Decade on the Trail – Pictorial

Today’s post is Part Two from Barbara in Rivertown

Today we have a pictorial history to go with Tuesday’s written one. Thanks to all baboons who sent me photos – I’ve used only those that have two or more baboons in them.

I think this is the earliest one in my collection – taken with Dale Connelly at the MPR booth at the State Fair (in 2009? 2010?) Not all in it became baboons, but I do see Sherrilee, Beth-Anne, and Linda in the middle row, and Jim and thigh (that guy in the hat) in the back.
The above is a smaller group in the Seed Art room, maybe 2011
Below was taken at our first meeting, at a picnic table in Wabun Park, by Minnehaha Falls in S. Mpls. BiR, Jacque, and Anna in the background. Also present were Sherrilee, Linda, and Steve.








I don’t know whose idea it was to start going to museums – the first one I attended was, I think, the Russian Art Museum in S. Mpls – Anna, tim, Joanne, BiR, VS
Then there was the Swedish Museum circa 2012… extra points if you can remember what the exhibit was. VS, tim, Linda, Lisa, BiR, PJ
There have been gardening adventures – at PJ’s yard.  The group shows Bill, Robin, Lisa, Krista, PJ in back; ljb (Edith), BiR, Linda, VS


…. and in PJ’s kitchen, where Lisa modeled her prom dress
At Steve’s – well, at Steve’s we took down a tree limb in the back yard of his darling bungalow.
Chain Saw Gan – madislandgirl and S&H(son & heir), Lisa, tim, YA (VS’ young adult), Bill, Robin, BiR, Linda, Michael, and Ben!







We had Steve’s surprise birthday party, also at Wabun Park – tim managed to get him there after some ball game, I think. VS, Steve, tim
There have been several trips to Rock Bend Folk Festival. Here’s City Mouse, with the Morning Show’s producer Mike Pengra on the drums.
It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it… And admission is still FREE!







Linda, BiR, Krista, and I think Holly, at Rock Bend – not sure which year…?

There have been a number of events that didn’t get photographed: PJ organized a Guthrie outing for, was it? H.M.S. Pinafore? There have been game nights at tim’s, a painting party at Steve’s before he moved, Pi Day at Sherrilee’s.

But we do have one of a Solstice Parties at Sherrilee’s – Steve, Linda, tim
A few made a weekend trip to Steve’s cabin, up by Cornucopia, WI: Linda, Steve, tim, Krista, Jacque







and a few went south to Donna’s cabin at Spirit Lake, IA – but no photo!

North Dakota Renee made it to a BBC at tim’s when she was in town, of which we have no photo. But Steve provided one of her and husband Chris, taken when they were visiting near Steve’s place in Portland.

There have also been sad times… not only the ending of The Late Great Morning Show, but also the memorial after

Jim Ed Poole’s (aka Tom Keith) death in 2011. This proves that you can get baboons to smile for anything: TGith?, PJ, tim, Joanne, Anna, mig’s S&H in back; Linda, VS, madislandgirl.
A quick meet-up of Barbara and Joanne of Big Lake after the 100-Mile Garage Sale.







And I didn’t have my camera back in April when I met another baboon Linda at baboon Chris’ book signing at the lovely Fair Trade Books in Red Wing. But here’s a photo taken at another of Chris’ signings:
And here is from Chris’ FIRST book signing!

And we even had a congratulations gathering when Beth Ann won the Kemps State Fair Ice Cream contest

No baboons in this shot, but here are the fixins!







What’s been your favorite Baboon gathering or outing? What/who got left out here? (I’m sure I’ve left out some baboons…)

What field trip shall we do next??

49 thoughts on “Decade on the Trail – Pictorial”

  1. There were also some forays to see Barb in Blackhoof and Cynthia in Mahtowa. But I think ljb holds the record for longest distance traveled when she paid a visit to (then) Happy Valley Steve.

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    1. Yes, my pictures didn’t turn out when we visited with Cynthia – met at a lovely little Cafe ____ in town, but we were late from having taken a wrong turn somewhere. Did have time to get a tour of the house and see the goats and horses, and then my photos didn’t turn out!

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      1. BiR and Linda: I have photos of the Blackhoof visit with Barb and her friendly goats. Photographically speaking, they’re nothing great. But a few “did turn out.” I would happily share them with anyone who is interested.

