Dog Days

I’m not getting much done at work today. During the summer, every Friday is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” and I am in dog heaven.  I keep dog treats in my cube and on Fridays, I actually have a stash in my pocket throughout the day.

Today in addition to Charlie and Bernie Mac and Vegas (GoldenDoodle, Puggle, Doberman) who are here most Fridays, we have a brand new puppy. 8-week old Dave Grohl (name of somebody in some band that I don’t know about), a golden retriever.  He has the wonderful puppy smell and that squishy soft puppy skin.

Rufus, Mochi, Brandon and Ash are off today but I’ve petted (and fed) a couple of others, whose names I don’t know, as they travel through the building. I’m on a main aisle and I think the dogs can smell the treats in my pocket as they’re going by so they stop by!

What perk would make your Fridays better?

48 thoughts on “Dog Days”

  1. I only work half a day on Friday since I work late Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Not going in at all on Friday would make it better. So would having a Monday holiday.

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    1. Daughter tried to get that schedule of being off Monday and Friday. We settled on just having Monday off. (I think it’s the whole psychological thing of “Monday”). Plus, with Kelly only working half days on Friday, we can have lunch dates.

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      1. my youngest is going to depaul in september.we went to orientation and she set her schedule and changed her major to high school english teacher.
        no classes monday or friday one class wednesday 4 classes tuesday and thursday

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  2. I wouldn’t mind puppy Fridays at all. We have a Slack channel at work just for dogs (Slack is an instant-message app that allows for group, or “channel” discussions, as well as one-to-one IM). On days with a lot of posts, it’s easy to lose a chunk of time looking at photos of everyone’s dogs…

    If I can’t have dogs, I wish I could have open windows some days during the summer. Working in a large office building, I know the HVAC system would be in havoc, but gosh it would be nice to have some unprocessed air from time to time. (And yes, I can leave the building, but working outside with my laptop isn’t really workable for long periods of time.)

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      1. Dogs messaging each other would likely mostly be about cheese, treats, who sniffed whom, and how not to get in trouble for shedding on the furniture. Which could be entertaining. Our Slack channel is the human companions for the dogs posting photos of the dogs’ lives and moods. (One dog got to go to the beach this weekend and showed off his sand-covered snoot.)

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    1. I work in a former college dorm, and we have lovely windows and closets /storage in our offices. We are being evicted next year to make room for the Teddy Roosevelt Digital presidential library, and I bet our new digs (which have yet to be found) won’t have the windows or the storage.

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  3. Rise and Pet the Dog, Baboons,

    That is nice, VS. Are there ever dog fights?

    My Fridays no longer include work, so I do have a Dog Day with my two girls at home. Often this includes The Dog Park in the morning, which they love. Then the after lunch nap with Chief Nap Assistant, Lucky. I think I will find her a strap-on doggy nurse’s cap for my knee replacement recovery, since I am sure she will be driven to be near during that process. I am certain my orthopedic surgeon would not encourage this, since he is clearly making every effort to reduce chances of infection: leg wipe schedule for the day preceding surgery, MRSA nasal swab, and no dental work for 6 months.

    Maybe a dog that near wouldn’t meet his antiseptic requirements.

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        1. Bacteria in the mouth can travel through the bloodstream to cause infections at other surgical sites. For several years following my knee replacement, I had to take antibiotics prior to any dental procedures to minimize the risk of infection.

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    1. I have never witnessed any dog fights on Fridays. They do make a big stink about dogs being well-behaved when they come in. And I think a lot of people self police. For example, I never take my daughter’s dog, who is not user-friendly. There have been dogs who had to go home early on Friday because they just are too excited and they bark too much.

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      1. If it were me, I think I would sculpt a little pile of simulated poop out of brown Fimo. The prank potential for Bring Your Dog to Work Fridays would be irresistable.

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  4. At this point it’s hard to improve on my Fridays – t’ai chi within biking distance at 9:30, lunch sometimes with friends from UU book club, maybe visit my mom. About the only way it would be better is if I could beam myself up to Mpls for Tapestry International dancing.


  5. Since I work from home, that makes every day dog day, right??

    I think I’ve mentioned we got a new puppy last fall. Bailey is our outdoor watch dog. She’s doing good in that department. Barks at thunder and other loud noises. Still figuring out when the guineas and chickens get excited she should be alert, but we’re getting there.

