Appliance Shopping

The electronic display on our range/oven is more on the fritz than off the fritz these days. Most days a good “thunk” to the side of the range will turn the clock/temperature display back on but with the holidays coming up, I thought it was about time to get it fixed.  Unfortunately one of the two broken parts isn’t made anymore and although we could send it in to try to have it rebuilt, but it would take 6-8 weeks and there is only a 70% chance of success.

So I took the day off; after voting and a nice breakfast out, YA and I started out for our hunt. As we drove to the first place on my list, a place that does refurbished  appliances, YA gave me her list of “requirements”.  She wanted stainless steel with a grill in the middle of the burners, electronic display separate from the light switch, a bigger drawer in the bottom; I lost track of her desires after that.  My list was shorter – gas, cheap.

My requirements were met within the first five minutes. YA spent quite a bit of time googling ranges at Home Depot and Warner Stellian before giving up and agreeing to the range I liked.  I know her idea of shopping was to hit several stores and mull over many alternatives before making a decision.  It’s hard for me to imagine a more horrible scenario for spending a day!  I do not have the shopping gene; she has it in spades!

Of course getting the old range disconnected and then the new range connected is going to take a while – Centerpoint Energy does not make it easy for you to buy an appliance that they don’t sell you. Looks like we’ll be thunking the side of the old range until after Thanksgiving but hopefully not into December!

Do you start your holiday shopping before Thanksgiving?

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  1. You wouldn’t have to wait for Centerpoint—swapping out a stove is something just about any local handyman could do. I installed my own. You may have to also add a couple of floor cleats that keep the stove from tipping when the oven door is open and too much weight is placed upon it.

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    1. We’re on the same wavelength bill. I stopped at the hardware store this morning and got there handyman recommendations and I’m making some calls today. I just thought I’d get something official on the books in case everything else falls through. And our stove is already chained to the kitchen wall, something that someone did in the past to make sure it was safe.

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  2. I don’t do much holiday shopping and this year I will probably do none. Maybe delegate that task to someone else or more likely just skip it.

    I’m more into holiday baking than shopping, but there’s a 99.9% chance I will skip that, too, this year. the .1% chance is if I have a surge in my energy levels, but that’s not going to happen.

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      1. We’ll see, BiR. Directing isn’t as much fun as baking IMO. But if I or anyone wants a particular cookie, yeah, someone besides me will be making it.

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  3. I shop once everyone gets me their lists. By everyone I mean son, Dil, and daughter. Husband and I don’t shop for each other. We just get what we want. This year we decided on a new down comforter for our bed.

    I consider all the special things for Christmas baking as gifts to me, along with a fresh Christmas tree. We placed orders for spices, nuts, and candied peel last weekend. They should arrive this week, and it is as good as Christmas morning to open the boxes. I also treat myself to a bottle of German brandy to drizzle on the Dresden Stollen (and sip during the holidays). Now I need to contact my relative, Petra, in Germany for her Bremer Klaben recipe. Klaben is a northern form of Stollen.

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  4. I don’t intentionally shop before Tg, but the brain has started thinking in that direction, so if I run into something that would be perfect for someone, I’ll probably get it. (That happens all year, actually – I’ll buy something and save it for birthdays or Christmas, and then try to remember…)

    I boycott stores that start advertising before November.

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  5. I’m odd, but the word “range” seems odd to me when used to refer to a stove. It turns out the reference is to a series of similar things, like a mountain range. It was used starting the fifteenth century to describe a cooking implement that offered a series of places to heat up food.

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    1. I have heard “range” used to describe collections of scents and products by British and fancy shmancy soap and scent makers “our so and so range”, or “our Men’s range”.

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  6. Generally, no I don’t shop before Thanksgiving for Christmas unless I happen to have extra money — which never happens. Christmas shopping is very limited to just my husband and 3 boys. And sometimes DH doesn’t get anything either — except Lindt chocolates.

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    1. And baking? Fuhgeddaboutit! I don’t enjoy it, too stressful and time-consuming. Besides, nobody I know really needs more sugar, fat and sweets in their diet. Call me a grinch, but I don’t see the need to do any baking or the obligatory excessive baking some folks do for Christmas (sorry Renee and Sherrilee!) I’m really trying not to add the 5-10 lbs of extra poundage during the holidays per usual.

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  7. Hi–

    I’m starting to think about getting the Amish Friendship bread starter out of the fridge…
    Shopping? Pish Posh… I’m lucky I get anything done before Christmas.

    Elections: We had close to 80% turn out in our township yesterday. 1037 registered when we started, 32 new registration. 659 voters came in and about 200 voted early.
    It was a busy day.
    But Olmsted county and our township almost always vote Republican. The only Democrate to win out there was Amy Klobuchar.

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      1. YA was reporting results to me last night while I was still sitting at the egg table. I haven’t verified it but I believe that every single person I voted for got elected yesterday. I think that’s a record for me.

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