Garden Dreams

It is so cold here this week, and there are so many disasters galore regarding my husband’s frozen-up pick up on the rez, that it has been a real relief to receive garden seeds in the mail.  We will start tomatoes and peppers in the next week or so.

What are your garden dreams? What are your hopes for the next year?

32 thoughts on “Garden Dreams”

  1. This is easy. I will not be doing any gardening in 2019. None. Zero. Zip. Depending on where I am in the early spring, I may be giving away perennials then, but whoever takes them will have to do the digging themselves. Or someone else who lives here will have to do the digging and put the plants in the compost.

    However, I do hope to be able to eat some raspberries and some yummy things made with black currants, rhubarb, and red currants (all of those are grown in my back yard and I hope to not have to get rid of those).

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  2. If I am dreaming, then the little corner of garden by the front door that is in a perpetual state of looking scruffy will somehow transform into a beautiful bit of English garden loveliness. The dirt there that is horrid will become rich and dark, the pavement rose bush that seems to be creeping through will be full and lush instead of a bit scraggly, the coneflowers will not be eaten by marauding bunny rabbits, and the other odd bits of this and that will finally fill in and look like something so I don’t have to play my annual game of “did I plant that on purpose or is that a weed?” It’s a rich fantasy world I live in some days…

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    1. I am confident your dreams will come true except for the marauding bunny rabbits. Their taste seems to change every season. I had gorgeous portulacas for years then last year they became gourmet desirables by the rabbits. In previous years, parsley was a target or baby bell petunia type flowers. Never the same each year!!

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        1. I have been following the Baboons since the morning show! But not always courageous enough to chime in. But thoroughly enjoy the humor, wisdom and articulateness of the members!

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  3. I am back on the rez retrieving Husband’s pick up for the second time in two days. There is no color anywhere except for white and grey. The pick up started, thank the Lord! I will dream of warm gardens as I drive back home now. It is snowing.

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  4. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I had not even thought of my garden for awhile, but this morning I was thinking about compost. Yes, compost. All that natural decomposition that becomes the soil. I thought about it because I brought back a box of citrus from AZ. The lemons and oranges have been luscious. The grapefruit, which was the star of 2018, is not so good this year, so I have been juicing those, a process which creates piles of empty rinds just perfect for composting. As I did that, standing in the kitchen window looking at my compost barrel, the light bulb came on.

    Spring. Warmth. Seeds. Compost. True romance.

    Soon, very soon.

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  5. The fall was so cool and wet, mybstraw bales from last summer didn’t really break down and the chickens barely got a chance to rummage through them to help spread it out.

    I’m dreaming of warmer weather and getting time in the tractor that I didn’t get last fall.
    And seeing the chickens outside enjoying the sun and scratching at the grass and starting to lay some eggs again.

    I spent some nice time in the tractor today blowing snow. Moth Radio Hour and This American Life and our dog Bailey to keep me company. But it’s slmost like the shopping cart kid; It won’t STAY GONE, it keeps coming back.

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  6. Mostly just dreaming that Winter will pass, Spring will come. This year I want the peony bush we transplanted from Robbinsdale to bloom, and I want to learn how to keep the quack grass down to a low roar.

    OT: Spent the entire day at our Frozen River Film Festival, and just got back a bit ago. WOW – there is a blog post in there somewhere.

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  7. I do not dream about spring or gardening. If I start dreaming about that now, then I lose my winter attitude and I’m not happy the rest of winter. And it’s snowing again this morning here so it’s clear we’re going to have more winter. I think the only thing I have to add is that I made the decision last fall that I’m going to invest in some taller tomato cages this year. They just get so out of control when the cages aren’t tall enough to hold them and it’s ridiculous that I’m using garden chairs to try to prop up the overgrown plants so they don’t hit the ground.

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        1. Well, maybe I just put up that song because it’s fun and about getting older…you know, “when I’m 64, many years from now

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  8. Funny you should mention this. I just moved to downtown Mpls and our senior apt near the river has raised beds (where tomatoes and herbs were much appreciated last year). We are formalizing our garden plan this week! Guess this winter has stimulated all of us to think of warmer weather.

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  9. All I need now are the seeds from Baker Seeds, Burpees, and The Natural Gardening Company to arrive and we can start the seedlings. I am trying a new paste tomato “Gladiator”, in addition to the San Marzanos. The latter are heirloom and less disease resitant than the former. We shall see how they work. We will also start “Brandyboy” tomatoes. I am determined to have no more than 10 tomato plants this year. We had 16 last year and it was way too many tomatoes.

    We will grow Hatch chilis “Big Jim” and “Joe Parker” varieties which are mild, as well as “Spanish Giant” sweet red peppers.

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  10. One of the reasons we plant too many tomatoes and peppers is that I start too many and feel guilty not using them since they worked so hard to grow for us. Then there is the worry “what if something happens and we lose a few plants and we won’t have enough to last the winter?” All irrational worries. We are ceetainly enjoying now all the produce we put up in the fall, though.

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