It’s nice and cool this morning. Last night’s storm pushed the hot air away temporarily, plus I have two fans going in my room!  I have yet to drag my little window air conditioner out of the attic to install it.

Growing up in St. Louis, air conditioning was everywhere. You’d leave your arctic house and get hot and sweaty.  Then you’d crank up the ac in your car to cool down.  Then you’d get out of your car and get hot and sweaty.  Then you’d go into the grocery store where the ac was set to a temperature that would make penguins happy.  I swear, I used to think that I would get internal temperature schizophrenia from the constant hot/cold/hot/cold.

This means that as an adult, I have an aversion to putting in my window unit. I can get through a couple of 90+ degree days but after 2 days, the house has heated up pretty thoroughly and my bedroom can’t cool down enough at night for comfort. But if it’s only a couple of days and then the heat subsides, then I can continue on my merry way, air-condition free.  Two summers ago I made it through the whole summer.  Last summer, no so luck.

It’s mid-July, so I think if I can get through the next couples of weeks, I might make it. Fingers crossed.

What are you are irrationally averse to?

19 thoughts on “Heat!”

  1. i have an irrational aversion to getting a job

    i hate having people tell me what to do.

    i went through high school taking exactly twice the required workload so i would have options open to me when it came time to choose.
    remember the game of life where you would choose to be a doctor or a teacher or a policeman or a laborer and your life would be set up according to the choice?
    i did think at an early age if i kept the options open i could choose to be a doctor a lawyer or an indian chief but when it can time to choose with a set of credits that left all options open an acceptable gpa and set of sat scores that would get me in i couldn’t face the thought of more structure. the thought of putting up with poppycock 101 for a couple years until you got to pursue your major left me cold so i jumped in the vw and off i went in search of life’s true meaning.
    i’ve been futzing and tweaking for years and when i run into a situation where the obvious answer is to set up a regiment i deflect it off to a capable soul who can do it.
    not me i need to keep coming to the fork in the road and choosing. over and over. the only thing certain is uncertainty, security is for the insecure, and don’t count your chickens when they are gathering no moss

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  2. I am irrationally averse to feeling air or breezes on my arms, so I usually wear long sleeves. Since I am a side sleeper, it means that when I lie in bed I have to position my covers and arms so that I don’t feel the breath from my nose on my arms. Odd, but true.

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  3. Rise and Shine Baboons

    I am averse to large bureaucracies in which I have to do things “just because” and for no reason that is contextual. Coping with the complexities of Social Security Administration of late has just about driven me wild.

    I just hyperventilated. Now I am OK.

    OT, as soon as I hear from Edith’s family, I will pass it on to you regarding her service. Nothing yet.

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  4. Husband has become increasingly averse to weeds, even in places around the yard where we just walk around garden beds, so that we spread 30 bags of bark mulch last weekend. Even I am not that Dutchy.

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  5. Sweating, which really makes me wonder why live in this climate – this week anyway. About the only thing I willingly continue doing once I’ve started sweating is folk dancing.

    I’m also averse to wasting stuff, and sometimes get a bit ridiculous – I’ve been known to scoop breadcrumbs into a little container and keep them in the freezer… of course it’s small and I don’t remember it’s there…

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  6. I hate getting my head wet in the rain. I can walk in the rain as long as I have a hat. I don’t know where that came from. Showers or swimming is OK, just not walking in the rain.
    Maybe I don’t want to get struck by lightning?

    And spiders. I do not like spiders.

    And not an ‘aversion’, but I have an irrational fear of not being able to find a parking place when we attend big events. I’ll get there two hours early so I can find a parking spot.


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  7. OT, Edith’s family just posted her memorial information on Caring Bridge. I will email it also. If you don’t have access to that, please let me know. Jacque

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  8. I’m averse to this heat, to sweating, and to trying to sleep in a hot room.This is not my time of year. I have AC but, as the laws of physics dictate, it is hot upstairs where I sleep and blessedly cool in the basement where I do not. I spend more on utility bills in the summer because I don’t need much heat in the winter. I live hot, it’s not a flash, it’s a continual, ever-present state of being. I love the north wind in August. It breathes change.

    The other aversion I have is to cigarette smoke. I don’t think it’s irrational. I have asthma. Cigarette smoke is dangerous and deeply offensive to me.

    Gosh, I sound like I’m getting old!

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    1. You don’t sound old. 🙂

      This kind of humidity is just ridiculous and cigarette smoke is bad for all of us.
      My wife would love to have continual hot flashes. I wish we could get away without much heat in winter. 🙂

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