39 thoughts on “Where in the World is VS?”

    1. Not Pompeii but certainly a place with an active volcano. Apparently there was a little earthquake this morning. But I didn’t realise it had happened so it can’t have been too bad.

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  1. The first picture made me say Naples i’m driving so I can’t check for volcanoes near Naples and I don’t remember mall nearby so I might need to do a little more digging

    tim jones


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  2. OT – Sunday is the final concert of the season for Grand Oak Opery. The weather doesn’t look stellar, but that can change (it’s in Minnesota, after all!). I’m planning to be there. I’ll let you know in the spring when is see the schedule for summer of 2019.

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  3. This is a good game. Considering how well traveled trailboons are, maybe not where you are at present but where you have been. First rule: No pictures in front of an automobile unless the background offers a clue.

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  4. If it helps the volcano is one of the 2 most active volcanoes on the planet. At least that’s what all the people who live here tell me. We’re actually going up the volcano tomorrow and will be able to walk around the crater.


      1. Thanks a lot. I knew I wanted to use a Where’s Waldo photo and lucked into this photo on Google and it was licensed to be reused by anybody


    1. I read about a place this fall and told Kelly we should go there.
      1) North-ish of here.
      2) Even on a clear day, you can’t see Russia from there.
      3) It has an Ocean View

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  5. 1. Island, not tropical
    2. Not Scotland but it might remind you of Scotland (at least if all you’ve seen of either is pictures, like me)
    3. Alexander Graham Bell stayed there and an ancestor of mine lived there.

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        1. Oh, no. It wasn’t too easy. I used to live in Canada, and we visited Cape Breton a few years ago. I had an advantage


  6. Sicily is correct. And in Sicily I am staying in Taormina, which is where the Greek theatre is, the top picture. Mount Etnais nearby and today we climb up it. And then of course for those of you who looked the bar, it is the bar from The Godfather. It is still open – you can still go there and get a drink and sit at the table where Michael Corleone seat. Fun day everybody. Thanks for playing!


    1. No. I got an alert about the Frost and sent YA out to pick all the remaining tomatoes yesterday. So we have plenty if you want them before I get back on Tuesday let me know and I’ll let her know.


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