What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?

I think everyone I encountered yesterday asked me what my plans were for Labor Day weekend. This weekend is typically a time when Husband and I work our tails off in the garden and at home preserving produce and cleaning. I will make pesto, and I may have a few tomatoes to deal with, but I haven’t any other plans. I could spend a lot of time cleaning, but I don’t think I have it in me.

Husband suggested we go to the Dunn County Fair in Killdeer, a town about 40 miles north of us. It would be fun to see the 4-H exhibits, but the husband and wife calling contests don’t hold much interest for me.  You Baboons able to attend the Minnesota State Fair are sure lucky! I have made it clear to Husband that we will not frenetically bake or cook this weekend.  We need to eat out of the freezers, and that is that!

What are your plans for the weekend? Any memorable Labor Day weekends in your past?

34 thoughts on “What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?”

  1. Rise and Shine Baboons,

    I am traveling to Iowa to celebrate my mother’s 91st birthday. Before that I will bake some cupcakes for the celebration.

    Then there are tomatoes calling my name. I have frozen a gallon and have more than that to skin now. When I have enough gathered I will make tomato soup and can it, I hope before my surgery. The tomatoes are bearing well, but the cool weather has slowed ripening. I cannot face a winter without the tomato soup, though.

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  2. I have some puttering to do around the house – but will also take some time to just enjoy the outdoors. Maybe get on my bike, which has seen little use this summer, or take the dogs for a walk, or sit on the front steps with a book and watch the neighborhood ebb and flow by.

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  3. Happy Labor day everyone.
    I will attend a “designers run through” at a theater. We go into technical rehearsals next weekend so this is our first chance to see what we’re getting into. 🙂 “Mamma Mia” at the local civic theater. That’s Saturday afternoon.
    Sunday afternoon I’m using my truck and trailer to pick up some dead tree branches for an upcoming show because that designer wants to use them in his design. I’m just the driver.
    Don’t know what’s on the plan for Monday.
    I plan on sleeping in all three mornings and perhaps having adult beverages in the evenings.
    Maybe we’ll get a movie in one of those days.
    Course there’s always grass to cut and I still have 90 bales of straw on a wagon to unload… one of these days…

    Enjoy the time y’all!

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  4. I work at the flower shop tomorrow, then I have two whole unscheduled days and a long to-do list. I suppose I could go the the Fair once more, but it’s generally so crowded on Labor Day weekend that I’m not sure it’s worth it. But we’ll see.

    Such beautiful weather we are having! I may take the air conditioners out and store them this weekend.

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    1. It has been so nice not having the air on. My mother would say”good sleeping weather”. Our lows have been in the 40’s, with highs in the 60 ‘s and 70’s. We often get rain when a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast or Florida, and I see that we may get some later this weekend.

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  5. We are doing a Saturday overnight in Mpls to attend a reunion of our Circle Dance group, as some former members are in town again. Tempting to try the fair, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen… May try to connect with a friend, and go to Trader Joe’s. Otherwise, like other putterers: just hanging out here and “catching up” with a few things.

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  6. Nothing much. As I stated earlier, I don’t go to the fair….too crowded. I do have 3 library books to get read and the weather sounds perfect to hang out on my deck doing just that. Also working on rehab exercises for the finger I had surgery on two months ago – need to be ready for piano next week (volunteer accompanist for a south Mpls middle school).

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  7. Having my family down on Sunday for a “mixed grill” meal of the barbie. Low key, good conversation (usually) and no traffic hassles for them driving up to the Cities Monday evening fighting Labor Day “return” traffic.

    Chris in Owatonn

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  8. OT My daughter just left. She told a great story.

    As an employee of St Thomas, a college just blocks from where she grew up, Molly was helping the 800 students who showed up today to move into their dorm rooms. Another woman was helping. Molly asked why this woman was volunteering (the work was extremely strenuous). The woman replied she had sent six kids to St Thomas, so she felt a strong bond with the place and wanted to be helpful. Molly asked where she lived. “In the neighborhood.” Molly asked where in the neighborhood.

    The woman said, “I live across the street from a pretty famous place, although it’s gone now. Have you ever heard of The Hobbit House?”

    Stunned, Molly roared, “I GREW UP in the Hobbit House! DEEDEE, is that YOU?”

    “MOLLY, is that YOU?”

    Both of them erupted into tears. Incoming students filed past in confusion, stepping carefully around the two middle-aged women bawling and hugging in the college parking lot.

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  9. Well my plans for the weekend took a big trajectory change today at about noon. Got a text from YA while I was at the fair. She had an accident at work and has two sprained ankles and a broken foot. So my weekend will be spent helping her get from her bed to the bathroom and back and running up and down the steps to get her stuff and running up and down the steps to let the dogs in and out and I think that’ll be about it.


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