Burger & Fries

Once a month, after I volunteer at Loaves & Fishes, I drive east on 98th Street on my way back to 35W to get home. Imagine my excitement to see that the Denny’s there has been sold and will be a new Snuffy’s coming spring.  While the Edina Snuffy’s isn’t actually that far from me, it’s not convenient to get to so I don’t think about it often.

But a Snuffy’s where I have to drive right by it? I’m thinking I’ll be having Snuffy’s take-out once a month from now on.  Veggie Burger, fries and a malt – either Oreo or Brownie or the Dreamsicle.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Do you have a favorite take-out place or meal?

55 thoughts on “Burger & Fries”

  1. The best takeout my family ever tasted came from Caravan Serai. We were friends with the owner and cook, Nancy. Before she closed shop we would order a big bag of her Afghani special dishes about once a week, calling to say, “Hey, it’s us! We’d like the usual order.” I can’t say how badly we miss that place.

    After that we used to enjoy Broders’ takeout Italian specialties. Alas, I see from the internet it has evolved and people don’t like the new menu as much as we liked the old one.

    We enjoyed two Middle Eastern eateries that sold takeout: Holy Land (on Central Ave NE) and Emily’s Lebanese Deli (on University). There’s nothing remotely like that food in this corner of Michigan.

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  2. I guess I didn’t know Snuffy’s had a veggie burger. Not that a malt shop wouldn’t. I just never looked, I guess.

    There is a good pizza place in West St. Paul, a mom and pop type place. Always the same guy doing the cooking. Very friendly, gives you a big grin and greets you whenever you come in.

    Another favorite, though I haven’t been down there for awhile, is Cora’s. When I first moved to the neighborhood, it was called called Cora’s Filipino Fast Foods. Now it’s Cora’s Best Chicken Wings. Love the hot wings. I should go get some soon.

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  3. I find I can’t tolerate anything cooked in canola oil. I am very hesitant to eat typical take out food like burgers and fries because most of it seems to contain canola oil. The more exotic take out places baboons have access to sound wonderful. There were lots of interesting taco trucks here during the height of the oil boom but I see fewer of them now.

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  4. Speedway Cafe. I don’t know if they have made it up to Minnesota. They make a custom order grilled cheese. Texas toast. American cheese. I have them put diced onions, jalapenos and bacon on it.

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  5. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Punch Pizza—Neapolitan style pizza.

    Stay warm up there. We are watching the temps. We leave tomorrow morning for home, will stop to spend a day in Taos, then get back Sunday evening just in time for the warm spell.

    Yesterday our water heater died here. Today features getting a new one installed a day before we leave and have renters in here. It is better than having it breakers after we leave. But really, what timing.

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    1. We love Punch as well.

      I’m sitting in my car right now, warming it up. I got to work a couple of hours ago. And based on how unhappy she was yesterday only being warmed up once, I thought I’d better get her started more than that today. I did bring a blanket. I would have known something was up

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        1. LOL. While I’m in the car I have a book on tape playing. The speaker in my phone must have picked up some of the narration from the book. I’m fine.

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    2. I’m catching up on some past blogs and had to comment on Jacque’s visit to Quartzsite. I have a friend who lives there! Her parents used to spend winters in a Mormon trailer community and over the years more of her family (all Wisconsin Catholics BTW), have purchased trailers there as well. My friend lived there all year in 2018, due to the very low cost of living which is vital for her now. She pretty much had the whole park to herself, but survived the summer and her little dog survived the constant threat from coyotes in the surrounding desert. We stopped and visited her clan when we were on a road trip the winter I retired. We definitely knew we were not in Minnesota anymore, but enjoyed the experience and now know where we could live on a shoestring if times get tough.

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  6. For Christmas Kelly gave me a gift card to SmashBurger. We don’t have them down here so it’s only when I’m in the cities am I able to get some Smashfries. (The Smashtots are not as good).
    It’s a long way for take out, but I have ordered large fries and taken them home to reheat so Kelly could try them.

    Locally, we take-out a lot of pizza and there are several places we really like.
    BB’s has really good sauce. Mr Pizza North and Mr Pizza South are different owners and are not related and each has their own good pizza. And Valentinos, while evidently a chain, still feels like a local place with Jim the manager and Bill the assistant both knowing us by name. All have gluten free pizza.