    Bailey’s mom is a blue healer. Dad was a pomeranian. All winter and spring she was just a big puff ball of fur. But with the warmer weather and shedding, she’s really slimmed down and looks much more blue healer-ish.
    She’s my farming buddy too; comes in the tractors with me, can jump into the back of the truck (not to ride back there, just too see what I’m doing back there.) And will follow me around the fields. Course she’ll get in anyone’s tractor it seems. Odd that it’s the tractor and not ME in the tractor; wish she’d figure that out.

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    1. I have a question. Why are so many dogs named Bailey? When we used to walk around Lake Harriet, it seemed that every other dog was named Bailey. Was that some sort of cultural reference? It seems too common to be a coincidence.

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      1. We talked about it for quite a while before settling on Bailey. To me, it’s a reminder of Bailey from WKRP in Cincinnati. I didn’t realize how many other dogs were named Bailey. Except in some movie where the dog says his name is ‘Bailey Bailey Bailey’. And I think of that when I call Bailey Bailey Bailey.

        Besides, our Bailey looks like a Bailey.

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  6. Well, every other Friday is payday, so that’s something. At my current employer, we always had popcorn on Friday afternoons but that is on hiatus while they’re remodeling the entire building. Nowhere for the popcorn machine I guess. Feeling a bit glum today.

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  7. I have occassionally wanted to take my cats to work. Think of all the desks they could knock things off of, the places they could slink and hide! The pets and scritches they could get all day!

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  8. OT – I’m so very sad tonight. Just learned that a former neighbor and dear, dear friend has died. We had lost contact for reasons that I don’t want to discuss in public, but she and I were soulmates. I thought of her often, and from time to time stopped by her house, but never visited. Ironically she died from the very disease, uterine cancer, that she helped me survive. I chose to have surgery and radiation. She chose to trust in “alternative” therapies. She died five months after her diagnosis, and here I am, twenty-four years later, and still hanging in there. How I wish I had been there for her.

    Mend your fences while there’s still time, and don’t let anyone stop you from doing so.

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    1. so sorry pj
      i’m glad you made you choice even with it’s less than perfect aspects
      sorry your friend didn’t find success with natural stuff

      i saw a study that in some cases non invasive treatment is better quality of life and doesn’t lead to shorter life term but it all seems a roll of the dice
      circle of life is not easy but it’s great for reflection
      had a friend die last week after a battle with demons that caused upheavals and lots of crap. best remembrances i ever heard let you know life is a tricky tightrope. all you can do is all you can do.

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      1. Diadra’s choices were hers, and she was strong in her beliefs, and I would not have tried to dissuade her from them. I would have wanted to be there to hold her hand, to just be with her.

        It pains me to think that she may not have realized that I loved her; that she didn’t know how much I appreciated her. I don’t think I could have changed the outcome, but she may have died not knowing how much she meant to me.

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        1. I feel regret like yours, as I waited too long at my work to get back to Luverne before my father died. He died with hospice staff, but still, I, his only child, wasn’t there. I solace myself by remembering he knew I loved him deeply. It is so hard when you can’t go back and make it right. Don’t beat yourself up.

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  9. my ideal work life set up would be one week of travel per month
    i think i could make it through any week if i knew australia or nepal or sicily were on the schedule for two weeks from now

    my dogs did their puppy time in an isolated yard and did not learn social skills
    we went to the dog park at age 3 or so and they were fine until they attacked
    next trip sooner
    final trip obvious problem
    end of dogs to the dog park
    my sister got a little yip that’s soooo cute.
    i trained my dogs not to eat him but that’s the best i can do
    my sister said when she got him she would take him everywhere. since then she has taken two trips and asked my kids to watch
    she has offered money my kids have always refused
    this time he ate shoes a hat a sweater and a rug
    they took the $100 which didn’t cover it and promised to refuse future offers
    i am not a fan of little yips
    i like yellow labs and big dog vibe
    cats are fine if they are not too neurotic
    fish are exactly what you see
    dogs and cats can be raised properly or improperly
    fish are good or evil from birth
    make me wonder about psychopaths

    let’s not initiate psychopath friday
    especially at the white house

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