Hail to the Chief

On July 1 I will become the president of the regulatory board that I was appointed to last year by the governor.  We regulate and license a mental health profession in my state.  Becoming president was due largely to attrition of other members, not any stellar professional qualities that I may or may not possess.

The president’s job is a demanding one. I will have to make sure the Board office is running smoothly, set agendas, run meetings, be aware of all complaints, respond to virtually all correspondence or at least instruct the Board secretary how to respond, know all the rules and regulations for the Board and for the profession set forth by the legislature, consult with the Board attorney, set oral exams for licence applicants, and ensure that we protect the public without restricting trade. I may even have to give testimony before the legislature.  I will do this while working full time. It is an unpaid appointment.  The woman who is retiring as president say she spent her first month as president in a fugue state. She got it all down to a science, though, and has been very helpful in the transition.

Any good pointers on how to be a president?

26 thoughts on “Hail to the Chief”

  1. RIse and Shine Baboons,

    Unfortunately, this leaves me blank—I have not felt much gratification as president of anything. Is this voluntary?

    When I was young, as in young enough to be president of my 4H Club, I thought it meant someone was popular if he/she was president. Then I figured out it meant that the president is willing to do all the boring stuff no one else wants to do. OR, if someone is an effective delegator, the president can convince others to do the boring but necessary stuff.

    So-ooo, my advice is to convince others to do this stuff. And ditto Steve’s opinion.

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  2. I’m like Jacque – only experience was in high school heading a Y-teen group called G-Y… Yep, you don’t have to do it all (well hopefully)… delegate as much as you possibly can.

    I suppose that also means “ask for help” in all areas of your life… I’ll bet you could use a few more guest blog posts from baboons when it’s your month

    And being organized will help, taking time to prioritize things,which it seems to me you are good at, Renee.


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  3. Patience. You will have to put up with some Amount of idiocy and idiots. Which I lack, the patience I mean today I have two appts to complete my total of 7 this week.

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  4. I decided it was time for my own lap top now. I can’t access personal email at work, even if it is for State Board business, but we have wifi at work so I can respond to Board business with a lap top on my breaks.

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  5. I’m not a good figurehead. I do have kind of a take-charge piece of my personality but only if it’s taking charge of something that needs organizing and doing. I have said this before but I am not happy in a big picture roll. I haven’t been president of anything since I was a kid and I don’t miss it.

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  6. I’ve been thinking about whether I would go snarky since I first saw Renee’s piece earlier this morning. And now it’s time. If you want to be a good president, take a look at #45 and do the exact opposite.

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  7. OT: I spend an unhealthy amount of time brooding about this nation’s endangered democracy. I exercise restraint on this forum by not constantly posting about my concerns. But now and then I must share.

    Yesterday’s tragedy was a fresh reminder of the critical function journalists play in our society. With all their flaws and shortcomings, they work hard to learn the truth about complicated things and then they share what they have learned. It is holy work. It is emphatically not true that journalists are the enemy of the people. Just the opposite.

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  8. Daughter tells me today that she is going to a pro-immigration rally in Tacoma with a Hispanic friend. I do hope her activities don’t reflect badly on me as Boatd president! What might the governor think?!!

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  9. Sandy was terribly ill. Called gp, they said had no open appts. Did not want to get the point. Called hospital saying we were comin in or by ambulance. They basically said if we did we would have to pay all the costs ourselves. They had us talk to. A nurse who did not get he point that she was sick all the time and so weak I could not bring her in. She said to take her to urgent care. I got her well enough to make the trip. As they were giving her an iv she got sick in the chair, her worst nightmare. She did it twice. As soon as the liquids hit her system it came right out. She got sick a second time. They did some changes to her drugs and are testing her for pathogens which would cause this. I got her home. She ate a pice a bread but was sick 15 mi6 utes later. The dr. At yrgent care did call hospital saying to admit her if we come in. We may go in tonight.


  10. So the fire alarm went off at 3:30 this morning. It is a demanding sound. It goes off until the fire department comes and checks the building. 45 minutes it takes, all of which time Sandy was awake, but she did not get sick.

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