27 thoughts on “Kitty Conundrum”

    1. Too cute. But the puppy is part of the problem. If it were just that I were. having to pick up ornaments off the floor it wouldn’t be that big a deal. But unfortunately if I don’t pick them up immediately (like if I’m not around), then they get chewed by Guinevere.


  1. For the last two years we have put chicken wire around the trunk of the tree to keep the cat from climbing. Ornaments at the bottom (roughly waist high and down) have been securly attached and are unbreakable. She ignores the lights – thank heavens – but she does manage to get a few ornmaments off the tree to bat around. This year we also have new doggies and no idea what they will do with the tree, though it’s a reasonable bet that if the cat gets something off the tree Potato (the younger pooch who I caught chewing, I kid you not, a nail a couple days ago) will chew on it like a dog toy. And then Sugar will want in on that fun…I may have a tree that is only decorated on the top parts this year.

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  2. You could get a tiny fake tree, decorate it with stuff like those tiny plastic ball ornaments (that look like glass), and put it on the floor for them – kind of a decoy tree.(I know in my heart of hearts this would only distract them for about two minutes…)

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  3. I’ve never had an indoor cat. I have no idea how you handle that.
    I have enough trouble with dogs behaving while I’m home but misbehaving when I’m gone.

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  4. Our Christmas tree went down one year because the stand broke. My, was that a mess, and hard to put back up again with all the lights and ornaments on it. We will have a real tree, so I hope it is heavy enougt to not tip over if a kitty decides to make an ascent.

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    1. That’s a really interesting thought. Maybe when I’m not home I could just drag the vacuum cleaner over, it’s a canister type, and leave it near the tree. We’ll give that a shot.

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      1. When you are home, leave the vacuum cleaner unplugged but switched on near the tree with the cord running across the room to an outlet near where you are. If the cat approaches the tree, plug in the vacuum cleaner. When you are not home. leave the vacuum cleaner there.

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  5. We received a large box in the mail today, and it was a real kitty hit. This doesn’t bode well. If they are excited by an empty box, with will they do with a real tree!!?

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    1. Cats are notorious for loving empty boxes and paper bags. Unfortunately they also love all of the shiny objects on Christmas trees. Maybe time to invest in a good catnip toy?

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  6. OT – Just returned home from our small, local post office. There were seven people in line in addition to the woman who was being waited on. I was number six. There are two windows, and of course, only one of them was open. I waited patiently for five minutes, and as we had made no progress at all, I politely asked if there was any reason they couldn’t open the second window. The postal worker looked at me and said that she could only work one window at a time. I suggested that perhaps she could ask one of the two fellows I could hear loudly carrying on a conversation in the back to help. She informed me they were supervisors! To this I replied “Well, heaven forbid we should supervisors to work.” At that point, everybody in line turned to see who the trouble maker at the back of the line was, but the clerk went and pressed a buzzer for additional help.

    In short order to other postal workers (don’t know if it was the supervisors) came out and took care of the people in line. When I left fifteen minutes later, the woman who was at window #1 when I arrived was still there. Can’t believe that at this time of the year, when people arrive with stacks of Christmas cards and packages, that they don’t automatically call for help when they see that the line is backing up. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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  7. Explain to the cat that actions have consequences.
    Emphasize that although the cat cannot change the rules, she can change how she responds to the rules. That is within her control.
    Tell that cat, “I’ll always love you. I just don’t like you right now.”
    If cats live with trees, they learn about gravity.

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