Holiday Highlights

Well, the holidays are just about over, and we are still in the thick of celebration. Our holidays started over Thanksgiving when we spent the week with our son and daughter in law.  Daughter arrived on the 26th. My best friend is due today, and we will have  feast on New Year’s Eve with her and daughter’s best friend. Then everyone heads back to Minneapolis, and we are left with the remains of the feast. I think I will be ready to face the new year.

What have been the highlights of your holidays? What have been some of the most memorable of your holidays?

26 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights”

  1. So far it’s been the carol singing with about a dozen people at our monthly Song Circle – a rollicking evening. Christmas Day potluck at a nearby house was also a great gathering of kindred spirits.

    And ours isn’t over yet – my sister arrives New Years Day, so we will have our Norwegian feast when she arrives – kumla this time, for a change of pace.

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  2. WP is not cordial to me today. Hmmm.

    I love Thanksgiving with my extended family — we do that one well. This year I enjoyed it a lot with the babies and the food and my nieces and nephews all there. My favorite Christmases have been when we gather with friends to play games and EAT. We have not done that for a few years, because the friends we did that with moved away and travel at Christmas now. I miss it a lot. I don’t know yet what we will do for New Years—TBD this year.

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        1. I love that your daughter is as invested in the family meals as you and your husband are, Renee, and I think I can understand why. She clearly doesn’t perceive meals as a chore to get over with, but enjoys the whole process, and sees it as an opportunity to share some quality time in both the kitchen and at the table.


  3. Woops, forgot a runner-up for first place: before our two-week “winter break”, the Unitarians here have a Solstice-Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanza… Celebration that is also a sort of talent show – kids perform a piece on their instrument, or a dance; anyone might do a reading of a poem they wrote or found; there are numbers from choir and “band” and a new cappella men’s quartet; and we start with the song Light is Returning accompanied by just a drum circle. It is a high point of the year, and draws a big crowd – even some non-Unitarians.

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    1. We had a sort of talent show one Christmas. The little girl next door, Molly D, played piano while my daughter sang various Christmas songs. After the concert one adult ventured to note, “It seems all those songs had the same melody.” My daughter cheerfully agreed. “Yup! The only song Molly D can play on the piano is Heart and Soul, so we use that.”

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  4. i love the holidays with the get together
    my daughters family with kosovo husband and 6 month old grandson is willing to be a big part of it even though husband does it from duty rather than pleasure. i think he misses his family
    he went back to kosovo by himself today to hang with his family. he is now patron, his dad died 1 year ago and times are tough over there

    my mom and sister who is in town come over enemy though christmas is a bit intense

    my dads birthday shot of chi as on the evening of the 23rd then fondue tradition the 24th for christmas eve then christmas day is a lot of getting together. i love it but they are at my house so it’s easy for me to enjoy

    chicago college daughter is home and it is such a pleasure to hear high school age daughter laugh and fight with her best friend the instant she arrives back

    pheonix son and significant other join by facetime and it’s a blast

    new year’s eve and new year’s day here again
    daughter with grandson and absent husband may skip new year’s eve and crash early with grandson
    sister will hang out with friends on new year’s eve, she is about ready to quit her teaching job because of unfair class distribution and lack of support and downright harrassment from principle and superintendent too bad after 25 years not to make it to retirement
    i’m trying to help but she doesn’t want to discuss it
    happy new year coming right up
    interesting how midweek holidays make it take the whole week or 10 days instead of 2 3 day weekends

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  5. Very quiet Christmas this year, and by the looks of it, New Year’s Eve will be the same. I have a terrible head cold. Everything hurts, including my teeth. Last night I was in such bad shape that I actually thought I was dying. But, no such luck, I’m still here.

    Parky, our next door neighbor died on Thursday afternoon. I last saw him on Monday and it was clear that he wasn’t going to last long. They needed me to witness their signatures on a last minute change of his will. Wonder what that was all about, but of course, I didn’t ask. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the house now that Parky and Louise are gone. We could do with a little less drama from that piece of property.

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  6. Christmas feels like kind of a flop this year. I always enjoy listening to some nice Christmas music, though, and I drive around and look at the lights. One house in my neighborhood always has a lighted candle ornament on the hillside at Christmas. When my nieces were little and came for a visit, they always looked for the candle as they were coming up the hill. After all these years, there it still is. The house doesn’t have any other lights, just the one candle. It make me think of the expression it’s better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness. It serves as a good reminder.

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  7. Every year Dave Barry casts a jaundiced eye back over the year that was. I always enjoy his summary. Alas, the world has gotten so weird Barry has trouble conveying to readers which stories are sick humor and which are actual facts.

    I liked this sentence:

    “In entertainment news, Roseanne Barr sends out a tasteless, idiotic tweet and immediately has her network show canceled, thereby illustrating a key difference between being a sitcom star and being president of the United States.”

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  8. Highlight of the holiday was having all of the kids and grandkids here. Second highlight was when they left and we were left with the relatively quietness of two five year old boys. Ha, ha, kidding. Well, sort of.

    Another highlight was when several people gave us Christmas cookies and with so many people here, we made quite a dent in what seemed like an endless abundance of treats. Man, there are some awfully good bakers out there, including one of my daughters who made some yummy cookies and especially the potica she made. I seriously couldn’t stop eating the potica on Christmas morning.

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  9. Hi kids-

    We did our last Christmas today over in Trempealeau WI. It was very quiet with just us three and Kelly’s brother and his wife. Only two of their six boys were home and they were playing downstairs. We enjoyed talking.

    My side of the family had Christmas last Saturday the 22nd. A good time was had by all and there was more food than we could eat. Everyone bought a dish.

    I was in a car accident on the 14th and totaled out my car. I’m OK but I’m getting a new car. Yay me! Happy New Year to me!

    I still miss December 24’s and going to Kelly’s Aunt and Uncles. That was always a good time. (That tradition ended after too many people passed away).
    And there was some epic New Years Eve parties at the theater when we were younger.

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