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Our grandson took his first steps this week. A couple of weeks ago, tim sent a video of his very adorable, curly haired, red headed grandson who had just started taking his first steps. The child was absolutely prancing! I couldn’t upload tim’s video due to WordPress rules.  Here is what tim wrote:

my grand kid (ari)

took his first step april 1. he’s got it in his soul if not in his dance step yet

we all have ways we come at the world

tell me about yours


24 thoughts on “Blog Babies”

  1. Some days I try to come at the world like a kid – trying to absorb and learn as much as I can, enjoying every minute of it. Some days that makes me tired. Other days I try to maneuver in the world with the idea that everyone is trying to make it better somehow, even if it’s in small ways, even if it’s only for themselves, even if it’s in ways I don’t like. Other days that makes me cranky. Today I am leaving the day open for what possibilities may come – and hoping that one of them means I can repaint the living room with minimal expense.

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    1. Ive caught them together at a couple of folk festivals, and they’re a lot of fun. That said, I can’t stand her voice. Apart from that, I can’t imagine divorcing and continuing to perform together.


  2. i guess we got it done
    this is not the blog i envisioned but renee wanted it up i guess.

    this must be her way of coming at the world. she asked if she should post it without the video and i said no but i was too bust =y to drop everything to tell her how to turn the video into a youtube video.
    the way i come at the world is far from ideal and i am grateful that the rest of the world doesnt do it like me


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  3. I’ve noticed that I often start like Steve, what MUST be done today. But then switch two and three around, so end up not getting to that I want to do. Need to be clearer ab out what I want right out of the chute, methinks.

    OT: Maui is wonderful (once we got here) – got to spend quality time with stepson & family before a whole passel of other people arrived. Wedding today at 5:00, and the only thing we have to do before then is walk on the beach, take a swim, and come up with some lunch. : ) Well, and take a shower…

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