35 thoughts on “Fantasy Vacation”

  1. i have a friend who speaks of all the gray haired americans who move to french guiana because the dollar that is difficult to get by on here makes you very comfortable there

    i had another friend tell me similar stories years ago about honduras and another about belize. costa rica is somewhere i have always wanted to visited. greece is beautiful and turkey is supposed to be a poor mans greece. new zealand and iceland are on my bucket list as are katmandu and siscily, south africa a couple islands in the pacific have my eye on them
    my son in law really makes me eager to get to kosovo and my brief visits to hawaii ireland and italy all call me back
    alaska canadian rockies pacific coast highway napa san francisco taos santa fe 4 corners livingston montana multiple florida locations
    would all be very much enjoyed
    maybe it’s time to begin my travel business/blog as a closing career to allow me to do this. i could easily spend a lifetime doing a month here a month there and coming back to visit. i’d love to learn about the thailand laos cambodia part of the world, same for argentina brazil peru. come to think of it wouldn’t a month on antarctica be a trip? i’d better get started climbing kilamanjaro and the matterhorn while i can and to walk wherever the impressionists hung out in the south of france would be ideal.
    egypt the holy land all of central america …. as i go around the world in regions i would love to do many of them make me wish i was there now.
    i have a friend i used to do imaginary vacations with. we went to a number of places on the above list in our visualization sessions then i would go back to work and she would buy a plane ticket and arrange a speaking tour to support her trip. she went to ireland new zealand lake como london siscily have been recent stops for her as she builds a following for her poetry career. everywhere she goes inspires poetry kind of likes ljb gets photograph inspiration wherever she sits

    i’ve always thought a week a month somewhere else would be ideal. i could switch it to a month away and three months home instead. thanks vs. a new wrinkle

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  2. traveling is something that i do enjoy
    i jump on a plane and my brain says oh boy
    i get all excited to go to new places
    the pictures of buildings back roads and those faces
    every where that you think about transforms the world
    to a place that’s so different for its boys and girls
    minnesota is great and we do it our way
    but it’s so very different from another mans day
    to travel is to open your eyes up to new
    in most every thing that happens to you
    the food and the people the customs entice and you sit in their midst and it gets feeing nice
    to sit in another mans home for the day
    you understand what how and why hes that way
    the world that you sit in affects what you root for
    the place that you come from the goals that you shoot for
    perspective it changes with changes of state
    a tropical view in the winter feels great
    the mountains the oceans the woods long the way
    are different from waking up home every day
    the people and culture and food all add to
    make it specially remembered all the the things that you do
    whether you sit in a beach chair or go climb a mountain
    walk through the louvre dip your hands in a fountain
    enjoying the differences the people the views
    a trip makes life special and the things that you do
    make the every day stuff that you do til you’re dead
    become cherished culture that’s familiar instead
    a different perspective can do this for you
    choose tahiti havana rome or kathmandu
    a life on the trail is familiar for us
    but a trip to on a plane or a train or a bus
    in winter feels needed as the days short and gray
    depress our midwestern psychic emotions each day
    so travel to anywhere that helps you to cope
    life is better when at the end of the tunnel there’s hope

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      1. Maybe it will be warmer by the time I arrive for my “vacation.” It’s looking like it will be March or April at the earliest…


        1. Oh yah, for sure warmer by then. May get that annual ‘Tournament snowstorm’ but warmer.
          It’s nice here in April.


      1. It was my feeble attempt at humor, BiR. I can’t say I love what I have, but I try to hang onto my sense of humor. I don’t always succeed.

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  3. i would like to spend a month in northern Germany (Bremen, Verden, and Hamburg) so I could get to know my relatives there and see all the places my family came from.

    I would like to spend a month in a Tuscan villa so I could eat wonderful food, ditto Quebec.

    I would like to spend a month at home, not going to work, just being at home and organizing, painting, planning cosmetic repairs, etc.

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  4. I would love to spend a month in Greece or France. I took French all through high school and 4 years of French in college. I should have minored in French, but never did the extra work. Nearly took a semester to study in France, but just couldn’t swing it financially — one of those regrets I still have.

    Ecuador or Costa Rica would be a really cool trip as well.

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  5. I think I’d opt for the South of France, but I think I’d also love Portugal or Spain – of like Joanne, Greece. I can see how once tim got started…

    We get to be in Maui for stepson’s wedding in April, and I’m sure once I’m there I will think I want to be there a month.

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  6. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Italy. Love Italy. I could eat my way through the country in a month.

    Over the weekend I found the place I never want to go again–Quartzsite, AZ. Our friends travel in a camper and attended a camper convention there. OMG. Nothin’ but rocks and a really bad flea market. And our friends, of course, who are delightful.

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  7. Sheep station in New Zealand, tent safari camp in South Africa, Torgny (little village in South Belgium), Orvieto (village north of Rome).

    All of these are related by being places I have experienced before and are quite different from my day-to-day life and kind of isolated which seems like a good thing to me if I’m going to take a month off.

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  8. I’ll take a month anywhere where I’m sheltered from daily onslaught of daily news. If there are mountains, lakes, trees, wildlife and a person or two that I love hanging out with, all the better. Good food and wine are a given.

    Actually, a month seems like long time to me, Ten days would be my preference. After about ten days I start missing my animals and feel anxious about my plants, so I’ll take three ten day retreats. Thank you very much.

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