Lost & Found

On Wednesday I ran three errands over my lunch hour. When I got back to my desk, my cell phone was not in the pocket of my purse where I normally keep it.  My very first thought was that I had left it at one of the errand locations.  But then I thought about it and remembered that I hadn’t taken it out of my purse at any of those places.

Maybe it had fallen out of my purse in the car or on the way from my desk to the car. I went out, searched all through the car, including moving the seats forward and back to check underneath.  Then I looked again.  I emptied out my purse twice.

Then I decided to re-trace all my steps and drove back to all three of the places I had been over lunch. Weirdly, in all three places, the same spot I had parked in earlier was open when I arrived.  I looked in the spots, looked under the cars on either side, went into each establishment and asked if anyone had turned a phone in.  Nope.

Sadly I returned to my cube and over the next half hour discovered that my phone did not have any tracking capability turned on and then further discovered that for my particular phone there didn’t even seem to BE any tracking capability. I took a deep breath and suspended service and then called the phone company to see if perhaps they could track it from there end.  All the while the cost of getting a new phone was running through my head and I was starting to make a mental list of all the information stored in the phone and how I was going to have to re-assemble it somehow.

While I was on the phone I thought I’d empty out the purse one last time. As I set the empty purse down on the desk, it “thunked”.  I felt around and could feel the outline of the phone at the bottom.  It was between the purse and the lining!  The pocket that I normally put it in had a phone-sized hole and the phone had fallen through.  The gal on the phone with me was really nice to me, reactivated my service and wished me a good rest of the day.   I was so relieved, I could feel the weight falling away from shoulders – I almost shed a tear.

I got duct tape from the maintenance department and taped up the hole before I left the office.

What was the last thing you lost? Or found?

41 thoughts on “Lost & Found”

  1. I moved to Franklin, Ohio in August and ever since have picked up litter from several blocks of down town. That route lends itself to finding stuff. Cell phones and eye glasses are all too common. Among the more interesting finds was a medium sized safe. It was empty. The police picked it up and that’s the last thing I know about it. I guess the matter isn’t important enough for me to be considered a robbery suspect.

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  2. I can speak to this question with authority. I used to lose stuff all the time. Now I never lose anything (except when I move, which doesn’t count).

    One turning point was hearing a guy on Michael Feldman’s show, What dya Know. He was an expert on finding things. His main message was that “lost” things are usually right where you think they are, but you aren’t seeing them for some reason. That is exactly what happened to Sherrilee. When I think I lose something it is usually within inches of where I thought it was, but it is under something.

    The other turning point, which I have mentioned before, is a strict policy I adopted years ago: Never put anything in a place it hasn’t been before. I can “lose” my car keys in this tiny apartment, but thanks to this rule the keys can only be in one of about four places. (Of course, when you move you have to start all over again since you have no history of putting things in your new place.)

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    1. I think you’re right, Steve – one of the cardinal rules I learned from Home Organizing books was: never place an object (even a piece of paper) on top of something smaller than said object. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve ultimately found some lost thing under, say, a newspaper..

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  3. I have a single key to the testing room at work on a red wrist lanyard. I couldn’t find it the other day. Like VS I retraced my steps at work and sent out an email asking co-workers to be on the alert for it. On a hunch I checked inside a three ring binder of test norms and found that I had used the key as a book mark and closed it up in the binder and put it on my shelf.

    When son was a toddler he was playing with my keys and surreptitiously stuffed them in the underside of a dining room chair. I looked all over for those keys and had to get all of them replaced. Not long after, son was playing under the table and proudly pulled tbe keys out from the chair. All I could do was laugh.

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  4. At the moment I seem to have lost our bill for the six month premium for our car and home insurance. I received it back in December, and promptly entered it into the bill pay ledger of my checking account. Or so I thought. Last night it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen a disbursement of the roughly $1,225.00 that was due yesterday, so I checked my on-line bank account, and sure enough, it hasn’t been paid. What’s worse it isn’t even entered, and apparently I have disposed of the paper bill. Will have to fix that first thing Monday morning.


    1. Take the weekend to check insurance noodle and find an insurance policy for cheaper.
      Insurance agents are the next dinosaurs. Insurance companies are computers and nothing else today


      1. That’s insurance for two cars and the house, tim. I’m pretty sure we could save a few bucks if we bothered to shop around, but next to having my teeth drilled by a dentist, there are few things I dislike more than shopping for insurance.

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        1. I agree! I am dealing with my long time insurance company’s new owners and new wood stove regulations. The handy man suggested looking around for a new company…yup, teeth drilled (or worse, pulled).

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        2. There is cheaper insurance, but after my car accident in December, it was reinforced – from several instances – that when you need it, the Name Brands, like State Farm, pay up and are worth it.
          Cheaper insurance people hassle you about payments or try to pay you off to not file a claim.
          If you ever need it, it’s worth paying for it.

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        3. My guess is that it is because of dealing with agents. On insurance noodle you punch in your info and choose a policy for x dollars and they issue the policy.
          When it’s time to renew you can look at renewing you can stay or switch like buying a loaf of bread.


  5. Because of space considerations, our laundry “hamper” is a wicker basket that usually lives under the wall-mounted bathroom sink. But that’s also where the heat register is, so in winter the basket is moved to the bathtub, except when showering. Did laundry this week and one of husband’s socks came up missing. Finally found it on the (high) window sill right above the bathtub – Husband must have tossed them in a little higher than usual, and one landed there.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if at some point in your life you could somehow get back all the time you’ve spent looking for things?

