Cubicle Christmas

We’ve been getting things back from our desks that have been salvaged and cleaned after the big fire. Boxes of items have been delivered to us and everywhere people are unwrapping items and exclaiming over surprises.  I’ve gotten quite a bit back that I figured I would never see again.  My CD player, my mug warmer, all YA’s photos, and gymnastic magnets, my beaded warthog and my little fan.  Today I got the little plastic panic and eject buttons that I had pasted onto my monitor.  It’s like Christmas all over again!

So, to celebrate – a little cubical haiku.

the big office fire
scorched all my accessories
only buttons left

What was your last little surprise? Extra points for haiku.

33 thoughts on “Cubicle Christmas”

  1. I’ve been off the Trail a lot — so sorry to hear about your office fire. That’s devastating. But I’m glad you’re finding the positive in the little goodies that were saved, especially YA’s photos.

    No surprises that I can think of at the moment. Although Renee’s haiku about seed catalogs makes me start thinking of how I can set up Earthboxes. My 2 boys are renting a cute house in Bloomington that has a great space for a garden. The middle one was thinking of planting a garden with his best friend, the other roommate. So I was kind of thinking I could be a part of it, as I’m sure they don’t have a clue. Not that I’m a gardener, but at least I’ve done it a couple times.

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  2. Bone marrow biopsy today. My surprise is how much better it is to do sedated than with just a local. I much prefer being in lala land than feeling them drill into my bone.


      1. i asked for morphine and made my case
        i hate sedation it kicks my but for days afterward
        i said if it’s possible to give me morphine, i’m bulletproof with morphine

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      2. Now I wish I could have sedation for tonight…I’m in a bit of discomfort and am pretty sure that trying to sleep in my usual position will be painful. Oh well, maybe I’ll just read all night.


        1. Nothing spectacular, but good enough. I’m working my way through a few series, but often have to wait a long time for the next book to be available at the library. Right now I have one of the Isabel Dalhousie (by Alexander McCall Smith) books – not a series I would normally read, but in my current circumstances and state of mind, am enjoying them. I’m waiting for the second in the series by Louise Penny and the Mary Russell-Sherlock Holmes series, but it will be a few weeks before they are available.

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  3. Woke up this morning to a cold house. 16º C in our house (for some reason our thermostat gives us the temp. in Celcius). Called our local furnace repair place, and fortunately they sent out a man this afternoon. A new thingamajig (thermo coupler) and $162.00 later we’re back up to 21º C. Now I’m heading down to the Covington Inn for a glass of champagne in celebration of Helen and Sarah’s 10th anniversary; ain’t life sweet? Oh, and Deanna was here today, so house is not only warm but clean as well. Jubilations!

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  4. for $162 celebration is in order
    i don’t know if i have sung the praises of service plus before bit it’s the best deal ever
    centerpoint i think
    do it for everything available

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    1. Yes, I think both tim and vs have sung Centerpoint’s praise on here before, but, of course, I haven’t gotten to it, as yet.


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