Being In The Right Place

I had a really interesting evaluation question to answer some time ago. It involved helping a psychiatrist with a diagnosis that she just wasn’t certain about.  The possible diagnostic alternatives were serious, one more so than the other.

I took an extensive history from the accompanying family member,  gave the client in question a series of tests, and came up with an alternative diagnosis that the psychiatrist hadn’t considered.  I am still waiting for testing to come back from family members and will then let the psychiatrist know what I am thinking in terms of diagnoses, and  what further steps the she needs to take with this client.

It was during the process of doing this evaluation that I got an exhilarating  sense that I absolutely loved what I was doing and was absolutely in the right place to be doing it. I don’t often get that feeling, but it is was nice when it happens.

What have been the times you got the feeling that you were absolutely in the right place, job, or relationship?

28 thoughts on “Being In The Right Place”

  1. I was at a meetup the other day that draws people from my field and related ones – which in itself is one of my happy places as I have met a lot of really wonderful, smart people at this meetup – chatting with one of my friends there. He asked, as we often do, what have you been working on? And I admitted to being in the deep weeds on some research that seemed wholly unrelated to the sort of work we do – except in my case it will help with a particular problem we are trying to solve for. A moment like yours Renee of realizing I really like what I do – figuring out ways to help people do stuff easier or better or in a whole new way using software.

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  2. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I did not mean to be gone for several days—this just turned into a busy, busy week. Between work meetings and Drs appointments, I had two and a half days that were committed.

    I feel like my part time job is the exact right thing for me now as I age into seniordom. My friend and co-worker needs the emotional and work support that I can provide . We are getting many people walking in the doors now. My other training gig training therapists is also thriving. The organization I formed for support and advocacy of the therapy and its clients has also found a niche. It all adds up to the right place and right time.

    There are times in life in which I feel I am in the wrong place, the wrong people. Because yesterday was so busy, I did not get to write. I wanted to talk about being born into the wrong family(my mother*s) and feeling like a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. It is entirely different than the feeling in the paragraph above.

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    1. I have just discovered that my little portable keyboard may be dying. Some keys produce the wrong symbol—parentheses are backward. Apostrophe is star. It is wearing out I think. Plus I drop n busy the poor thing.


  3. Thanks for this Renee.
    I was rather puzzled with my feelings about going back to work this week. Everyone likes having summer vacation, but I was kind of excited about getting back to the college. And that was making me ponder a bit. And I when I got there Wednesday I just had this feeling that the stage, and the shop, and the whole room just feels comfortable to me; it’s my other home. And I knew I was in the right place.
    I know I’m really lucky about that.

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    1. Getting into a scene shop and smelling the wood, paint, the metallic smell of the tools – that was one of my happy places for a long time. It was like that scruffy sweater that was a favorite because it was comfortable and had just the right slouch/pockets/whatever. Hard to describe to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, but you know it’s “just right” for you. 🙂

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  4. Writers conferences make me feel like I’m in the “write” place at the right time. I also sometimes get a similar feeling on the golf course.

    Performing in a music ensemble at a high level and the performance is nearly perfect was a right-place moment. Nothing beats a musical high. And I had a woefully small number of right-place days when I was teaching music (the days the kids behave, play well, and you can see that they either had a revelation or you nailed a performance.

    Chris in Owatonna

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  5. This happen sporadically, and relatively seldom, but I love the feeling when it does. Most recently, our interfaith council held a vigil at a central Winona park, for the victims of the back-to-back shootings. I volunteered to help with the music, created some sheets of lyrics, and led the singing, mic and all. I do NOT have a solo voice (more of a choral blending type) but I was able to sing through one time the simple song we were teaching, without incident. It felt like I was channeling something.

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  6. Ah, those rare moments when everything seems right with the world. I have been fortunate to have had more than my fair share of them, not because of anything I did to deserve it, but pure luck.

    I am a firm believer that luck favors those in motion, so perhaps some of my good fortune can be attributed to my own actions and behavior, but, mostly, I see it as a function of having been born where and when I was, with a healthy mind in a robust body covered with white skin. I can take credit for none of that.

    Conversely, a lot of the trials and tribulations I have had can be directly traced to unwise, or downright stupid, choices I’ve made. On balance, though, I feel lucky to have made it through to the age of seventy-six, a little frayed at the edges, but still hopeful and grateful for this life that is mine.

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  7. way back when i came back from traveling around the country in the vw van and decided to go to school for music art and to go into sales

    right move

    i love my music and art involvement and really enjoy sales and feel like i’m a good fit

    in a world where i get to have input and design how stiff is done i thrive

    i’m having fun with my new sales dirty with amazon focus

    i could do other stuff and intend to but i’m good where i’m at

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  8. OT – Update on the house next door. Tommy and his sister Lena, and Tommy’s latest girlfriend have moved back in. Can Tina and her eight month old baby be far behind? Tommy declared yesterday “I was born in that house, and I’m gonna die in that house.” Wonder what his plans are?

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    1. *The House Next Door* Is a new Netflix series inspired by PJ:s neighbors. The sequel will be *Suicide Watch*.

      Good Grief. I empathize—what a mess.

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    2. encourage him to get a job and come back to buy it. i’d call the cops just to make certain he doesn’t settle in even s little bit comfortably


  9. OT – for those who were at Blevins in Minnehaha Park on Sunday and noticed the dearth of acorns compared to one year ago, when we were continuously pelted – they’re back! I was there again yesterday and the ground was littered with them. They must just be a bit behind, like everything else this growing season. So far, they are not as thick as last year, but it’s still a great plenty.

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      1. It’s complicated, tim. It’s an estate with a contested will. Three days before he died, Parky, the dad, changed his will to exclude Tommy and Lena. This was contested in court by Tommy and Lena, but the challenge was thrown out.

        Because Tommy’s most recent public record of residence was his parents’ home, police could not remove him from the property despite the fact that his dad had thrown him out at least one year ago. Tommy had continued to squat in the garage, and once Parky died, he simply moved into the house and changed the locks so that Jackie, his older sister and the executor of the will, could no longer access the house. The situation is a mess, and it’s tearing that family apart. There is no easy fix.


  10. I don’t understand why there didn’t seem to be some sense of urgency to clean out the house and put it on the market, but then again, I have no idea what legal wrangling may be going on behind the scenes.

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  11. OT: If I had seen this a couple of days ago (on Hypnagogia day), I would have added this comment, which I just saw on FB (doesn’t give source). For those of you who mentioned daydreaming…
    “Frequent daydreamers are likely to be more intelligent and creative. Studies of mental functions found that wandering minds are associated with creative thinking and more efficient brain activity. Researchers think day-dreamers can grasp concepts so quickly and easily that they can’t help getting lost in other thoughts once they understand what’s happening in their current environment.”

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