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    1. our favorite pizza these days is aldis giant cheese for $4.99
      super bowl has all pizza for 4.99
      normally mega meat and pepperoni are $5.99 or $6.49 but wonderful at that price too for all the carnivores out there

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  7. Nothing would remotely be able to replace Athens Café in Robbinsdale – everything was excellent, but my favorite was the combination dinner lamb kabob dinner – they sold they’re hummus in pints and quart containers. A few tables if you wanted to sit down, but you were still going to get styrofoam and plastic-ware.

    We’ve been to the Culver’s here, and there’s a Golden China that we eat at but have never done their take-out… And sometimes when I’m out and about I will pick up a Taco Bell chicken quesadilla, which has a nice mustardy (?) sauce…

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  8. OT: I’m curious – how many baboons have to go out today. I know VS is at work (I’m so sorry).

    Since we’re not setting foot outside, except momentarily out of curiousity, it’s a day for putzy stuff – I’m making German potato pancakes as we speak, and listing to my collection of old taped albums that I’d almost forgotten I had. Husband is making something with some Meyer lemons we have that need using…

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    1. I actually chose to come into work today. My company offered everyone the ability to work from home today and yesterday. But I hate working from home and it’s nice and quiet in my building today. I rewarded myself with a raspberry cream scone on the to work.

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    2. I went out this morning to plow out the road again. I was worried about the tractor and the diesel fuel gelling up but it was all good. (Praise to the diesel fuel additive!)
      Kelly went to work, but only because there’s a funeral today for a co-worker’s father. Just inside, no graveside service.
      I have a meeting at 3:00 I’ll be headed too.
      Been out to fill the bird feeders and collect eggs. The chickens have pretty much decided lately this isn’t worth it….
      Daughters programs have been closed all week so she’s been happy to be home.
      My college closed Monday and today. Tomorrow was supposed to be ‘Student Success Day’ but they cancelled that. And since there wasn’t classes anyway, it’s not a day off for me, but I set my own schedule so I’ll get there at some point.

      Be careful out there everyone.

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      1. I’m stuck on that phrase: “the chickens have pretty much decided this isn’t worth it.” I’m not sure I understand. Have they decided to go on strike and quit laying eggs? Do they get to choose? I can imagine that a chicken that has laid eggs for six years and never had one grow up would begin to question her choice of . . . profession, or would it be lifestyle? I’m trying to imagine chickens having discussions and maybe some of them conclude, “Geez, what is the point?”

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        1. Whether you mean it or not, this is pretty funny.

          But you’re giving them too much credit I think. Most of them don’t seem to make any connection between laying an egg and chicks. Because it seems like if they did and really wanted chicks, they would make more of an effort to hang around the rooster.
          I just meant with the cold, they don’t seem to have much interest in laying eggs.

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    3. I went out to take the trash out, but otherwise stayed in all day. I had a couple of pipes freeze in the laundry room, but they seem to be thawed now without permanent damage. I hope. I had the faucet dripping overnight to keep the water moving, and the pipes were fine this morning. Then I got complacent and turned the water off during the day. Checked around 4 this afternoon and uh-oh. Space heater below, hair dryer above.

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  9. I might be the luckiest man on earth
    my two simple pleasures in life are Lipton‘s tea 300 to a package at Costco for six dollars and a subway where I have made a confession to my gluten intolerance and now order a flatbread 12 inch sandwich with pepper jack cheese toasted topped with spinach lettuce tomatoes cucumbers onions Green peppers banana pepper heavy heavy heavy on the black olives kind a light on the jalapeño peppers and 1/2 the normal dose of southwest chipotle dressing please cut in half and wrap the Habs separately so that I can eat one 6 inch sandwich now and have the other 6 inch sandwich with in the next 24 hours because two of them is way too much to eat
    are used to get upset that they wouldn’t give me double with cheese thing is I wasn’t ordering the meat that would be included on a cold cut sandwich all for 499
    now instead of getting upset I just have them put the meat on the side and my dogs like it when I go to Subway as much as I do

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  10. My favorite meal was discussed the other day on the blog and was discovered about 20 years ago when a friend asked me if the reason I was a vegetarian was because I didn’t believe in killing animals and I replied yes

