April Fool

One of my children is very adept at pranking me on April 1, usually with plausible texts about rash decisions or changes in career that I fall for every time. This year I turned the tables and it was satisfying, albeit subtle.

On Monday morning I sent the following text :

In honor of today I thought of sending you a text asking you to please not play an April Fools trick since my newly diagnosed heart condition couldn’t handle it, but I thought that would be a mean thing to do, so I didn’t.

I got the following response:


Then, after a few seconds I got the following text:

So, no heart condition I’m assuming?”

I assured the recipient (someone who is always concerned about  my health) that no, there was no heart condition, but thought to myself “Yes!! I got them!!!!”

Tell about neat tricks you played on someone or tricks someone played on you.

23 thoughts on “April Fool”

  1. My maternal grandmother was uniformly dour, but on April 1st, when she packed my grandfather’s lunch, she would put in an uncooked egg in place of the usual hard boiled one.

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      1. Good question, but I don’t know the answer. I only know the story as an anecdote and remember it because it was so out of character, as I knew them.

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  2. Husband heard about this prank over the weekend, so on Monday when he went to play pool, he announced that he’d brought “brownies” – brown E’s he had cut from a grocery bag. It was a pretty small box and it took a while before anyone explored it…

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  3. My dad was a serious prankster although never on April Fool’s Day. And he played the long game. We had an argument once about the puffer fish and we had looked it up in the dictionary and it wasn’t there. Probably a year later (if not longer) this discussion came up again when we had company over. I remembered that the word hadn’t been in the dictionary before so I actually bet money. At some point after the first argument a year before, he had written the words “puffer fish” into the margin of the dictionary. So not only was I humiliated but I also lost money.

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  4. Having been raised by a woman who thought pranks were cruel, I have only pranked one person in my life, and I only did it once to her. I’ve mentioned this before. My erstwife was a good person who had a quirk or two. When she had a problem, everyone was supposed to stop what they were doing to help her. She once asked me to help find a glove she had lost. She’d lost it on a shopping trip to several Highland Village shops. It had probably dropped out of her car. We would find it by retracing her route, looking on the ground near stores she had visited.

    “But that won’t work! it snowed the night after you shopped,” I said.
    “I really liked that glove. I want to find it.”
    “Four inches. It snowed four inches.”
    “I really liked that glove.”

    So we spent over an hour shuffling through the snowy parking lots of Highland Village. We did not find the glove. I didn’t complain. But inside, I was stewing.

    Then, two days later, I found the glove. It was on the floor of our garage. I was about to return it, but could not. I thought, “She’s not going to get it back that easily.”

    Days later we went to a concert at O’Shaughnessy auditorium on the St. Kate’s campus. The Irish power band Altan would perform. I had the glove in my pocket. When my erstwife was getting out of her coat I silently dropped the glove on the floor in front of her. We chatted, waiting for the concert to start. Then she noticed something.

    “Oh, look. Someone lost a glove.”
    “Hey, grab it. You just lost a glove, didn’t you?”
    “Yeah. I lost a right glove, and this is a right glove.”
    “Cool! Now you have a pair.”
    “Geez, this is getting weird. The glove fits! It fits! This is exactly like the glove I lost.”
    Two women sitting next to us noticed. One began humming the theme to The Twilight Zone: Dee dee dee dee dee dee.
    “This is amazing! This IS my glove. See, it is worn right here where I grab it to take it off! I can’t believe this! I’ve never been to this place before in my life”
    The two women got up and moved a few seats away.

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  5. i have a few old standbys
    hot dog in the ice cube dispenser in the refrigerator door .
    rubber band around the trigger on the water nozzle on the kitchen sink aimed front and center
    saran wrap over toilet bowl

    april 1st is my anniversary in sales
    in 1974 after driving the old vw van around and coming back to minneapolis as a wanna be contributing member of society i decided to start my life as a salesman
    i need to take note and so when it was noted that it was april 1 i was jotcsure if it was a good sign or a bad one. i’m still not but it sure is appropriate

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  6. Renee, I love the subtly of your text to your daughter. Nice!

    Not often, but sometimes I am able to say completely bogus things with a straight face.
    Last week, setting up for a concert, I told one of the kids to be sure and run the extension cord for the piano light right along the mic cables (a no-no because it can create electrical interference. But I like to mess with the sound guy) and I told him the electrical field from the extension cord would create a force field of sorts around the mic cables and protect them from interference. He just stared at me. And later on, having talked to the sound guy, said he misunderstood me and that I meant to go at a 90 degree cross over the mic cables.

    I told an actress her toothpaste was leaving a film on her teeth and it was reacting with the particular gels I was using and making her teeth green.

    I told a whole cast I was turning the set around so all their entrances would have to come from the other side.

    But the one I’m still most proud of is inviting our wedding minister to my bachelor party. And how at the rehearsal he introduced himself and said he was there and with a big grin on his face said “I remember who you are and I remember what you said”.

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  7. On April 1st, I read a couple articles people on facebook had linked to, about the sighting of whales in Lake Superior. I think one of them attributed it to migratory patterns while the other referred to “fresh water whales.” I tried to get a couple people to believe it when I told them about it, but that didn’t take at all. So I texted it to youngest daughter. She fell for it!

    One place had whale watching tours you could book – on a kayak. Also Bigfoot sighting bike rides…

    I’ve done the tape down the handle of the kitchen sprayer thing before. Invariably, I forget about it and get sprayed in the face before my intended victims get it.

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  8. i had a girl friend i took to see the submarine races from the romantic overlook
    her dad couldn’t believe how gullible she was when she told him a couple days later about the evening with me

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  9. I’ve been involved in quite a few office pranks. Some of them done with one of my best friends Alan. Some of them done TO Alan! And, of course, there is the egg carton prank, going on 30 years so far.

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