Back to Basics

Husband outdid himself yesterday and made the most wonderful bread. It is sourdough barley bread with sage topping, or Gerstenbrot.   You can see it in the header photo.  The recipe called for fresh yeast, which is something I haven’t baked with for years and years.  I was surprised to find that the grocery store still stocked it.  I think that the yeast made a huge difference in how the dough turned out.

The bread recipes in the Nordic baking book I received for Christmas from my son and DIL call exclusively for fresh yeast.  Given the results husband got from the fresh yeast, I can see why. I now have a new anxiety-will the store continue to stock fresh yeast?  Going back to basics isn’t easy sometimes.

What have you abandoned, only to come back to later?

18 thoughts on “Back to Basics”

  1. i think it’s funny that you haven’t used it for years, rediscovered it and now are concerned that they may not carry it ucb longer when 3 weeks ago you didn’t know or care of it’s existence.
    it reminds me of trump was there all along then trump makes it his focus in a tweet and all of a sudden it’s front page news. trump discovered to be doing something really wrong… hey look over there at the caravan, the wall, the shutdown
    renee if the grocery store stops carrying it ebay has it
    while reading sourdough for the book club a while back i looked up a sourdough starter and discovered i can order it in ebay for about $10.
    i love baking bread but my family doesn’t eat my concoctions and i have had serious gluten free challenges. i have been told to try sourdough as a possible option to bread challenges. i think i will give it a try and see if i can get into the groove

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  2. what have i abandoned and come back to later…when i was a kid pot was a mysterious taboo. only available from sinister connections only smoked in very insulated situations. a nightly ritual. do you all know about bong water? pecan sandies pretzels and dr pepper required as perry mason/bong 10pm ritual partners.
    today i get concerned because my r.e.m. time will be affected and i need my deep sleep. while traveling it has become commonplace to stop in for a special treat of tasty recreational pot. the quality is crazy. no one ever grew it like this in the 70’s. two puffs and it’s time to chill. i was photographing coats ona manaquin the other day for an ebay listing and it got to be funny. i inspected and shot the coat, hung it up and realized that of the 12 shots i needed i got 2 so i pulled it off the hanger, put it back on the manaquin and reshot it put it back on the hanger and realized i had taken 2 more but failed to add the other 8 needed shots. 2 or 3 more tries and i had it but i had to laugh at what i would look like to big brother on the video camera in orwellian utopia.

    i do enjoy lala land but pick and choose a little differently than previous immersions

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    1. Same here in the Twin Cities but I’m starting to think it’s going to be mostly rain and not very much snow. Great more muddy paw prints in my kitchen.


    2. they should just mark north dakota with an x and proclaim
      a winter storm warning from november through april 1 and just enjoy the days you don’t have blizzards
      we used to drive from minneapolis to fargo 3,4,5. times a year when i was a kid prefreeway and there was a blizzard involved in every winter trip with wind and blinding snow and below zero temperatures that made the 8 hour drive more like 12 every time
      my dad said you could tell a north dakotan because he leaned with a 40 degree list from always leaning into the wind.
      the parking lot snow piles in fargo are topped with 3 or 4 inches of dirt picked up as the snow blows across the state
      i love winter storms. they make you feel so alive.

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  3. If I ever abandon something, I might be tempted to return, but I just don’t abandon things . . . especially people. I’m on great terms with women who dumped me and even the one who divorced me. I’m probably loyal to a fault.

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  4. Husband has abandoned common sense and left for the rez this morning at 6:00. He feels he has to be there if the agency he works at is open. He expects to come home tomorrow night. Fat chance of that. We are to get 6-8 inches of snow today and then it is going to get windy tomorrow.

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  5. I have changed things up in my life over the years but I don’t know if “abandoned” is the right word for it. For example, on Solstice YA and I used to have a full log in the fireplace and then we would sleep downstairs (because when you start a full log at 7 p.m. you have to watch it all night.) We are not doing this anymore; neither of us really enjoyed the sleeping downstairs part after the first couple of years. Now we just do a regular fire and it burns down and then we go sleep in our cozy beds. I find it hard to think of this is abandoning a tradition as just changing it up.


  6. I gave up whole milk many, many years ago. The wisdom of the time was that fat was bad. All fat. No exceptions. More recently I found out tha milk is an excellent source of Omegas 3’s. But only if it’s whole milk. Skim and 2% and 1% have all had the Omegas 3’s processed out. So I’m back to whole milk now, and it’s wonderful with cereal or cookies.

    Same goes for real butter. For decades it was supposed to be margarine that was good for you. Then trans fats were exposed. Long live butter!

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  7. I wouldn’t say I abandoned Saint Paul, but I left it. And now it looks like I’m coming back. The experiment of living in Michigan has clearly failed. I only wish our futures could be that clear. My apartment lease and my grandson’s school year both terminate in early June. Maybe that is God’s way of telling us that is the time to quit mulling and start moving.

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