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    1. He said well what about Stone crab then?
      I said what about Stone crab
      He said well they don’t kill him they pull him up from the ocean floor and if they have two claws they harvest one and if they only have one claw they put it back into the ocean and wait for the other clock to grow back because they have to have one in order to be able to defend themselves…so they don’t kill them they harvest like apples…
      I said I’ll deal with that when I come to it and over the last 20 years I’ve probably had Stone crab 15 or 20 times and it has become without a doubt my number one favorite meal .
      It’s only good in months with an R
      I can’t remember if that’s a shellfish role in general but I know it does apply to other seafood as well
      The pickled parrot used to have February has their Stone crab month and I ate it there a few times.
      We used to go on a cruise in January and on the cruise there was a seafood buffet which normally would be very unappealing to me but Stone crab was featured and I would simply get there at the crack of the opening of the buffet phillip play with stone crab open a bottle of white burgundy and sit down at the bistro table outside and enjoy a plate of clause and a bottle of wine for the three hours that the buffet was open
      We used to go on a cruise in January and on the cruise there was a seafood buffet which normally would be very unappealing to me but Stone crab was featured and I would simply get there at the crack of the opening of the buffet fill a plate with stone crab open a bottle of white burgundy and sit down at the bistro table outside and enjoy a plate of clause and a bottle of wine for the three hours that the buffet was open I don’t believe I’ve ever felt more opulent
      It can be served with a mustard sauce is probably best just dipped in melted butter but is very good just playing all by itself
      You need the cracker like you require for eating regular crab that looks like a nutcracker and then have the little digger tool like you used to pull the meat out of walnuts and hazelnuts with your Christmas nutcracker
      I looked it up last week online and found Amazon will deliver 3 pounds for $250 but also found a place in the Orlando area that were sell 10 pounds for $199
      I found one other takers it will take a pound or two if I can figure out how to get six or 8 pounds moved I will order it and deliver it to my Stone crab sharing partners
      I found one other taker that will take a pound or two if I can figure out how to get six or 8 pounds moved I will order it and deliver it to my Stone crab sharing partners My mouth is watering catch y’all later

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      1. I have to play Devil’s Advocate right now. It’s my father in me. If you kill an animal, it’s dead but it’s not feeling anything. I doubt they give any anesthetic to the stone crabs when they are ripping their hands off.

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  11. We rarely do take-out, but we do have a couple of favorite places where we pick up parts of a meal from time to time.

    “Fridays on Isabel Street” is an event put on by a young couple that sell BBQ beef and pork out of a fancy rig outside their West Side home on most Friday evenings. Black Market BBQ, is the name of their business. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s the best BBQ I’ve ever had. The meats are prepared with dry rubs as opposed to slathered in sauce, and they are cooked over low heat for a long time; truly delicious.I justify the price by saying that it’s cheaper than eating out, and I know it’s going to be eaten in a peaceful environment where we can actually carry on a conversation, without a big screen TVs blaring at us from every angle.

    We also have the Flatbread Company just a few block away. From them we get a weekly supply of garlic sauce. A dollop of that improves the taste of just about everything! As the name suggests, they also have several different kinds of flatbread. In addition they carry an array of really good olives that you can buy in whatever quantities you want. Spinach, and pork pies, kibbeh, tabouleh, hummus – everything house made. It’s a neighborhood gem. Pretty much everything on the table for the small celebratory meal we had with BiR, her husband, and Linda when they picked up our old dining room table came from there.

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  12. sounds wonderful
    my kansas city buddy taught me bbq smoking and 250 is as high as it is ever souupsed to get and a reload on the hickory chips after 2 or 3 hours .8-10 total on the grill ribs , brisket, turkey… all good
    smoked cheese is done at 105-120 for an hour or two just set the slab of cheese in the smoker and get it smoking

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  13. For me, the ultimate burger is a rich brown on the outside, a soft pink on the inside and a ball of top-quality, butter-soft meat, rather than a thin, firm patty. I like mine with cheese and topped with crispy bacon, a lightly-toasted seeded brioche bun, with a generous slap of French mustard, but no thick-sliced tomato. Golden brown and crispy fries. Remove and drain on paper towels so they stay crispy.

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