Hunter’s Moon

There was a beautiful full moon last night-The Hunter’s Moon. It is the second full moon of autumn, and was named by the Algonquin tribes as the moon for the time to go hunting and prepare for winter. The sky was quite clear and the moon was huge as I drove home from work at 7:00.  It had an orange tint.  The night before last it was almost full, and there were wavy wisps of clouds in front of the moon, making it look like the perfect backdrop for a a witch on a broom.

Tell about all the books, plays, stories, poems, and music you know of that are concerned with the moon. What are your own moon stories? Why is the moon so inspiring?


52 thoughts on “Hunter’s Moon”

  1. This morning as the dog walked me through part of the neighborhood, the moon was fuzzy. A high fog (low thin cloud) made the moon look like a nearly mature floating seed.

    Were we supposed to hunt caterpillars or dandelion floaters?

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  2. So many children’s books – the ones I remember:
    Goodnight Moon, of course
    Wait Till the Moon is Full – my favorite, also by Margaret Wise Brown
    Owl Moon – Jane Yolen

    Tuesday eve we were down at the river for our Sunset/Moonrise viewing, since they were a minute apart that night. Sometimes the moonrise is quite pale, but this night it was bright and deeply colored.

    Cat Stevens’ – I’m being followed by a Moonshadow.

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      1. “No end to moon songs” . . . Greg Brown has at least 12 moon songs of his own! The line I always remember (from the song Flat Stuff): “The sun looks like a cookie, didn’t come out right; the moon looks like a cookie, someone stole a bite!”

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    1. Pondering the various idioms where the moon means something different.
      Reach for the moon = reach for the impossible.
      Over the moon = be extremely happy.
      Once in a blue moon = rarely
      Many moons ago = a long time ago.
      Think someone hung the moon = think extremely highly of someone.

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