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  6. I could double my output if I didn’t have to go back and find the simple everyday stuff I airhead out every day. I used to work with a guy who laughed because we were so different. He knew what pocket his keys were in. Where his pen was, what page of the document he had referred to what we needed and I didn’t. I set my coffee cup down and I will often just make another rather than take 5 minutes looking for this one. I like cold tea as well as hot so it doesn’t matter when I get to it as long as it hasn’t been a week with fuzz starting to grow.
    Yestersday in my warehouse I was doing warehouse stuff that required box cutter and sharpie markers as well as packaging tape and a supply of new boxes to unflattering and get ready to ship. In addition I needed to find email invoices and billing info from emails the last month that had to be sent out before the banks called it a day on Friday afternoon with Monday being a bank holiday. I was spending 3 minutes looking for the sharpie followed by 3 minutes of looking for the sharpie the turning around to grab the box cutter but where the heck did that go…
    My wife has never lost a mitten or glove in her life. I used to by kids mittens 10 pairs at a time just so we’d have one when needed. Today inflation I find a right or left glove on the sidewalk that appears to be about the right size I put it in the mitten drawer. Seeing as I never have matching sets anyway what difference does it make where they come from?
    I bought the book on straighten up by the guru Japanese woman and thought it was great.
    Lord knows where I set that down
    I own 15 hammers because they are never where they need to be. Those 50 pack assorted screwdrivers they sell at northern (if you ever get a chance to go into a harbor freight, do it)
    I have a warehouse full of great stuff but I need to figure out how to organize it.
    I hired an organize guy a couple months ago. He works 15 hours a week and is assured of job security until he’s dead. He gets a pile fixed and helps organize he 3 more I create while he’s fixing the one. It’s a vast improvement.
    Who knows, maybe it will be a match made in heaven. I am starting to honk about him as I pile up the stuff I touch.
    Baby steps, baby steps…

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    1. At the college, especially when I’m deep into building or lighting, I’m forever loosing my water bottle and clipboard. I have a work-study; their job is to tell me where I set that stuff down.


  7. I officially maintain I am not losing marbles as I age. But I’m afraid that isn’t true, strictly speaking. The other day I was frustrated because I couldn’t find my glasses. Maybe some of you have guessed it already: I was wearing them.

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  8. OT – looks like the northern Midwest dodged another storm – we got a few inches of welcome snow here yesterday. (SE Minn. hadn’t had much of anything since early December, and it had all melted.) Did the Twin Cities get a bunch of snow that we didn’t?


  9. it was a curse. i have spent the entire day looking for one thing after another. it is 4 and i have not gotten very much done. very frustrating. set down a belt i went to the store to buy so i cluld do car repairs. i have the car jacked up in the garage the parts all loosend and ready for installation and have spent two hours walking around looking for where i set the damn belt down. my phone appears to be with it. i give up. it will usrface when it does and i will be ok until then. i talked on the phone at 12 or 1 . i had the belt in my hand to compare it to the broken one and i obviously set it down and now i am 2 hours int the search to no avail.


  10. Here in Rochester we got maybe 6″. But it was light and fluffy. Spent a few hours this morning moving snow.

    Just the other day I couldn’t find something. I looked all over. I asked daughter, I called Kelly. It was 6″ from where it should have been.
    And that’s something that happens more often than I’d like to admit; i can’t find it because it’s 4″ from where i THINK it should be.
    And i thought it was just a guy thing.

    But you’re right about having a PLACE for things. Usually when I’ve really lost something, it’s because I’ve set it down while doing something else, and just needed that hand to pick up that other thing.

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  11. I finally remembered the quip I had planned to comment with late yesterday (but couldn’t remember it). Rosanne Bar once said, apparently after being asked by her husband the location of multiple items: “The uterus is not a tracking device.” Goes with the question for both days, I guess.


  12. A year ago or so I dropped my keys on a Metro Transit bus. I wasn’t sure exactly where I lost them, so I did a lot of retracing of steps, leaving my phone number everywhere I had been during the day. I called Metro Transit every day for four or five days and gave them a description. It was a fairly distinctive set of keys – two keychains linked together, one with a cowboy boot keychain, and one with a monkey holding a banana. When I called Metro Transit, I always talked to one of two people, one male, one female, and they would run through the same set of questions – what bus was I on, what day, what did the keys look like. Both of them were polite but sort of distant, as if they couldn’t muster much sympathy for people who keep leaving stuff on the city buses. Their policy is that you have to call them, they will not take a phone number and call you back if your item turns up (kind of the opposite of “don’t call us, we’ll call you”).

    I had multiple copies of all my keys (including a house key hidden outside the house) with one exception – my car key. It was a chip key, expensive to duplicate, so I had never had a copy made. So I couldn’t get into my car or drive anywhere for a few days, until I finally called a locksmith, who came out and made a pair of new keys for the car.

    A week or so later, I decided to try calling Metro Transit one more time. Got the same woman I had talked to before, ran through the same questions – what bus, what day, what did the keys look like. I repeated the same thing about the cowboy boot and the monkey with the banana. There was a pause for just a moment, and then the woman said, in an unexpectedly warm tone of voice, “Oh, I’m so glad you called back!” The keys were found a day or two after my last call, and both of the people I had talked to remembered my calls and recognized the keys, but of course they didn’t have a phone number, because that’s against their procedure.

    My timing was good, because they only keep lost stuff for two weeks and then throw it out.

    It was nice to get the keys back. The cowboy boot was a gift, and the chain also contained one of those little battery operated things that chirps if you press a button on the location device. The car key no longer works as an ignition key, but I can still use it to fob open the car doors. It was expensive to get the car keys made, but at least I have a spare now.

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    1. I didn’t see the eclipse, but just the sight of the big moon hanging in the sky in the early evening was breathtaking. It came on the heels of a lovely sunset, too.


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