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        1. MISTAKE…on my clipboard, looking for a source of “Amish” butter for TJ’s of Mahtowa store. sorry. But good butter!!!

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      1. I see that Barb posted the visit to my farm. ps having trouble posting, WP keeps asking me to log in…then tells me my comment is a duplicate. AAARRRGggggghhhhhh.

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    1. Yes, and Linda and I got to meet Clyde when he dropped off some driftwood at my Robbinsdale house several years ago. There is a photo of him if yo go to The Baboon Congress at top of this page, click on Clyde. I emailed him recently, and he is coping with pain from his own ailments, and Sandy’s illness, as well as can be expected. I miss his voice a lot.

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    2. If memory serves, I think that Jim Tjepkema and either Linda or Lisa, for some reason I think it was Lisa, also visited Clyde and his wife at their home in Mankato at some point. I was relatively new to the trail at the time, so I hadn’t met any of them at that point.


  2. Thanks, Barbara, for compiling and posting the pictures. It’s the first time I’ve been able to put faces to a lot of names. I’ve only met you, Linda, VS, tim; and I think Jacque and a few others long ago at a Blevin’s Book Club at VS’s.


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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    Barb it is such an act of caring to post these pictures, as well as yesterday’s history. Thank you Thank you.

    I am drawing a total blank about a next Field Trip. I would say to go to the Arboretum or come to my garden, but if we do that, it will RAIN. The ARboretum would be a great bet, though—We could have coffee, look at some gardens and some art, and discuss a book, all in the same trip.

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    1. PS, I see Ben in Steve’s backyard under the tree and holding the ladder. Do not forget our Ben. My raspberries would be limp without his chicken p**.

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      1. I was in the caption; It’s all good.

        That day of Steve’s tree I had my steel-toed boots, hearing protection, safety glasses, safety chaps— and there was tim in sandals. And I thought “One of these is not like the other”. Talk about understatement.

        I’ve met several of you in small situations. Anna and I have crossed paths at a couple shows. MiG picked up a kitten from me. And of course the straw and chicken poo deliveries.

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  4. Thanks, Bir, fun photos and memories.

    Yes, the excursion to the Guthrie that I arranged (my first venture into trying to organize a baboon event, something I was sorely unprepared for the complexity of!) was indeed to a performance of HMS Pinafore.

    The fifth photo down, with baboons in front of a large woven tapestry, is from a visit to the American Swedish Institute, The exhibit was of tapestries by Swedish weaver Helena Hernmarck. That was the first of two visits to that place. The other, where I don’t think any photos were taken, was an exhibit of Danish-Norwegian Karen Bit Vejle’s papercuts. A third exhibit we talked about visiting together, photographs by Erik Johansson, a Swedish photographer/visual artist, never happened.

    In the photo taken after the Tom Keith memorial service at the Fitz, the guy to the left (next to me) is Joanne’s husband, Jim, That guy in the hat, tgith, was at the event but didn’t join us for the photo op afterward.

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      1. That was certainly my experience, BiR. Other events were more easily “organized” because they had to happen on a certain date. Steve’s 70th birthday party was a case in point. You could make it or you couldn’t, but there was only a one day option.

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  5. I’m wondering whether or not there were any pictures taken at Steve’s farewell party at his house, a gathering that was attended by Dale and Steve’s sister, CrystalBay.


      1. But I have clear memories of that day in my mind’s eye – meeting CrystalBay, Dale being there…all of us in that cozy bungalow. And, of course, the food…

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        1. Heavily involved as you are, Anna, in the tech industry, I’d expect you to be able to transfer some of those images to the blog. No?

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        2. Um…I have yet to figure out how to get stuff out of my grey matter and into the ether in anything other that text. Kind of old school that way. 😉

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  6. Congratulations to you persevorative people. 10 years is impressive. I do lurk very occasionally but I spend way too much time on computer and phone and try and fail to limit further involvement.
    I do have fond memories of the events I attended; you are a marvelous bunch.
    Can’t remember the context but it wasn’t TOO long ago that I had to explain who a Baboon was and how we were connected.

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    1. I remember there was a concert we attended at a church in Minneapolis, St. Joan of Arc, I think. Aaron was there, and several others of us, though I am unsure who exactly attended.

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