (once every 2 years??) it’s DISGUSTING under / behind them!


      1. Hah! You people! I keep a spread sheet of house chores and when they come due. I clean under stove and fridge every 6 months. So there, you unfocused lazy people!
        Truth be told I have never seen a place so easy to move out the fridge and stove for cleaning. I suppose it is because they are rather simple appliances in this building. They do every thing we want.
        OT: had xrays on my right knee yesterday because it locks and can be very painful. Report: mild osteoarthritis. I on my end would not use the word mild, but that is no doubt the fm making more of it. But I am so glad we are not talking knee replacement.

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  6. In a long, celebrated life of effing up, I can remember only one significant spill. I was deep in the project of reclaiming and renovating my home. I had just made a risky decision to paint my bedroom a peach color, “risky” because not every male dares paint his bedroom a shade of pink. Opening a gallon of paint, I stuck it on the shelf of a stepladder so I could run around painting the top portion of the walls. As you’ve already guessed, the whole gallon tipped and fell to the floor.

    There are spills, and then there are spills. I was stunned and totally confused about how to undo the damage.

    Hmmm. Maybe it is a better story if I leave things right there.

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  7. Sandra once bought an unpainted ladderback chair and painted it on the back porch of our rented house in Lindstrom. She ended up with paint on the ceiling, the curtains, the floor, the shades, and herself. She missed several spots on the chair.

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  8. I wrote recently about our first Winona house –
    if you want to see photos. It had a half basement (housing the octopus furnace) at the bottom of eight very steep stairs, so I was very careful to keep that door closed with Toddler Joel running around. Little did I know that he had learned to turn the knob – I found out the day I’d left half a can of white paint on the top step, intending to take it down later. In the process of turning himself around, apparently to go backward down the stairs (at least he knew that)… you guessed it – stairs were painted white in a hurry.

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  9. Here’s a a news story from the internet. It’s dated 5/14/2018 and took place in Illinois. I’m pretty sure my friend, Tia, who lives in Oswego, but is originally from Chicago, is related to this guy.

    “54-year old Brian Morris, from the small town of Clarendon Hills in Dupage County, bought over 20,000 tons of manure and asked for it to be dumped on his former boss’ property, pretending it was his residence.

    Dozens of trucks filled with manure showed up in front of the house around 6:00 this morning and began dumping their smelly cargo over the property’s lawn.

    George Fitzgerald, Mr. Morris’ former employer, was awakened by the sound of the vehicles on his property and rapidly called the police.

    Unfortunately, it took the police more than 15 minutes to arrive on the site, and more than 10,000 tons of manure had already been dumped in the meantime.

    Brian Morris was standing right across the street and laughing when the police arrived, and he rapidly came over to confess his responsibility and explain his motivations.

    Lieutenant Frank Meyers, a spokesman of the Clarendon Hills Police Department, met the press a few hours later to explain the motivations behind this strange crime.”

    Here’s a link to the story:

    It’s worth looking at if for no other reason than the mug shot taken following the incident has to be the happiest mug shot ever taken. Thankfully, I’ve never had a boss I hated that much, especially since I’ve also never won the lottery.


      1. End of article says He was freed on bail a few hours after his arrest, and told reporters to “stay alert“, claiming he had “a few other pranks to pull over the next few weeks“.

        The next installment might make a fun blog post!


  10. Like PJ, I have probably spilled almost anything you can imagine spilling. I’ve had a couple of spectacular kitchen fails. Knocked a 10-lb bag of flour of a shelf once when I was reaching for something else – the bag split and the flour went everywhere, including on Katy Scarlet, my Irish Setter. I also once dumped a pan of cupcakes – I forgot they were in a pan on top of the cabinet, saw the pan and grabbed it – mini cupcakes complete with icing all over. The dogs helped me take care of this mess pretty quickly. Paint, paint thinner, kitty litter, birdseed, milk, fruit salad, an egg carton full of little nail and brads, glitter, box of paper scraps (this more than once I’m sad to say)… lots more but I remember these pretty clearly still!

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