Pi Day 2019!

It’s my personal holiday again today – Pi Day. Everyone at work knows that I’m off today to bake pies – even a couple of my long-term clients know.  I am allowed to use my “floating holiday” for Pi Day – my boss had it approved by management about 6 years ago.  I even have personalized napkins this year, given to me by a friend after last year’s celebration.

This year’s menu: Dutch Apple, Banofee, Root Beer Float Whoopies, Raspberry Tangerine, Pecan, Bob Andy, Blueberry, Almond Joy, Caramel Pear with Crème Fraiche, Key Lime Meringue and the addictive Crack Pie.

Hope to see those of you in the Twin Cities tonight!

What day would you like to be your floating holiday?

34 thoughts on “Pi Day 2019!”

  1. Rise and Have Some Pi, Baboons,

    There would need to be some gardening and produce canning holidays added to keep me happy. Right now, an ice removal holiday might be nice if it was guaranteed to removed it. We had a small ice dam in the back of the house that leaked into the basement ceiling Monday which I still do not understand.

    Sherilee—what time?

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      1. i was going to suggest that marvelous trick i utilize way too little

        put an x on your calendar and plug you into your calendar

        reading day?aptil 17th


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  2. I’m awed, vs, by your ambition and prodigious output. You have pies there that I have never heard of, let alone tasted. I’m sure you don’t need any more recipes, but knowing how it is with recipes, you can never get too many. Here’s a link that includes a savory one (hint, hint):

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  3. Every day should be a floating holiday — especially my birthday.

    I wish I could be there to try your pies, Sherrilee. I remember attending once several years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed the sugar rush.

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        1. I’d still vote no to anything that would commemorate that man in perpetuity. World Despot Day. Currently accepting nominations.

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    1. The header photo and the one of the table are mine. The Pi photo with the pi cutter is, alas, one that found on the internet years ago.


  4. my kids are 3.14 birthdays two of them so today is out of the question for me to celebrate elsewhere. on 3.14 in jr high school one of the kids had a school fundraiser on pui day so we went to participate and that was the first i ever heard of it. l

    enjoy i would love to be at vs’s shindig. today is also kirby puckett and albert einstein’s birthday. a great day all around

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    1. Son is contending with flooding in Brookings. It is only the garage thus far. They have no basement in their town home.


  5. get a blue plastic tarp and put it under the eaves makeing certain the water runs away form the house if you have to tack it to a 2×12 to keep the uphill part running in the proper direction then do it. need a hand?

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    1. I have had several tarps up since Tuesday. I have two dehumidifiers, a submersible pump, and a wet vac. It’s not the first time the basement has been wet. I’m running the pump for about five minutes or so every hour.

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