It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Boat?

I’m not a big graphic novel fan but I couldn’t resist Teenboat: Angst of a Teen, Thrill of Being a Boat by Dave Roman.  The main character literally turns into a boat – sometimes at will, sometimes by accident.  Fascinating.

You can choose to become an inanimate object at will. What will you choose?



42 thoughts on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Boat?”

    1. Just looked the root assassin on youtube. It certainly looks fierce. But seeing as I just sliced my finger cutting bread, it might be a little too fierce for me!


  1. Morning all – just a last reminder about Blevins tomorrow. 2 p.m. at our regular spot at Minnehaha Falls (pavilion outside Sea Salt). I’ll bring plates/plastic ware, etc….


      1. It’s going to be a tomato kind of day. I’m bringing bread salad with tomatoes.

        And does anybody else besides Edith want pint-size canning jars?

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        1. Me too I’ve come to a place in life where I don’t need any large canning jars any longer… just the jelly ones.


  2. A big pillow that follows Sandy around,
    Last night as I sat in the second bedroom thankfully with no TV or music on I heard a thumping noise from the other bedroom. I got up to see what she was doing. She was up on a footstool trying to get down a large plastic bin full of quilts. I got there just in time to catch her. She did not know I was there and was surprised not to hit the floor. She might have hit her head on the bed rail. She forgot she was supposed to call me. Now I have a wrenched back. I did not tell her nor will I tell the surgeon on Tuesday.


  3. Well this is a question I’ve never thought about before.
    Would I be a tractor? Course I’d want to be a nice, big John Deere tractor. (My testosterone is showing).
    Or maybe a lighting console. I got money at the college to purchase a new console this year so I have been reading up on them and have one in to demo this week. It’s got so many buttons it makes my head hurt. But it sure has been fun to play with and once I figure out what most of the buttons do it sure will be fun to program a show.
    But I’m not sure I’m smart enough to be a light board. It does way more things than I know.

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  4. School supplies/office supplies. We just got a circular from shopko. I didn’t dare open it. I don’t dare go in stores like shopko and Target. It’s an addiction.

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        1. Found an article which said the store had seven Twin Cities metro locations. They apparently closed in 1996, which sort of surprised me – I thought the downtown St. Paul store had closed in the 80’s or so.


      1. I don’t think I ever went to one of their retail stores, but their sales people who were dealing with commercial accounts I dealt with for years and years. Very nice folks.

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    1. I have the same problem with office supplies and school supplies. This is why I try my darndest never to go in Staples if I don’t absolutely have to.


  5. OT – Neal Hagberg (of Neal and Leandra fame) was golfing with his dad this afternoon, and apparently his dad beat him handily. Though Neal’s game is tennis, this golf outing gave inspiration to this: “I have decided to write two golf books! First one will be called How To Turn An Eagle Into A par In Three Easy Putts. Sequel will be How To Turn a Birdie Into A Bogie In Three Easier Putts.” Love his sense of humor, and that he enjoys playing golf with his dad who will turn 85 in a few weeks.

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  6. OT – I love my neighborhood! Tonight one neighbor posted a photo on FB of two baskets filled with three different kinds of fresh cucumbers freshly harvested from her boulevard garden. She offered them to neighbors and friends, free for the taking – just, please don’t take my baskets. I no sooner got home from picking up five cukes, and distributing them to neighborhood friends who have difficulty getting around, than my phone rang. It was Helen wanting to know if I could a couple of English cucumbers. It’s the time of year that if you live near a bunch of gardeners you had better keep your car doors locked lest you want to find your back seat full of zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.

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