Happy Birthday!

Daughter’s birthday was last week, and she reports that it was the best birthday ever. She finished her last graduate school class and  she was given an award at her agency for her good work. Both our children become unusually disorganized around the times of their birthdays. Too much anticipation, I guess, although we never made their birthdays into productions. I was glad daughter kept it together and had a great day.

Today is William Shakespeare’s  purported birthday.  April 23rd is also the same day he died 52 years later. It is certainly not the way I should choose to spend my birthday.

What is your favorite Shakespeare play or scene. Which is your least favorite? What was your best birthday? What was your worst?


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!”

  1. i am a midsummer nights dream guy
    puck is my kind of guy
    the play within the play is a treat . i love the smiles
    i like shakespeare done with the dialogue as written not a lot of liberties taken to make it flow
    i love how after. 10 minutes i can understand the flow where at the beginning i have a challenge … every time
    my daughter is all upset about my grandsons first birthday celebration she’s organized to be a party for 100 close personal friends not being top priority for all involved. my 18 year old daughter has a frisbee tournament in madison this weekend and we told ari’s mom we couldn’t skip it.geeze she was upset
    the gala location had already been booked ( she has hoity toidy friends who have rooftop party areas in downtown locations (stupid youthful moves) and to redo it was a hassle. turns out the next weekend selected is 21 year old return from college move out weekend
    birthdays at my house are the day of the birthdays not the close weekend but at age one
    we just won’t tell him…
    1st birthdays are a weird thing. celebrate yes but for who? hell not know the difference. rumor has it the dads friends are buying a full size remote control kiddy car dad can let the kid ride around in. might be fin but really… the apartment is not going to be home for it. my house is. i bought that kind of stuff for my little kids but i was an idiot. the tradition continues.
    renee … 4 questions is too many. stop it.

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  2. Son is the baker in his family, and they had a tiny cake for their son’s first birthday a week early with only DIL’s parents in attendance. His real party will be a small gathering at the SD Children’s Museum in Brookings with three toddler friends so they can climb and play together. We were terrible grandparents and didn’t get him anything for his birthday. We prefer to ask son and DIL what he actually needs in terms of equipment and supplies, so we will get him swimming diapers and a travel high chair. Son made a chili chocolate cake for himself for his own birthday in February.

    I really like Henry V, but Hamlet is hard for me to get through.

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    1. My kids ended up appreciating the savings bonds that both my parents and my ex-wives parents bought and whatever denomination is through the first 10 years of their lives by the time they got to college that was worth some serious money and they were impressed with how savings work I’m sad to say they weren’t impressed enough to create their own savings program but at least they understand how it works

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  3. “O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name or if thou Wilt not but be sworn my love and I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”

    I love lots of Shakespeare but I do have to say the balcony scene always touches my heart. Young love. So stupid.

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  4. I think my worst birthday was my 29th. Something in my brain started thinking about the fact that now that I was 29, 30 was going to be the next milestone. And I had all kinds of unwritten rules in the back of my head about what kind of person I should be and what I should wear and how I should do my hair when I was 30. It was really depressing; I ended up going to a therapist about it.

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    1. Yes; planning on it.
      I was thinking last night I need to get an email sent out to everyone. But I’m deep in tech week; show opens on Thursday. So I’ll get details out soonish.

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  5. I got nothing for Shakespeare.
    I had a really good 25th birthday party; lots of friends and a good point in my life, a really good restaurant bar and just a lot of fun.
    If I’ve had a bad one I don’t recall it.

    I met a guy last week who I went to elementary school with. Haven’t seen him in 40 years, but I remembered the name and have been seeing him on FB so knew he was back in the area.
    I introduced myself and one of the first things he said was ‘We used to go to each others Birthday parties! My mother will be so excited that we’ve met again.”
    I don’t recall his birthday parties. And I recall a few of mine own from that 7-10 age where there was pretty big groups and there’s a picture of us playing leap frog in the yard. Maybe he was at one of those… I feel bad I don’t remember his.

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  6. I remember my 30th birthday as a good one. I had put in an offer on my house and the day before my birthday it was accepted. So when I woke up and found myself 30 years old, I had something I was looking forward to, a kind of progress in life. Had mimosas at breakfast with a friend.

    Like Ben, I can’t really recall any bad birthdays. Sometimes the weather wasn’t terribly nice. Last year it was really snowy. But that’s never bothered me all that much.

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