Let’s All Go to the Lobby

The holiday movie season has started; I just saw that Fantastic Beasts 2 is out now. I will admit that I haven’t yet seen the first Fantastic Beasts; I’m a marginal Potter fan so not excited about seeing it in a theatre with the cost that entails.  But the concept of a pre-Harry world is appealing to me so I’m looking forward to seeing it one of these days when Netflix or one of the cable companies picks it up.

Who would star in a prequel of YOUR life? Theme song?


29 thoughts on “Let’s All Go to the Lobby”

  1. I’m not sure how to answer that question. A prequel to my life would be boring. Maybe a past incarnation would be more interesting — in which case I would love to be around in the 1920’s and be a flapper, be glamorous, love the styles, the clothes, the architecture, the music, etc. Great Gatsby stuff, you know.

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    1. Joanne, have you watched the Miss Fischer Murder Mysteries series? It’s available on Netflix streaming. Set in the 1920s in Australia. The glamorous costumes could carry the whole thing, but the plots, acting, etc. are darn good as well.


  2. I would like my parents to be played by Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. I’m thinking myself at a younger age – Rachel McAdams, because she’s perky. And I think for my song What A Wonderful World by KD Lang

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  3. I would like my parents to be played by Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford. I’m thinking myself at a younger age – Rachel McAdams, because she’s perky. And I think for my song What A Wonderful World by KD Lang


  4. Daughter is excited about the new Fantastic Beasts movie. We’ve seen the first one and it really is pretty good. Exciting and quirky and funny and good characters all at once. So I expect the second to be good as well.
    You know me; a mix of Cary Grant and Freddie Mercury. Maybe Freddie when younger and Cary to play me now.
    I want to see the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ movie. The theater / lighting people on FB approved it. It wasn’t totally realistic in terms of lighting, but they all approved the movie. I have a couple specific memories of the lighting when I saw Queen in 1983 that I’m hoping to see.

    OT, we’re coming up to see Brandi Carlile on the 29th. Anyone else going?

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    1. Oh, Jeanne Crain. What’s the name of that movie with Jeanne Crain and Cary Grant where she plays a “fallen woman” and he plays the doctor who marries her anyway?


  5. I have nothing to offer about today’s question, although. I did, for about a year, passionately believe in reincarnation. In 1952 an amateur hypnotist put a Colorado woman in a sleep state, then asked her to go back in time to her earliest memories. Suddenly the woman began speaking with a heavy Irish brogue, calling herself Bridey Murphy and describing her life in 19th century Ireland. The real woman, Virginia Tighe, had never been near Ireland. Some, but not all, of her detailed stories about her earlier life in Cork were found to match historical records.

    A wildly popular book was written about all of this: The Search for Bridey Murphy. It was serialized in the Des Moines newspaper that our family read. I eagerly read every new segment, and it seemed to me solid proof that people could be reincarnated and might remember earlier lives. I was about 11 when this story swept over the country. While I didn’t have a developed theology before this story emerged, I felt the evidence for reincarnation could not be discounted.

    Then, with far less publicity, the skeptics began knocking holes in the romantic story. It turns out that Virginia, when she was a child living in Chicago, had a neighbor who had, indeed, been born in Ireland and whose name was Bridey Murphy. Bit by bit critics showed that Bridey’s stories and accent could be explained as a sort of childhood memory. People under hypnosis don’t lie but are eager to comply with requests. Learning the truth of this story was one small step for me to become skeptical about stories that seem too good to be true.

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  6. I just took an online quiz and found out that I was Emily Dickinson in a previous life. (HA!)

    I am no good at casting actors – any suggestions?

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  7. It would require more than a little movie magic to make a prequel of my life. I’d want Patricia Neal and Peter Boyle to portray my parents. I can’t figure out who to cast as a younger me, but, heck, I’d cast Anthony Perkins as wasband, and Peter O’Toole and Tommy Steele as earlier love interests.

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