Staying Connected

Day Three of the Fair — first day for YA and I together. As we were sitting on the bus at the Park n Ride, YA says “I left my phone in the car”.  The bus driver had already announced that as soon as the bus was full, he was taking off even it was a little early.  When I asked YA if she wanted to go retrieve her phone, the driver made another announcement; YA didn’t want to wait for the next bus so said she didn’t need her phone.

I almost laughed out loud. I shoved her off the bus and we sprinted back to the car, grabbed her phone and made it back to the bus before it left, although we had to stand at that point.  I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending 8 hours with a young person who didn’t have their phone, even if it meant waiting for the next bus.  A couple of hours later, while she was taking pictures of bunnies, she thanked me for going back for the phone.

Any essential items you need to take if you’re spending a day out and about?

50 thoughts on “Staying Connected”

  1. My phone, I guess. Oh, and chapstick. Husband stocks extra hearing aid batteries, since they tend to need replacement at unpredictable times. Son and DIL have numerous types of baby gear to take along, so that any outing is a major undertaking.

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    1. That is the case with the hearing aid batteries. Lou always has a supply with him. He changes them in restaurants, in the car, at the State Fair, etc. Beethoven’s Fifth symphony intro plays in his ears when the batteries need attention.

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  2. Rise and ShineBaboons,

    The Burts Bees Lip Balm, Ibuprofen for when the weather changes and body aches start, and the iPhone which I resent. The item I enjoy a lot is my iPad which is the source of my newspapers, ebooks, and podcasts. And then there is the favorite lipstick.

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  3. This might be OT…
    You may recall that yesterday I explained how to wrap a hard boiled egg in waxed paper by rolling it up and then twisting the ends. It occurred to me later that a sandwich in waxed paper couldn’t be wrapped the way you would in plastic or the way you would wrap a present and it seemed as if it might be sort of a lost art, since not many people use waxed paper for that purpose anymore. I couldn’t, in my head, imagine what would be a way that didn’t end up with the ends flapping loose.
    Now I acknowledge that you may all already know this from past experience, but I was gratified to discover that, like everything else, there’s a demonstration on YouTube:

    This would also work with parchment paper, of course, or butcher’s paper.

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    1. I was all excited when this video started out just like I start out when I’m wrapping a sandwich in wax paper. But all of the tucking under and in of all of the ends went way beyond what I do. I guess I don’t need my sandwiches wrapped up quite so tightly as they’re usually just going to get opened and eaten within a couple of hours.

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    2. If you were going to do a Foxfire Book for the 21st century, I think this should be in it, along with How to Make a Phone Call With a Rotary Dial Phone. What else should be there?

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  4. Threading a needle, sewinh on a button, operating a sewing machine, administering a Rorschach test (fewer and fewer of my profession have bothered to learn it), home canning

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  5. I stand at the front door before leaving and pat my back left pocket for billfold, left hip for keys, and right hip for phone.
    I’m lucky I don’t work too far from home as I’ve had to go back and get my college keys a few times.

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  6. If I have my glasses on my nose and my purse slung over my shoulder, I’m usually good to go. I have had a hearing aid for well over a year, and just can’t get used to it, so I don’t wear it. I suspect all the batteries I bought when I first got it are not going to be of much use if I ever get the notion to start wearing it.

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    1. Kelly and I stopped at our local historical society recently. Back in the archive room they had these filled with the names of people and their dates of death. It was current up to I think 1998. After that it was on microfilm.

      We had a good time remembering libraries and card catalogs. I forgot about the little shelf you could pull out in the middle to set the tray on.

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