For a Very Important Date

I’ve bitten off quite a bit to chew for Solstice this year; my card design is quite…um, robust, shall we say. No other word for the situation.  I’ve been having dreams about being late to places recently and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m feeling behind schedule.  I’ve decided I need to do at least an hour a day in my studio for the next few weeks to try to get on track.  As I’ve said here before, this is difficult because once I get home from work, I’m basically worthless without a looming deadline.  I’m hoping that saying to myself “you have to do an hour a day” will make it seem like a looming deadline!

When was the last time you bit off more than you could chew?

21 thoughts on “For a Very Important Date”

  1. Adding the regulatory board to my tasks has made me feel pretty busy, especially when you add work and the garden to the mix. I often feel pretty overwhelmed until the garden is put to bed,

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  2. Pretty much that’s a constant in our lives.
    I’m in tech for one show, designing another and still trying to finish the bedroom floor. Haven’t even started the office floor yet. And there’s one corner to paint yet in that room.
    Not to mention door replacement and trim and baseboard.
    I know a guy that deals in trim and we’ve been talking; I’d really love to work with him but schedules are proving difficult and pretty soon I’ll be back at Menards.
    But ‘Godspell’ opens at the Rep theater this weekend and I’m thinking after tonight I won’t have to go to anymore rehearsals. (and maybe the music in my head will start to fade).
    Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have the design for our college production of Rumplestiltskin finalized and can just (*JUST!*) move onto building, and maybe I can get back to flooring.
    Right after I do a little fieldwork at home.
    VS; even an hour on a project is helpful!

    Today is ‘Student Success Day’ at the college. Go! Be Successful!

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    1. For a day with no classes and “just” the sessions for students, people really seem stressed out.
      I hang out back here in the shop and keep my head down, oblivious to the storm evidently swirling around out in the halls.

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    1. A writing project that is almost finished is a joy, or that’s what I’ve found in my own work. The heavy lifting is done and you can have fun with the tasks remaining. You already know the book is not going to be a botch, which means you can polish it again and again, always making it better. That is such a wonderful feeling.

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  3. I used to know my way around a sewing machine enough to get by with small tasks and easy projects. However, my 8-year-old granddaughter announced a few weeks ago that I should take her to a fabric store where she would pick out fabric so she and I could make an outfit for her. We picked out a pattern that says it’s beginner friendly, we have fabric for both a skirt and contrasting top, we have cut out the skirt, she has practiced with the sewing machine on scrap material, and she has assured me that it’s all right with her if I work on it when she’s not there to help. She even suggested some times that I might consider working on it, i.e.. when I’m bored, when I’m too tired to do more active work, right away when I get up in the morning, when I’m watching TV, and several others that escape me now. How can I procrastinate on this? I do have time; I have the same 24 hours a day that everyone else does and I’m retired. I apparently have a great fear of disappointing her when she assumes, for some reason, that I’m goingto produce something to rival haute couture. I need to just do it and if she’s disappointed, at least she’ll know I tried.

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  4. I’m a bit overwhelmed right now – we have under two weeks before we take a road trip to see Nephew-son & Familia in Georgia, plus I’ll take a 3-day break to attend a reunion of my college friends that’s taking place in Greenville, SC. I need to find people to cover for us with our friend W (the one with Parkinson’s) – some meals, rides to appts., etc. There’s apparently a website called Meal Train that helps with this…

    Then I always write notes for my mom for each day we’re away, so the staff have something to give her while I’m away. (It’s almost impossible to talk on the phone with her at this point.)

    I also organize this month’s singing gatherings for two groups we belong to, and there are 3 or 4 other meetings in there, choir and band practices…

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  5. I’ve been enlisted to help a friend of mine with the disposition of her mother’s belongings. Her mother has lived in the same house for 71 years (it’s now falling into reverse mortgage hell).

    I’ve also been serving in a similar capacity for my elderly aunt, now in hospice care.

    I keep thinking that both of them deserve someone more helpful and capable than I am. I’m not very good at this, and find it difficult to fit it in among the other obligations I’ve already signed up for.

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